Birthstones: Significance and secret meaning

Having a special meaning, now these beautiful birthstones holds a special place in our lives. There unique powers make them useful in several ways. It is hard to keep yourself away from their charm and beauty. And, not to forget they are different for people born in different months. Check your lucky stone now!

Since ancient times, birthstones have been a popular choice. They have been adorned for a number of reasons. While some love them for their sparkle, on the other hand some believe in their magical powers. The modern birthstones are linked to calendar months, i.e. each month has a unique birthstone. Not only this, these precious gemstones have their own distinct fabled properties, making them famous worldwide.

For those who are born in first half of the year, i.e. from January to June, can check their birthstones here (link with the previous blog). And, for the rest, having their birthdays falling from July to December, read out to know their lucky stone:

July: The stone for this month was earlier known to be the king of gems. It is the beautiful and glittering red stone, ‘Ruby’. Being a symbol of devotion, strength and integrity, it is said to protect the wearer from evil and ignite passion. In addition, if gifted, it is believed to make love and friendship stronger. As far as medical benefits are concerned, it helps to regulate the circulation.

August:Peridot is the stone for the people born in August. It is brilliant stone known for its cleansing powers. Enhancing growth, purification, relaxation and beauty, this stone is linked to nature. It is mentioned as a sacred chrysolite in holy bible and said to protect from negative energies. Generally, available in lime green color, it is accessible in different shapes and sizes.

September:Being a symbol of loyalty, purity, honor, etc., Lapis Lazull is said to boost spiritual love. This bright blue metamorphic gemstone is widely used in jewelry pieces for its prettiness and grace. For the married couple, it is a perfect stone to boost love and fidelity.

October: The stone linked with the 10th month of the year symbolizes emotional connection. It is available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Earlier, it was believed to strengthen love relationship. And, even now it is said to sooth emotions and relations.

November: Citrine is said to energize lives up to a great extent. Hence, if you are born in November, then it is perfect life booster for you. This greenish- yellow stone is said to bring prosperity, happiness and success in one’s life.

December: This month’s birthstone is the stunning topaz, which comes is variety of colors like yellow, deep golden, blue, pink, white and many others. It is usually linked with sanity and healing. In addition, it energizes the wearer and keep him active throughout.

Nowadays, it is possible to get your birthstones in different ways. Yes, you can wear it the way you want to. Whether a pendant, a ring, or a pair of earrings. Hence, keep yourself in style and attached to the powers of stones!

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List of crystals and how NOT to charge them

I kinda need to make this list for myself and I thought I would make it here. Just to be as clear as possible, DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT, charge them this way as it will damage your crystal and depending on what kind it is, it can be harmful for you as well. This list will not be alphabetized because I’m a little disorderly (lmao).

Turquoise- Water, Salt, Sunlight
Rose Quartz- Sunlight
Amethyst- Sunlight
Smoky Quartz- Sunlight
Aquamarine- Sunlight
Kunzite- Sunlight, Salt
Fluorite- Sunlight
Hiddenite- Sunlight
Spodumene- Sunlight
Halite- Water
Sulfates (Borates, Calcite, Gypsum)- Water
Lapis Lazuli- Water
Malachite- WATER (toxic), Salt
Ivory- Water
Pyrite- Water, High Humidity
Calcite: Vinegar/acetone, Salt
Gypsum- Vinegar/acetone
Limestone- Vinegar/acetone
Marble- Vinegar/acetone
Amber- Acetone, Salt
Cinnabar- HEAT (poisonous gas)
Realgar- HEAT (poisonous gas)
Stibnite- HEAT (poisonous gas)
Angelite- Salt
Azurite- Salt
Dioptase- Salt
Imperial Topaz- Salt
Fire opal- Salt
Opal- Salt
Kyanite- Salt
Moonstone- Salt
Red coral- Salt
Selenite- Salt, Water
Apatite- Vinegar/acetone, Water

Hope this helps! Feel free to add on