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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 2.27.17

tillandsia + smoky citrine quartz point decor by auramore

auramore’s natural, bohemian home decor creations combine earthiness and botanicals into one shimmering piece, like this air plant-and-quartz display. the low-maintenance care makes it the ideal botanical something-something for plant killas such as myself … ;)

Shungite is a rare stone only found in the Karelia area in Russia, around 2 billion years old, it is one of the oldest on the planet and is clouded in mystery. Some scientist believe this stone was formed in ancient oceans by organisms that are no longer present on earth and others believe that it has come from outer space possibly in the form of a meteor. 

This mysterious stone contains Fullerenes, which are unique carbon atoms that form natural nanotubes and nanospheres among others. So unique in fact, the scientists who discovered them won a Nobel prize. These are powerful anti-oxidants and have been said to have strong healing qualities. It is said that Shungite protects from electromagnetic radiation given off by computers, cell phones, microwaves and televisions.


Crystal and Gemstone Correspondence Masterpost


Agate- competition, eloquence

Agate (Bluelace)- composure, calm, balance

Agate (Botswana)- understanding, recuperation

Agate (Dendritic)- balance, energy, steadiness, recuperation

Agate (Moss)- assertiveness, renewal, meditation, self-awareness

Agate (Tree)- organization, management

Alexandrite- investment, growth

Almandine- inspiration, tolerance, affection

Amazonite- self expression, insight, growth, study, clarity, success, stabilizes emotions

Amber- career, accomplishments, uplifting, depression, relieves stress

Amethyst- sleep, calming, relieves stress, inspires happiness, addictions, positive feelings

Ametrine- resolution, teaching

Andalusite- moderation, memory, enlightenment

Angelite- bravery, abundance, balance, communication

Anhydrite- concentration, co-ordination

Antimoany- intellect, progress

Apatite- calms, helps business, will help you speak up

Apophyllite- tranquility, honesty

Aqua Aura- dexterity, the arts

Aquamarine- insight, love, growth, calms nerves, brings peace, promotes truth

Aragonite- energize

Astrophyllite- confidence, insight, intellect

Augelite- contemplation, justice

Aventurine- judgement, relieves tension, prosperity

Azurite- meditation, concentration, spirituality


Barite- writing, decisions

Beryl- determination, calms, stability, reduces stress

Bloodstone- temperance, kindness, courage, wealth, confidence

Blue John- renewal, strength

Blue Coral- balance, protection from negativity

Bowenite- intelligence

Brazillianite- enhances relationships


Calcite- comfort, inspiration, calm, balance

Carnelian- passion, sensuality, sexual energy

Cassiterite- endurance, contentment

Cats Eye- inner vision, security

Celestite- calm, relaxation, meditation, eases worries

Cerrusite- confidence, nerves, insomnia, calms

Chalcedony- stamina, energizes, awakens, stimulates the mind

Chacopyrie- perception, intuition

Charoite- assertiveness, inspiration

Chiastolite- stability

Chrysocolla- self awareness, self-expression

Chrysoprase- passion, beginnings, friendship, sensuality, prosperity, good luck, physical love

Chrysotile- partnerships, generosity

Cinnabar- stability, independence

Citrine- calm, uplift, dreams, intuition, psychic ability

Colemanite- loyalty

Corundum- awareness, confidence

Covellite- communication

Crocoite- action, industry

Crupite- awareness, teaching


Danburite- social grace, dignity, confidence

Desert Rose- perception, intuition

Diamond- abundance, courage, prosperity, business, strength

Diopside- love, partnership, commitment

Dolomite- optimism, hope, belief

Dumortierite- patience, calm


Eilat Stone- spirituality, balance, mediation

Emerald- prosperity, intellect, truth, psychic ability

Eudialite- management


Fluorite- grounding, meditation, spiritual awareness

Franklinite- imagination

Fuchsite- teamwork, productivity


Galena- dedication

Garnet- creativity, charm, charisma, attract love

Geode- growth, psychic ability, inspired dreams

Goethite- perseverance

Goldstone- optimism

Granite- balance, stability, determination

Graphite- achievement


Hematite- calm, serenity

Herkimer Diamond- opens the mind, learning, study, enhances dreams

Hickoryite- adventure, imagination, creativity, removes negativity

Hornblende- wisdom, insight, communication, balance

Howlite- resilience, competition


Iolite- control, management

Irnamite- calm, rational, judgement, inspiration, emotional balance


Jade- longevity, providence, attract friendship, calm the mind, benevolence

Jasper- attract what you desire

Jet- dispels negativity, empathy


Kunzite- balance, stability, communication

Kyanite- energy, strength, finance


Labradorite- charisma, improve relationships, release hidden qualities

Lapis Lazuli- spirituality, protection, truth, wisdom, mysticism, abundance, integrity, attracts wealth

Larimar- meditation

Lavakite- intellect, learning, adaptability, achievement

Lazulite- serenity

Lepidolite- recharge, peace, balance

Leucite- clear thinking, protection

Lodestone- communication, teamwork


Magnetite- composure, learning

Magnesite- enlightenment, emotional balance

Malachite- business prosperity, plant growth, optimism, spells

Marble- renewal, compassions

Marcasite- ambition

Meteorite- intuition, communication, benevolence, adventure

Moldouite- insight, sensitivity

Mookaite- responsibility

Moonstone- attracts love, safe travel, devotion, beauty

Morganite- intellect, commerce

Mtorolite- serenity, capability

Muscouite- inspiration, energy



Obsidian- dispels negativity, creates tranquility

Onyx- spiritual alignment, harmony, tranquility, peace of mind

Opal- creativity, prosperity, power, luck, abundance, attraction

Opalite- invention


Peacock Ore- mind stimulant

Pearl- creativity, certainty

Peridot- invention, wealth, career, protection, abundance

Phenacite- intellect, insight

Pietersite- objectivity, organization

Prehnite- insight, intellect

Purpurite- prosperity, leadership

Pyrites- truth, awareness


Quartz (Clear)- healing, energy

Quartz (Rose)- love, happiness, peace, harmony

Quartz (Rutilated)- passion

Quartz (Smokey)- removes negative energies

Quartz (Snow)- relaxation, serenity, meditation


Rhodochrosite- comfort,love friendship,balance,stability

Rhodonite- communication

Rhodolite- stability

Rhyolite- marketing, stability

Rubellite- prosperity

Ruby- luck, fortune, contentment


Sapphire- love, protection, partnership, power, inspiration

Sardonyx- forgiveness

Satinspar- insight, calms disputes

Scapolite- strength, achievement

Schalenblende- attraction, abundance

Scheelite- awareness, balances relationships

Schorl- balance, practicality

Seftonite- learning, relationships

Serpentine- meditation, enlightenment

Siderite- loyalty, intellect

Silicone- attraction

Silver- perception

Smithsonite- harmony, consideration

Soapstone- loyalty

Sodalite- confidence, meditation, self-assertion

Spessartine- renewal

Sphalerite- career, integrity

Spinel- energy, intellect

Staurolite- focus, awareness, integration, brings all the elements together

Steatite- adventure, communication

Stichtite- loyalty, creativity

Stilbite- creativity, understanding

Sugilite- insperation, co-operation, co-ordination, peace of mind, psychic awareness

Sulphur- protection, intellect

Sunstone- insight, regeneration, sexuality


Tanzanite- vitality, movement

Thulite- meditation, concentration, aligns mind and body

Tiger Iron- endurance, clarity

Tiger’s Eye- insight, integrity

Topaz- legal matters

Tourmaline- success, abundance, luck, confidence

Turquentine- comfort, tranquility, protects the home


Ulexite- contentment

Unakite- strength, stability, enhancement

Uvarouite- joy, vitality


Vanadinite- friendships, socializing

Variscite- writing, meditation

Verdite- friendships, partnerships

Vesuvianite- intuition, partnership

Violan- insight, vitality


Williamsite- truth, tranquility

Wollasonite- meditation, grounding, moderation

Wulfenite- relationship balance, harmony




Zeolite- independence, clear thinking

Zinc- loyelty, joy

Zircon, clarity, rest, sleep

Zoisite- attraction