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raw gemstone rings by hawkhouse // turquoise | aquamarine

totally diggin’ the vibe of hawkhouse’s raw gemstone jewels — these rings are stacked perfection. choose from the featured turquoise or aquamarine styles, or other colorful semiprecious options.

Lilac Aura Quartz Druzy Necklace | $25 Beautiful iridescent lilac dyed quartz druzy on 18" long antiqued copper chain. Stone measures just under 1" tall. Comes complete with hand drawn stone meaning card & metal meaning card. Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. Stores, transmits and amplifies energy - it’s also excellent for unblocking it too. Balances the emotions. Stimulates the thinking process. Aids concentration & helps memory. Turns negative thoughts into positive ones. Brings balance to the body. Spiritually, it raises energy to the highest possible level. Copper “The Healing Metal”. Copper is known as a lucky metal. It is believed that copper has the power to amplify thoughts when sending and receiving psychic communications. Copper conducts spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world. Any stone with Copper, in or around it, is said to have enhance properties. Copper is said to increase energy and mental agility. It is also used for its healing properties in improving circulation of blood, increasing energy detoxification of the body. Every piece of Drunken Mermaid jewelry arrives in a pretty cotton lined box, ready for gift giving! Care & stone cleansing instructions included. #handmade #lilac #auraquartz #lilacauraquartz #quartzdruzy #druzy #necklace #magical #spiritquartz #copper #stone #crystal #mermaid #jewelry #accessories #mineral #metaphysical #jewellery #beauty #gem #meditate #gemstone #shopsmall #etsy #love #light #energy #drunkenmermaidoddities

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Don't Cleanse These in Water!

After doing some research on safe crystals, and how not to cleanse crystals, I stumbled upon some interesting things. So, I decided to cram the research into a list!

During research, I found that a shocking amount of crystals can’t be submerged/cleansed in water because they contain chemicals that will release in water. I also found that I few will disperse and even disintegrate in water!

Crystals to NOT cleanse/make gem water from:




4. Ruby

5. Moonstone

6. Lapis Lazuli

7. Halite (I mean…it IS a salt crystal)

8. Garnet

9. Flourite

10. Amazonite

11. Desert Rose (I just found this out and I’m glad I did because I have one!)

12. Gypsum

13. Talc (just don’t do it)

14. Calcite

15. Angelite

16. Malachite (really soft)

17. Witherite (just don’t…just don’t)

18. Selenite

Instead of cleansing with water, cleanse these in the sunlight (check my post about which crystals fade in the sun), Moonlight (always safe, haha), Earth, or just general energy! Tagged with- #crystal grimoire

Polymer Clay Optical Illusion Gemstone Cane by cw.art.

It was nice to see that someone found the post on DIY Optical Illusion Wooden Gems from Fabric Paper Glue useful. Find it here. Thank you cw.art for mentioning my blog.

From cw.art:

whats on my table this morning? gem stone canes!
since this is going to be reduced to a rather small size i kept it very simple and used a template i found here: http://truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/…/diy-optical-illusion-w…
translates rather well to polymer to clay :) i used glitter white mixed with purple for extra sparkle

Also, check out cw.art on FB and I check out her blog gallery. I follow her for her amazing polymer clay creations.

The signs as phone battery percentages

Aries: 52%
Aquarius: 99%
Cancer: 69%
Capricorn: 20%
Gemini: 1%
Leo: 100%
Libra: 74%
Pisces: 45%
Scorpio: 25%
Sagittarius: dead
Taurus: 86%
Virgo: 39%

♢♦Crystal Hunting♦♢

Where you can find Crystals for yourself.☀






✧  MammasMinerals.com


✦  OhDeerandFox@Etsy



✧  TheFaerieMines@Etsy

I’ll be adding to the list as I come across them!♥

Nature and crystals 😌
So very happy with our new creations! I can’t wait to find the time to make a whole bunch more with my love, also, have a look at this beautiful Quartz I was lucky enough to be gifted to me for my birthday this year. It’s so lovely, and the soul who gave it to me is even sweeter, it radiates good energy.


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 8.26.15

opal and gold rings by gemblue

there really are four different gemblue rings featured in this product shot — two with a round opal stone really sing to this october baby, and two plain gold styles in an arc and a peak that perfectly accent the more detailed stone-and-gold rings. swooning.

Made of Love

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