gems of the 90s

Okay I might be late to the party

 (I work for EA Games atm so I don’t have a lot of time left for Kpop so I am always behind on albums and comebacks)

 but I just listened to B.A.P’s “Noir” album.

I usually just get a handful of songs off Kpop albums because I am not interested in the rest, mostly because they’re too generic for my taste.

So I don’t have a favorite Kpop album.

Well, I didn’t use to.

Because “Noir” is by far the best Kpop album I have ever heard in all my years of navigating the ever changing waters of Korean Pop. 

Maybe it’s my age, being old as balls, that perhaps demands more serious tunes in terms of musical competence/ musical sound I don’t know, but god damn it, this album hit me in the face, helped me up just to roundhouse kick me in the face again. I loved every single track.

I don’t know who was responsible for the sound overall but if it was mostly our boys then may all the gods bless them for this gem because it stinks of musical knowledge and numerous R’n’B, late 90′s/ early 2000′s hip hop, Blues and Jazz influences I don’t normally find in Kpop.

Strictly in its genre, “Noir” is my absolute favorite album so far.

A bow to the boys. I am so proud of them.

Who else is super excited for “Three Gems and a Baby”?

Possible interactions include:

Garnet/Amethyst/Pearl playing with cute baby Steven

A trio of battle hardened Gem warriors having to deal with things like dirty diapers, throw-up, preparing baby formula, etc.

Garnet/Amethyst/Pearl fighting over who gets to hold Steven

Garnet/Amethyst/Pearl trying to get Steven to say their names first so they can have bragging rights

Garnet/Amethyst/Pearl fighting over who Steven likes the most

Singing Steven a lullaby (Possible 3 gem song?)

Steven escapes their care, and they go nuts trying to find him without letting Greg know what happened. Steven has the time of his life.

80s/90s Gem outfits





so I was rewatching su and I’m 90% sure Centipeetle was/is a Quartz warrior?

I mean every Quartz we’ve seen has had the wild, white hair

She (in her corrupted form) has  gem armor similar to Jasper’s

There’s a few frames during her reforming animation that show her old humanoid form, and she’s about Quartz-sized.
(edit: it only showed one regeneration, so it’s safe to assume she’s a very young gem like Peridot.)

Also I’m pretty sure her gem is a chrysoprase, which is a green quartz. (This is the closest picture to her gem.)

She’s the only corrupted gem so far who has showed any degree of higher intelligence, and she clearly loves Steven.

idk I hope she makes a reappearance in this season or the next. she could be his first gem fusion. he’s the first friend she’s had in thousands of years.

bring back Centipeetle 2016


As if it was the 90′s..  All 3 crystal gems together

what started out as a practice doodle turned into a lot more c:

I kinda want to draw them all like this but I also really need to catch up on eps (my dvr really hates me and my hoarding tendencies)