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I’ve never met Connie Maheswaran but I trust her

Cheer Up Post #4244 - Geodes Edition

reyy-is-bae would love a post featuring wonderful geodes. Enjoy!


Nature/Animals Masterpost

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Nobody can stay sad when BABY STEVEN is around!!!

My baby cousin really likes to clink glasses (or sippy cups) before he drinks his water, so this happened. I THINK MY BABY COUSIN IS MY MUSE.

I wanted to buy that “there’s a chance this could be alcohol” mug when I saw it, but didn’t, so Amethyst can have it. 

anonymous asked:

Can I get a pallet and personality for a Blue Chalcedony please?

Yes, you absolutely can!

Here’s the palette:

And let’s see their personality…

Chalcedonies, in general, “thought to absorb negativity and promote harmonious emotions”. Blue Chalcedony, specially, is using during public speaking, relieve symptoms of depression and enhance creativity. (x) It encourages meditation and reflection, and helps one think of the right words to say during a speech. t’s known as the Speaker’s Stone, after all. (x)

I have the feeling Blue Chalcedony is either an enthusiastic and cheerful gem, or a calm, positive one. I will describe the latter as I feel it might work better, but  you can go with whatever you want, of course!

Blue Chalcedony is the kind of gem that everyone would think fits perfectly for a leader. Feel it that way or not, truth is Chaledony often gets chose to represent their groups and solve afffairs with the power of words.

Blue Chalcedony is calm and collected, and often stays deep in thought listening to their team, with a nice, relaxed smile on their face. Sometimes you might not really know what they’re actually thinking about; it often feels like that smile is hiding more than it resembles and, who knows? It might be true! Chalcedony, as kind as they might seem, might sometimes be harsh with their words when they’re trying to teach their team a lesson.

Towards other gems, they seem the kind of gem that always knows what to say and their words can calm even the angriest of people. But when they’re with their team, they might come off as rude sometimes; they don’t mean any harm! On the contrary, they’re trying their best to teach their team how to behave correctly.

During battle, they might enjoy planning ahead than just rushing in, but they also know how to improvise if it comes to it! They’re an enemy worth of fear, as their movements aren’t really something you can predict!

These are all just ideas, but I hope it helps!

- Mod Tourmaline


crystal gems ☆彡★彡☆彡★彡☆⌒(ʃƪ^∇゜)

last week’s stevenbomb had a big impact on me ok like I drew this crossover/au all over my twitter


New Steven Universe Opening

What I love about this is it’s not just an update with new outfits, but rather perfectly shows how the main characters have developed over a season. 

- Greg is jamming with an electric guitar, showing his increased confidence.

- Instead of looking vaguely mystified and amazed by the Gems, Connie is pumped, and rocking a sword, showing how engaged in this world she’s become.

- the Gems generally look more cheerful and involved, showing how they’re moving past their grief for Rose

- Steven is no longer running after, striving to catch up. He’s a full fledged member of the team now

These gems are the monopoly of the intergalactic underground. Traffic is high in their area, as their main products consist of gem weaponry from swords, to cannons and bombs. Some of their products have been taken, or scavenged from Homeworld, which makes their situation even more risky, in which forces them to maintain a low status. Thier base resides on Earth in Empire City. They have affiliations to many traders, rebels, and other gem groups throughout the galaxy that takes pride in their weaponry. They rarely join in any battles, but will if it was to better the company, or its business.


Saleeite is the Commander of the militia faction. Being the biggest running market in the underground, they are heavily guarded, having its own army if an unsettlement arises. Thier personality is a unnaturally cheerful, outgoing gem with a thirst for shattering gems. They have no sympathy towards others, and enjoys to watch others become crushed under thier feet. They is quite insensitive, and in some cases crude. They absolutely enjoys memes, and would confidently scream “GET REKT” after every battle. So, moral of the story is, if u cool, they cool.

.:Yellow Pearl:.

Yellow Pearl is the highly esteemed diplomat of the officials. He is tasked with speaking among potential partners, appease rivals that may become a nuisance toward their market, or asking for information from traders in which he is provided with the most efficient, and current of information. He also manages stocks, sales, and other financial values of the company. His voice is quite soothing, and his demeanor is calm but confident. He doesn’t speak unless he is required, but when he does he usually gets the job done. He has what his peers would consider a “father figure” of sorts, as he will prick at any small imperfection, and nag to those that are slacking off. If you set him off, he will speak his mind–professionally.


Rhodochrosite is the book keeper of the company. She is in charge of the history and archive of information that may prove beneficial for the company. From world currency and culture, to star maps of many places in the galaxy, she is equipped with much knowledge in her large library. Her demeanor is quite cold, and she may speak bitterly to you, but in unusual cases she my seem entertained by your presence. Initially, she could care less if you’re dying on her floor as long as you don’t get it messy.She does however, have a soft side, but it’s under a thick, hard, cold exterior. She is also a healer when time comes for it. However, that is in usually dire cases.


Triplite is in charge of overseeing the weaponry that gets shipped out, and retrieved. His regimen is in charge of maintaining the weapons in the armory, in which each weapon is categorized, repaired, and created. They are heavily protected, in which you would often see Saleeite alongside him. He is a gentle giant, his life goes toward Madame Rosterite, and will protect her with his life. He seems stern, but is actually quite sweet.

.:Blue Lace:.

Blue Lace is the chief Technician of Marvinn Gardens. He is in charge of making sure the technology of the corporation is up to date and functional, as well as maintaining the ships and warp-pads. He has substantial knowledge in the technical arts, provide a whole array of self-protecting weaponry for the company. Although talented, he is indeed shy, working independently, and is a worry wart. He is prone to blushing, and is overall a very sweet, and kind gem.

.:Madame Rosterite:.

Last but not least, the CEO and Founder of the Marvinn Garden Corp. is none other than Madame Rosterite (in the middle). Built the company with her bare hands, she is in charge of overseeing everything that happens within its doors. She is the boss that runs one of the biggest intergalactic black markets ever to be established. She maintains the air of a 1920’s flapper, ending her phrases in either “sugar”, or “darling”. She is charming, clever, and cunning. She doesn’t usually fight, but if you cross her, she may not be so forgiving.

More info will go towards these gems at a later time, but here is the group and what they do within the company!

anonymous asked:

can you tag some of your fav/funny spn blogs?

oooh yes of course!! there are SO MANY THOUGH i dont know if i can list them all here but I WILL TRY MY BEST TO BE AS INCLUSIVE AS POSSIBE

art blogs:

fic blogs:


OBVIOUSLY THATS NOT ALL but those are the people that i can remember from the top of my head! if anybody else would like to recommend me more blogs then you are more welcome to! i hope this list helps you out on finding the precious gems of this fandom. cheers! <33