Gemma Styles- Back to School Outfit Guide

Knowing that we all come from different places with different dress codes, I decided to try to make a guide to help you all out! You can still get Gemma’s look while following school rules (I do understand some of you are required to wear Uniforms, and I apologize for that).

Fall:Rainy and Rosy

Fall is such a beautiful time of year,and so are the outfits. Jeans are a staple that keep you warm and stylish, while skirts and tights make your outfit a bit more appropriate.If skirts aren’t allowed, switch them out with jeans or shorts with tights! You want to stick to tops that keep you covered, but vary depending on the temperature that day. Cardigans are great because you can easy change an outfit from summer/spring  to fall/winter.

Winter:Comfy and Conservative

In my opinion, Gemma’s best outfits happen in the winter! She loves over-sized coats, jackets, and jumpers. Jeans and boots are must haves that look so amazing when paired together! Dresses and skirts look just adorable with a coat over the top and a pair of tights.

Spring:Cool and Colorful

Gemma’s style takes a dramatic turn from dark and boyish in the fall/winter to bright and girly in the spring/summer. Since it is starting to get a little cooler, feel free to show some more skin! (Keeping it under school codes of course). If open-toed shoes aren’t allowed, loafers, brogues, and flats are great alternatives to achieve the same look.

Summer:Warm and Wonderful

With the hot weather of summer, we all want to wear things that make us comfortable. Gemma tends to do that with patterned skirts, dresses, and jean shorts. Depending on your dress code, jeans can be switched with short bottoms while sandals can be switched with flats. 

So I hope you guys found this guide helpful! If you have any questions message me here

Expect a Harry Styles-Back to School Outfit Guide soon!

Thanks x

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Rules: 1. Always post the rules. 2. Answer the questions of the person who tagged you and write 11 new ones. 3. Tag 11 people and link them. 4. Let them know that they are. 1. Favorite time period (like era)? I really love the 40’s, the old hollywood kind of time and the early 20th century like around 1910. My favorite book was based around that time and I really love it.  2. Favorite kind of accessories? Hats and rings. I don’t really wear a lot of earrings and necklaces other than studs but Hats and rings are simple accessories that can really change a look. Throw on a hat and the whole outfit is changed!  3. Biggest Fashion Inspiration? Alexa Chung. ALEXA CHUNG! With a sprinkle of Lou Teasdale..Olsen twins…Olivia Palermo…Audrey Hepburn. Wow sorry, Alexa Chung.   4. Have you met anyone famous? no, I have met no one fun BUT Ed Sheeran did touch my hand at a concert one time so I guess I have touched Jesus?   5. Favorite Hair Style? right at the shoulder length hair with loose waves  6. Have you ever dyed your hair? yes, not my full head though. not yet at least  7. Who do you watch on YouTube? no one I have not every really been into that and sometimes I think I will start watching someone but then I think wow I have enough obsessions in my life right now.  8. Favorite thing to do when you are bored? tumblr, eat apples (I love love apples), apply lipstick…eat. Eat.  9. What`s you favorite color? soft grey. lame color yeah I know.  10. Favorite Food? anything lebanese I love Lebanese food. Mexican food is a runner up. I also love frozen Reeses Cups 11.What`s the coolest place you`ve gone too I have a tie between 2. Either California observatory or snorkeling in the Caribbean on a cruise. Disney world is pretty cool too though. Though one.  My Questions:  1.What is the best concert you have been to or what is your dream concert?  2. Favorite show to watch on Netflix? 3. Comfort food? 4. What are you obsessed with right now? 5. Favorite 3 items in your closet? 6. Favorite lipstick color? 7. If you could dye your hair any color what would it be?  8. Style inspiration(s)?  9.  What do you sleep with at night? ( mine is my little beanie cow)  10. First movie that pops into your head GO! 11. Do you have a best friend/someone who you can always count on?