Being chibs old lady would include
  • Laughing over stupid things
  • Laughing because you two have inside jokes
  • Teasing each other, both sexual and playful
  • Lots of shower sex
  • Sharing a bottle of whiskey after a long day
  • Being close to the club
  • Curious about Fiona
  • Really close to Gemma
  • Hating when the club goes on a run
  • Taking care of eachother
  • Chibs spoiling you rotten
  • Chibs calling you sweet little nick names
  • Doing sweet things for each other

speakin of fantrolls heres gemmah podida the jeweled flower mantis

her design is probably too flashy but there is an excuse for that and its “i dont care about your opinion and kanaya wears flashier shit than this anyway”*

*the actual reason is she lives in a dangerous area and the fuchsia shows trolls shes close w the heirex and the eye patterns (front and back of sleeves, teeny pigtails usually gelled to resemble mantis eyes) are for warding off alternias wildlife when shes off fucking about in the forest doing god knows what