Even more chalk lettering, this time by Australian typographer/illustrator Gemma O'Brien.

Since this chalkboard art is featured in a cafe I’ll say that for the past few months I’ve been the designated chalkboard artist in my store. My work is not even remotely in the same realm as these ladies, but it’s not completely hopeless either. And it’s a LOT of fun.


Kirin Cider - Gemma O'Brien #inspiredcider by Kirin Cider

Love typography? How about fermented apples? Well then, feast your eyes on Gemma O'Brien’s hand-painted signage for Kirin Cider.

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Gemma O'Brien is a typographer and illustrator based in Sydney working primarily with hand-drawn lettering, custom typography, illustration and art direction for motion graphics. She speaks on some of her work. →