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“She started it and I ended it”(Jax Teller) {Part 2}

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You were walking towards the car when a hand gripped your arm stopping you from moving any further. “Hey doll, Lets get drunk my house alright?” It was Gemma “Oh thank god how many bottles you got?” You asked her “Just enough for us to black out” Gemma smirked smiling back at her “You got it” You replied.

“My car, I don’t need you to be driving when your way passed drunk” She said nodding your head you followed her towards her car and jumped into the passenger seat.

“Like old times?” Gemma said “Like old times Gem” You nodded and sped off towards her house.

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“I don’t want to do this anymore?” You said looking into space.

“What’s that hun.” Gemma said pushing her glasses on top of her head and looking over at you.

“I don’t want to fall in love anymore.”

“I’m taking it didn’t end well with what’s his name.” Gemma was talking about the guy you had been seeing.

“Yeah, Justin doesn’t want to see me anymore.”

You didn’t notice but Juice was working on a bike and when he heard you say you and Justin had broken up. He started listening to you a little harder.

“Don’t give up on love. The right guy will come along.”

“That’s just it Gemma. I’m sick of feeling like I’m always repeating myself. I tell them my favorite everything. I let them into my world and for what. For them to become strangers again and I have to start all over again. I’m just done.” You said grabbing your keys and your purse.

“I want someone who can come to me and tell me what my favorite movie is and why. Why my favorite song makes me cry. What to bring me when I’ve had a bad day. A guy who knows just when to kiss me and when just to hold my hand. I’m just tired of giving guys everything only to become strangers again.”

Getting up Gemma walked over to you.

“That guy is out there. Guys are clueless sometimes.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow Gemma.”

Kissing you on top of your head she watched you walk to your car.

“You done listening to a conversation you weren’t invited to?” Gemma said to Juice

Juice just smiled and went back to working on the bike.

A Week Later

You had decided to take the week off and just hang out at home and relax. You had a week vacation anyway. About the fourth day, you had woke up early. You had bought some flowers to plant in the back yard. Throwing on some old shorts and a tank top you headed out back. That’s when you heard a bike pull into your driveway. Looking over your fence you could see it was Juice,

“I”m back here.” You yelled when you heard his bike cut off.

Walking back Juice gave you that smile that made your heart beat a little faster. Giving him a quick hug.

“What you doing today?” You said letting him go.

“Nothing much. So I thought I would come by and see if you wanted to go for a ride.”

“I would have loved to but I need to plant these. You want to help?”

For the next couple hours, Juice and you planted flowers and laughed. This was the first time you had laughed in a while, and it felt really good.

“I’m going to go get us something to drink. I’ll be right back.” walking into the house.

It was taking longer than you meant to in the kitchen.

“You’re favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast because you and your best friend use to watch it before she got sick.”

“What?” You said dropping the glass.

“Your favorite song makes you cry because you think of the summers you spent with your grandfather. Your favorite color is Tiffany blue. Your favorite number is two and you love cats.”

You weren’t able to say anything but you could feel the tears run down your face.

“I know you don’t like scary movies but you watch them anyway. I know you want to give up on love because you feel like it isn’t real, but I hope you don’t because I love you Y/N.”

You were lost for words. So you kissed him and with that kiss, you told him everything you couldn’t say

Hide Your Crazy-12

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Trigger Warning: Mentions of torture. 

Juice rushed outside, searching frantically for Evelyn. He saw the tail lights of a silver sedan, flying down the road. “Evelyn!” Hearing groaning, he looked over into the yard, seeing both woman lying there.

He rushed to them, Jax right behind him. Evelyn was laying on top of Gemma. Juice, gently rolled Evelyn over, her eyes were closed. She wasn’t moving, he felt for a pulse, he was relived to feel one, steady and strong. He cradled her to his chest, brushing the hair out of her face.

Gemma sat up, groaning, looking over at Juice. “Is she whole?” 

“What happened Ma?” Jax helped Gemma up from the ground. She stood up slowly, making sure she wasn’t hurt. 

“I brought her out here to talk, find out why we’re just hearing about her. We heard the car coming, she saw the gun, she pushed me down, and threw herself on top of me.”

Juice was half listening, he was running his hands over Evelyn’s body looking for injuries. He couldn’t find any, he stood up, lifting her up in his arms. “Take her inside, Tara can take a look at her.” Jax nodded towards Juice.

Juice carried her into the house. “Come on baby, open your eyes. Don’t let him win.” He whispered in her ear, he couldn’t be sure, but he could bet that Graysen Tucker was behind this.

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Request: Trager Family

Request: Imagine set in the beginning of season 4: The Sons are coming back from prison. You are Tig’s Old Lady and was pregnant during the time he was in prison. You had the baby, but Tig hasn’t met the baby yet. When Tig sees the baby, the Trager family has a sweet moment together.

 [Hi everyone, how are you today?

I love to write about the boys being dads, it’s so sweet 😍 I would gave the baby a name, but I decided to leave that up to you, so y/b/n is your baby name

Enjoy! Love you all amazing people!]

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Abel was back to his family, everything should be alright, but if it was that easy it wouldn’t be the Samcro life. Tig had told you about prison, the possibility of being inside for years…You had accepted that, but now things were different.

You were seat on the bed, holding the pregnancy test you had done that morning, just waiting for him to come home. Tomorrow would be the day settled for prison, you didn’t know if the news would be good or bad.

“Baby?”, you heard. Tig was home. You heard his keys hit the table and the tears started to flow.

“Bedroom”, you said. He surely could hear the sadness in your voice.

“Baby!?”, he said, his boots making a loud noise as he rushed to the bedroom. He saw you crying and knelt in front of you, “What happened? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine”, you sobbed. Tig was caressing your cheeks with his thumbs, his eyes searching for any wounds on your body. You decided to tell the news right away, “We are fine”

“Good”, he said and then stopped, realizing what you had said. His eyes widened, “Wait…What did you just say?”

“I said… We are fine”, you took a deep breath, taking his hand and putting it over your belly, “We are fine. Me… And the baby”

“Our baby?”, you could see the tears in his eyes too, “Are you pregnant doll?”

“Yes my love”, you smiled, “You are going to be a dad”

“Oh my God”, Tig smiled, “Oh baby… I’m so happy”

He leaned forward to kiss your belly, putting his hands softly on it, looking back at you with his bright blue eyes.

“Tig…”, you whispered, “Whatever happens tomorrow… I’ll be fine baby, don’t worry. We are going to visit you and…

“Don’t baby”, he said, “Don’t think about it, just think about our baby, our beautiful baby…”

You nodded in silence and Tig made love to you that night, being extra careful, like you would break if he was a little rough. It was sweet and you fell asleep feeling him kissing your belly.


The Sons went to prison and you stayed there, two months pregnant, waiting for news with Gemma, Tara and Lyla. Chibs and Gemma were taking care of you, he followed you back home after a long day at work and Gemma was there when you found out you were waiting a baby girl.

“Oh my God”, you said looking at the image of your daughter, crying.

“Congratulations sweetie”, Gemma said kissing the top of your head, “Tiggy will be so happy when you tell him”

Your husband was in the prison for three months now. The next day you escape from Gemma and went to visit Tig. His eyes were sparkling when he saw you, but you could see how the time in had already made him look different.

“Baby”, he said. You got up for him to see your growing belly and Tig smiled, putting his hand over it, caressing, “How are you two going?”

“We are going great”, you said, sitting in front of each other, “How about you love?”

“I’m fine doll”, he said, “I don’t want you to come here in the last weeks. Promise me?”

“I promise you baby”, you said, “Your girls will stay safe at home”

“My girls?”, Tig cocked his head to the side, surprised. You nodded biting your lips, while he covered his mouth with his fingers, almost crying, “A baby girl? Oh Jesus, I can’t believe it”


Your baby girl was the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Tig didn’t wanted to meet her though, he didn’t want you to take the baby to the prison. Truth be told, you were a little hurt by this. He wasn’t there for the birth and you were dying to see his face when he met your daughter.

Y/B/N, was growing fast, she was seven months old now and her dad was finally coming home.

“Hello sweetie”, Gemma greeted as you walked in the clubhouse, holding your baby girl. She looked at your daughter, smiling, “She is so gorgeous, I can’t stop looking”

“Yeah”, you proudly smiled, “Look at these eyes! Blue as her father’s, she will give me trouble”

“Welcome to motherhood”, Gemma laughed, “Tig won’t let her date until she is 21, for sure”

You laughed and took a seat to wait for your old man. It took a while, but you finally heard the bikes coming. You held Y/B/N close to you, slowly walking outside to meet the boys. You saw Tig next to his bike, he was looking around, and finally saw you. He took large steps towards you, stopping, mesmerized, when he saw your baby girl.

“Hi daddy”, you smiled, “Welcome home”

“Hi doll”, he smiled and looked to your arms, “Is… Is this my daughter?”

“Yes”, you said, walking closer to him.

The baby was between you two, Tig looked down at her, pressing his lips together. “Oh my God, she is beautiful…Oh baby”, Tig kissed you, resting his forehead against your.

“Do you wanna hold her?”, you asked.

“I…I’m going to… What if I let her fall?”, he said, scared.

“You won’t”, you smiled. Tig let you put the baby in his arms and he held her close, looking down. She had her eyes closed until now, but opened them when he said her name.

“She got my eyes”, he was amazed, “Hi baby girl. Yes, it’s me, your dad”

She yawned and looked at him, her blue eyes meeting his. You felt the tears roll down your face. Tig was kissing her forehead, mumbling that he loved her.

“I love you”, he looked at you, “I love you so much and I’m sorry for not being here”

“It’s okay”, you were tearing up, “We are fine baby, we just missed you”

“I know, I missed you too”, he leaned to you and you held his neck, kissing him. Your little family stood there, together. Tig was holding your daughter and both of you looked at her slowly going back to sleep, “I’m never gonna leave you two again doll. Never”