gemma styles tweet

anonymous asked:

what do you think of what gemma rted?

The retweet in question:

The clarification:

The root of the problem:

She retweeted from this guy, who has a long documented history of Islamophobia. In fact, his Islamophobia was on display today. This clearly incites anti-Islamic sentiment.


He’s been called out a bunch of times for this. Anybody can google. This is just a sampling.

My opinion:

She clearly fucked up. Like I’ve said to this fandom a bunch of times–VET YOUR SOURCES!! Is she following this dude? Why? Why are you retweeting from a known hater? Why is he on your radar for any reason other than calling out Islamophobia and intolerance? Retweeting from this person in particular is not cool. The apology is fine and I take her at her word. But when you allow another person to speak for you via something like a retweet, maybe you should have some idea who that person is.

And if she wants to have a conversation about the “motivation behind this horrible event” it doesn’t begin and end with angry Muslims. The western, Christian world has played an active part in creating the conditions that breed terrorists. So make sure you talk about that, girl.