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This is all he’ll ever know of Gemma’s life before she came to Andromeda: the contents of a footlocker and the memories she and her brother share.

Jaal’s been building bridges since the Initiative arrived in Andromeda, but this one may be the most vital. 

(Jaal and Scott friendship, background Jaal/Gemma; spoilers for Elaaden and the Family Secrets questline.)


Jaal is ten steps ahead before he realizes that Gemma has stopped walking.

“— then Sahuna said ‘That’s not actually edible,’ and Lathoul — Gemma?” He finds her staring up at Operations, wearing an expression far more suited to facing down three fiends at once than walking through the Nexus. “Is everything all right?”

“Yeah,” she says, though every inch of her body clearly says nothing is all right, and nothing will be all right ever again. “Just…not looking forward to Tann’s reaction to the whole Remnant drive core thing.”

Jaal squeezes her shoulders, and tries to offer a reassuring smile. He knows, too well, the particular kind of exhaustion Gemma carries out of these meetings — he’d carry some if he could, but Tann would eject him from the office the moment he walked in.

Politely, of course, because Tann is a politician above all else and the weight of his family name has reached the Nexus — but still ejected.

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Power Rangers RPM was actually pretty effing amazing

So I used to watch Power Rangers when I was younger and RPM was one of my favorite series. 

Looking back, I mean, damn. That show was pretty damn amazing. 

1. Some pretty darn good diversity. 

Out of the 7 Rangers, 3 of them were people of color. And making the Red Ranger a person of color, well done! (I know SPD did it too!) 

2. Some really good girl power. 

They got rid of the silly Pink Ranger = the only color for a woman trope. Bonus, the person/mastermind behind everything was a woman too! Also, I loved that episode where Summer cancels the wedding, sneaky way of teaching some feminism to the little boys. 

3. It wasn’t about the buff guy being the hero all the time. 

For example, Summer saves Scott from the Virus. Ziggy who is the least athletic ranger ever turns out to be a pretty great ranger (and even snags a love interest). And Gem and Gemma and Dr. K who may be kinda nerdy save the day in their own special ways. 

4. The story was pretty relevant and not stupid. 

Most of the Power Rangers series have some really good stories (I personally loved Mystic Force’s and Operation Overdrive’s stories). The Venjix Virus plot is pretty in touch with how we are these days. Bonus for seamless addition of comedy. I loved all those prison scenes. 

5. Character Development 

Each Ranger and other side characters had some really good plot development. Consider the actual point of the show being an action filled past time for kids. Taking this into account I think they’ve done such a good job. Back stories and legit development. Especially for Flynn, Summer, and Scott.



Here’s my pick for actors for the Resident Evil reboot:

Henry Cavill, Jensen Ackles, Armie Hammer or Scott Eastwood as Chris Redfield.
Julia Voth, Gemma Arterton, Gemma Atkinson or Megan Boone as Jill Valentine.
Lucas Till as Leon Kenndey.
Willa Holland, Zoey Deutch or Anna Baryshnikov as Claire Redfield.
Daisy Ridley or Kacey Rohl as Rebecca Chambers.
Adan Canto, Caio Paduan or Diego Luna as Carlos Oliveira.
Joe Dinicol as Billy Coen.
Celina Jade or Chloe Bennet as Ada Wong.
David Harbour or Michael Cudlitz as Barry Burton.
James Marsters, Jim Caviezel or Goran Visnjic as Albert Wesker.


Welcome to Radio 1, This is Radio 1 in one video.