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Since everyone’s school has started - will start, here are some outfit ideas for you my beautiful babes! Hope these help and good luck to you all in school! :)

Imagine losing your virginity to Happy.

Warnings: Smut, mentions of religion (this is purely for the story and not meant to offend).

This is a bit longer than what I usually write. I wrote this listening to the ‘Sexy Beats’ playlist on Spotify and I feel like it kinda wrote itself!

You were a good girl; always had been. You were a preacher’s daughter born and raised in little ol’ Charming town. You went to church with your parents every Sunday and volunteered for every community event when you were growing up. In fact, that’s how you met Happy.

You volunteered to help out at one of Charming’s local fund raisers and were put on the Sam Crow stall. There you met Gemma. She was, in all honesty, scary as hell. She was all witty remarks, smirks, leather and lace in one small but powerful package. Surprisingly, the two of you got along exceptionally well. You followed orders well, which you think Gemma liked, but she didn’t treat you like some little church girl who couldn’t pull her own weight and that’s something you appreciated.

Some guys in Sons of Anarchy kuttes showed up with some boxes for the stall and you couldn’t seem to tear your eyes away from the guy with the pissed look on his face, toothpick between those perfect teeth and ink covering most of his visible skin. You tried to take sneaky glances as you helped set up, but the look Gemma shot you when she sent the boys to get more stuff from the clubhouse assured you that there was nothing sneaky about your staring.

“So, Happy huh?” Gem asked you, busying herself with some decorations.

“Happy? Well, of course I’m happy,” you felt a blush creeping onto your face as you stammered away. “Why wouldn’t I be happy?”

Gemma barked a laugh and shook her head. “That’s his name, sweetheart. The guy from the Club that you were checking out? His name is Happy.”

“Oh,” you said. “I was not checking him out!”

The older woman just shot you a smirk. “Yes you were; and it’s okay. God isn’t going to send a lightning bolt from the sky to smite you down just because a guy, and an attractive one at that, got you a little hot and bothered.”

The blush that had crept onto your face earlier was now in full effect, making your face redder than the roses at the florists’ stall.

“It doesn’t matter anyway,” you told Gemma, arranging the Teller-Morrow business cards on the table. “I doubt I’m the kind of girl that would get a second glance from him.”

Boy, were you wrong.

Gemma had officially introduced the two of you when the men returned. You gave Happy a shy smile and shook his hand. You saw his jaw flex and he looked you up and down slowly, devouring you with his eyes. You saw him gulp as he lifted his eyes from your body to meet your face. You couldn’t help but feel a surge of confidence after seeing the way he looked at you. The two of you flirted not-so-subtly for the rest of the day, then he asked you on a date and two weeks later, he finally asked you officially be his girlfriend.

Now, a little over a month into your relationship, the two of you spent the majority of your time together and you wanted to take your relationship to the next level. There was just one problem with that thought; you had never been on that level (while he had practically lived on it before he met you).

Growing up, you had wanted to save yourself for marriage but when you got older you realised how unrealistic that was for you. Still, you wanted to at least wait for the right guy and you had no doubts that you had found him in Happy. Not only did Happy treat you with respect, but he ignited feelings inside you that you didn’t even know existed. Now, you wanted to give him something special.

Naturally, you went to the Club’s Queen Gemma for help. She gave you a knowing smile and told you that she’d help you out.

Later that night, you felt like a whole new person when you walked into that clubhouse. Crow Eaters and MC members alike stopped and stared at you; Happy included. You tried not to let their stares defer you from your target, even though you were completely unused to this kind of attention and knowing that all eyes were on you (the outfit Gemma had put you in demanded the attention though) made you want to turn and go home.

Happy gulped, licked his lips and put down his beer to pull you into his lap.

“Damn babe,” Tig commented, taking in your appearance. “What happened to you?”

Happy shot him a glare. “Eyes off, Trager.”

“Easy boy,” you gave Hap a pat on the chest. You leaned into his body, pressed your lips close to his ear and whispered; “take me to your room, Happy.”

You pulled back and looked into Happy’s excited-yet-stoic eyes. You bit your lip, a nervous habit you had that turned Happy on before and was just making it worse now.

Without a word, Happy threw you over his shoulder (you let out an embarrassing squeak that you would deny in future) and Tig let out a wolf whistle as Happy carried you to his room at the clubhouse. He used one hand to open the door (the other was resting on your rear, keeping you firmly in place) and once inside he kicked it closed with his boot.

He set you down gently on the edge of the bed and stood back, arms crossed, to look at you. His eyes raked up your body from your heels (that were black and about six inches taller than what you normally wear), up your legs and the fishnet stockings that disappeared high-thigh under your short, tight dress. Your lips were a rich shade of Red Revival lipstick, your eyes smoky and your hair fell in large rings over your shoulders.

You wanted to squirm under his intense gaze, but didn’t want to ruin the confident, sexy exterior you had built up.

“What is this all about, baby?” He asked, after standing there silently looking at you for a while.

You looked down at your outfit, and this time you did squirm.

“Gemma gave me a makeover,” you told him. “Don’t you like it?”

Happy’s lips twitched up in a smile. “Yeah I like it, but why’d you let her give you a makeover in the first place?”

“I…” you stop to inhale and exhale in an attempt to calm your nervously racing heart. “I want you. I’m ready, Happy. You mean the world to me and I’m ready to let go of my virginity, but only with you. I thought that if I looked like this, well, it might help persuade you.”

You blushed and avoided Happy’s eyes, knowing how ridiculous you sounded. Happy took your hands in his and pulled you up from the bed and into his arms.

“Baby girl,” he said, a hand sliding up your back to toy with the zipper on the dress. “I didn’t need any persuading. If that’s what you want,” he pulled down the zipper, teasing you by trailing his fingers against the smooth skin that was slowly being revealed, “then I am more than willing to give it to you; no matter what you’re wearing.”

You gave him a small smile and kissed him deeply. He kissed you back with fervour, pressing his body closer to yours and pulling the zipper completely down, the only thing holding your dress up was the proximity of your bodies.

He pulled away from the kiss and let your dress fall to the floor. Happy’s eyes, filled with unconcealed lust, raked over your body as you stood in only your bra, panties, fishnet stockings and a pair of heels. You crossed an arm over your body to hide yourself but Happy caught it and pinned it to your side.

“Don’t hide yourself from me.” He ordered you softly, and you could only nod in response. He kissed you again and moved forward. You moved backwards until the back of your knees hit the bed and you fell onto it with an ungraceful bounce.

Happy was on you in no time, a leg rubbing between your thighs and lips sucking and biting your neck. You were his and he made sure to leave enough marks for everyone to see tomorrow.

You slid one of your legs up against Hap’s, causing him to moan. With a new-found confidence you repeated the action, only this time you added more pressure to Happy’s growing bulge. He let out a low growl and slid a hand between your bodies down to your panties. His hand found its way beneath your panties and he smiled against your neck at how wet you were for him. He gave a teasing stroke and a breathy mewl left your lips. Urging him further, he sought out your tight entrance with one of his long, skilled fingers. You bucked into his hand and he took the hint. You winced when he slipped the first finger into you. The sensation was new and slightly uncomfortable, but not at all unwelcome.

Happy whispered sweet nothings into your ear as he slid his finger in and out slowly, letting you get used to the feeling. His deep, gravelly voice was turning you on more and soon your wince had turned into a look of pure bliss. You were lost in ecstasy and didn’t notice him enter a second finger. He curled them, searching for the spot that would make you feel better than anything. He knew he had found it when you let out a particularly loud moan.

He brought his mouth to yours, abusing your G-spot with each prod of his fingers. You kissed him eagerly, wanting as much contact with him as you could have. You pushed a hand under his shirt, feeling his muscles contract under your touch. Your hand smoothed over his tattooed flesh up to his chest and then raked your nails back down his abs lightly. He threw his head back in pleasure and let out a lewd noise that you never thought you’d hear from him.

“I need you Happy,” your voice bordered on whiny but it only egged Happy on more; he loved seeing you so needy for him. “Please baby.”

He took his hand out of your underwear and stood up to pull his shirt over his head. You watched as his tatted torso was revealed. Your face flushed hot at the sight. Your gaze met his as he started to unbuckle his belt. You kicked off your heels and peeled off your stockings. He stepped out of his jeans and you took the liberty of removing his boxers, sliding on the condom and pushing him back onto the bed. He sat up on his elbows to watch you. You reached behind you and unclipped your bra. You pulled your arms through one by one and flung the lingerie toward Happy, who caught it with a cheeky smile on his face. Slowly, you hooked your fingers under your panties and, shaking your hips, you pulled them down your legs torturously slow. Once fully naked, you made your way over to Happy and straddled his waist.

He leaned up to kiss you, holding onto your hips to support you. As you kissed, you grabbed his hard member and lined it up with your entrance. You lowered yourself onto him and tears sprung to your eyes at the sting. Happy used one hand to steady you and the other to smooth your hair comfortingly while he kissed every inch of your face to distract you.

“Are you okay?” he asked you, the concern evident in his voice.

You nodded and started rocking your hips slowly. The pain eased away and was quickly replaced with pure arousal. Happy started to match the movement of your hips with small thrusts and took one of your breasts in his mouth. You bit your lip to muffle the moans that were trying to spill out of your mouth.

Happy used the hands on your hips to guide you, hitting the right angle to have you seeing white. You cried out for him to pound you there, again, harder, faster; all of which Happy obliged.

You didn’t think you would last much longer with Happy fucking you this hard and kissing every inch of your skin he could reach. You threw your head back and closed your eyes, crying out Happy’s name as you reached your climax. That was all it took for Happy to find his release inside you, shuddering with the intensity of his orgasm.

You let your head fall onto Happy’s shoulder and sat there as you caught your breath. You wiggled a bit so Happy was no longer inside you and rolled onto the bed, throwing a hand over your stomach as you stared at the ceiling.

You felt Happy get off the bed, heard him put the condom in the bin and then the bed dipped as he lay on it beside you.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked, studying your face.

You looked at him and grinned.

“That was amazing,” you told him and slung an arm over him. He pulled you closer and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “You are amazing, Happy. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did this with you.”

Happy smiled and pulled the covers over your bodies.

“You must be tired,” he said, tucking you into his side. “We can have round two in the morning, okay?”

You beamed and nodded. You kissed him once more and then closed your eyes, ready for sleep.

“I love you, Hap.”

You felt a pair of lips on yours briefly.

“I love you too.”