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Times ‘Sons of Anarchy’ legit made me cry, in chronological order (spoiler alert)

1. When Abel got taken. That scream of anguish Jax gave just broke my damn heart.

2. When Chibs was reunited with Kerrianne

3. When Opie found Piney’s body

4. Dawn’s death

5. Opie’s funeral

6. Tig crying at the docks after disposing of that porn producer douchebag’s body

7. When Nero found out Gemma killed Tara

8. Jax’s death

[ You find out Jax has been cheating on you ]

Don’t fucking touch me,” you snarled. 

Jax reached a hand towards you. “Babe - “ 

You pointed a finger at Jax, cutting his words off completely. Your eyes flamed with rage. “Don’t.”

Jax let out a loud sigh. He knew he had messed up this time. “Can you at least talk to me?” 

You swallowed hard and ran your tongue over your teeth as you contemplated what you would even say to him. Things had been tense with Jax lately, especially with all the shit going on with the club. But Jax had a crossed a line. When things hadn’t been going so great with you, Jax had sought comfort in the arms of another woman. You didn’t know her name, but you had seen her around. She was a new croweater, and she was all too happy to crawl into bed with your old man. Jax had been seeing her for weeks, apparently, and you had no idea until tonight. You had walked into Jax’s room at the clubhouse twenty minutes earlier, thinking you would apologize for all the fighting that had happened between the two of you lately. You wanted to make things right between you and your old man again, and you knew the first step was an apology. But all that sincerity bullshit blew out the window the second you opened the door to see him on top of that skinny bitch. In a moment of rage, you knocked everything off the top of his dresser, then you turned on your heel, slammed the door, and stomped away. Jax had pulled on his jeans and followed you down the hallway, begging you to stop. Now here you were, in the middle of the clubhouse having an all out screaming match.

“What do you want me to say, Jax?” you shouted. You threw your hands up in the air, exasperated beyond belief. “You’re sleeping with another woman!”

Jax opened his mouth to say something, but he knew there was nothing he could say or do that would fix things. So he closed his mouth and just let you yell at him.

“I mean, what the fuck, Jax?” you shook your head. You couldn’t believe any of this was happening. You noticed a few beer bottles scattered on top of the bar, and you considered lobbing a few at Jax’s stupid head. “We’ve been together too long for you to be pulling this shit!” You stared at the empty bottles for a moment, then you turned back to him. “How long has this been going on?” 

“Y/N, I don’t - “ 

“Tell me, Jax,” you demanded. “Was it a one-time thing? Have you been screwing around with her for months? What?”

Jax sighed. “Y/N, don’t.”

“Answer the question.”

Jax’s jaw tightened. “It’s happened more than once.” 

You felt your eyes stinging as the words echoed in your head. You clenched your jaw and looked into Jax’s blue eyes, both of you unable to speak. You threw your hands up and shrugged. “I’m done.” 


“You look like shit.”

You glanced up to see Gemma staring at you, a look of total amusement on her face. 

“Good morning to you too, Gemma,” you sighed. You had hoped you could sneak into the house you had shared with Jax and grab the rest of your things without it turning into some dramatic show, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen. Not with Gemma around.

Gemma had no idea you and Jax had split yet. It had been a few days now, and she was still in the dark about what had happened. Gemma loved you, and she especially loved that you were Jax’s old lady. You knew she was going to lose her shit when she found out you had broken up. She’d be even more pissed when she found out why.

“What’s wrong with you, baby?” Gemma asked, her face growing serious as soon as she realized you weren’t in your usual happy mood. She glanced to the living room, her eyes narrowing as she looked over the stack of boxes and bags haphazardly scattered about.

Jax had been calling and texting you for the last two days, ever since the night you found him in bed with another woman. You hadn’t answered a single call or responded to a single text. You didn’t want to hear anything he had to say. You were angry, and you were hurt. You didn’t care if you ever laid eyes on Jax Teller again. In fact, you were pretty sure you would be better off if you didn’t. There was nothing he could say that would change that. 

“Nothing, Gem,” you answered, setting your purse down on the kitchen table. You didn’t want to have this conversation with Gemma.

“Don’t lie to me, sweetheart.” She took a seat at the table. “Tell me what’s going on.”

“I’m fine,” you insisted, “I’m just tired.”

She glanced towards the living room again. “You heard from Jax lately? He won’t pick up his phone.”

You sighed. It was already clear Jax hadn’t told Gemma what was going on, and it was becoming clear that he had no plans to. You knew you were going to have to tell her the truth, and it wasn’t going to be pretty. You were like a daughter to Gemma. She had even been hinting at you and Jax getting married soon. She would be pissed with Jax as soon as she found out the truth.

“I haven’t talked to Jax,” you responded, not looking at Gemma. “I’m sure he’s fine.” At that moment, your phone lit up. Jax was calling. You hit ignore.

Gemma narrowed her eyes and stared at you. “Something you wanna tell me?”

“Gemma – “

“Tell me.”

You could tell Gemma wasn’t going to let this go until you told her the truth. 

“Jax and I broke up, Gem,” you finally admitted. “A few days ago.”


You shrugged. “I thought he’d have told you by now.” 

She stood, saying nothing more. She stomped her leather boot clad feet out of the kitchen and towards the front door.  


You pulled into the TM lot, wondering to yourself if this was a good idea. Gemma had stormed away from the house so fast, you were sure she was on her way to kill Jax. While you knew he kind of deserved it, you figured you should probably stop her from doing too much damage before it was too late. 

You entered the clubhouse to see it relatively empty. You turned to see Chibs standing off to your right. He had witnessed the demise of your relationship a few days earlier, and he knew what you were going through. “Hey, love,” he greeted. He walked towards you and threw an arm around your shoulders in a friendly hug. “It’s good to see you again.”

You smiled weakly and nodded your head. “Have you seen Gemma?” 

Before Chibs had time to answer, Gemma’s voice echoed from the main office. She stomped her way through the clubhouse, bypassing you completely and heading straight for Jax’s room. You sucked in a deep breath and looked back at Chibs with a sarcastic smile. “Found her.”

You hurriedly followed Gemma down the hallway. You had arrived just in time to keep her from totally murdering Jax. She snatched open the door to Jax’s room. Jax was sitting on his bed, lacing up his shoes.

“Hey, ma,” he smiled. Then he saw you behind Gemma. He stood up quickly. “Hey, babe, I’ve been trying to call you all – “

“Don’t call me babe,” you groaned. 

“What the hell, Jackson?” Gemma demanded. Jax’s face fell. “What’d you do to her?”

“Mom, this is really none of your business,” Jax insisted, stepping towards Gemma. You watched from the hallway. You had to admit, it was getting interesting.

“The hell it is!” Gemma retorted, “What the hell’s wrong with you?”

“Mom – “ 

You decided you had heard enough of the conversation. You walked away from Jax’s room and listened to their voices trail off as they continued to argue.


“Hey, babe.” 

You turned to see Jax standing behind you. You had stopped by the clubhouse to grab what was left of your belongings from Jax’s room. You were sure this would be the last time you would every set foot in there, and you were determined to do it without running into Jax. He and some of the other guys were supposed to be on a run, but it seemed it had been cut short. 

“Can we talk?” he asked, his voice quiet and unsure. He sounded tired, and he looked even worse. His hair was greasy as it hung in his face. His blue eyes looked sad. He had been beating himself up for the past two weeks over what he had done to you. He couldn’t remember now why he had ever started this thing with the croweater. It was toxic from the beginning. He already knew that before he ever let her into his bed. He ended everything with her the night you had caught them together. At the time, he had been in his own world, oblivious to the pain he was causing you. That night woke him up. It wasn’t an excuse, but it was all he had.

“What do you want, Jax?” you sighed. “I’m kind of busy.”

“I made a mistake,” Jax stated. He sounded broken.

You said nothing, turning your eyes back to packing the box in front of you.

He took another step closer to you. “Y/N – “

“Jax, just go.”

“Please – “


He turned and walked out of the room, head low and eyes to the ground. He realized he had messed up, and now he was grasping at any attempt he could think of to fix things.

Gemma approached Jax as he walked into the front of the clubhouse. He looked up at her, his blue eyes heavy.

“Won’t talk to you, huh?”

Jax sighed. “No.” He looked at the floor for a few seconds. “I messed up, ma.”

“I know, baby,” Gemma told him matter-of-factly.

Jax rubbed his hand down his face and let out a deep, shaking breath. “What did I do?”

“You lost the best thing that ever happened to you,” Gemma responded, giving Jax an all-knowing look. “Now what are you gonna do about it?”

Jax looked down at his feet. “I gotta get her back.” He shook his head. “I just don’t know how.”

“You’ll figure something out, baby.” Gemma told him, placing a finger under his chin and smiling. “You always do.”


Shameless Youth Fancast

As requested by fi-gallaghers​, I decided to make a fancast of the youth of Showtime’s Shameless (US)

Liam Gallagher portrayed by Simi Joseph Jaiyesimi Jr

Yevgeny Milkovich portrayed by Bo Delevius

Hyrum Jackson portrayed by Noma Han

Amy & Gemma Ball portrayed by Maria Borges

Dominic Ball portrayed by Justin McManus

Sorry Part Two

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Part One

Type in bold is flashbacks

Liquor burned down your throat and you threw your head back, raising your hands above your head.
Music pumped through your veins and your body was pushed against those of strangers as you danced. You closed your eyes as you moved to the music, your body warm from the heat of strangers and the smell of alcohol and cigarettes filled your lungs.
Your hair shook down your back as you danced, young and carefree, a bird with its wings spread wide.
You stumbled to the bar and ordered another vodka, tossing it down your throat as the music echoed in your ears, and a smile spread across your lips.
It had been three weeks since you’d left Charming. Three weeks since you’d packed up your life, packed it into your car, and driven across the country.
Your phone hadn’t stopped ringing and you had thrown it out the window as you drove, letting no traces of your Charming life follow you.
You still thought of him sometimes. The king of Charming, Jackson Teller. You thought about his blond hair blowing in the wind as you clutched to his back. You thought about that fucking smirk that melted your heart. You thought about his eyes, like oceans that you had drowned yourself in. You thought about his arms wrapped around your body, his hands wrapped in yours.You thought about his voice, singing you to sleep. You thought about the good times, when you were both young, dumb and in love. When you thought you could conquer the world, as long as you had each other. But then you thought about the sleepless nights you spent alone, waiting up for him. You thought about the smell of another girls perfume on him. You thought about him fucking that croweater. You had been fooling yourself, telling yourself you didn’t love him.
God, you loved him. You wish you didnt, you wished you could hate him.
Thats why you had left. 

You rummaged through your bag, searching for your lighter as you walked out of the gas station.
You leant against the cool brick wall, cigarette between your lips, when a shadow came over you.
You looked up, and were taken away by the beautiful blue eyes staring at you, like he held all the secrets of the sky inside.
“Need a light, darlin?”
A smirk spread on his face and he held out an old zippo lighter.
“Thanks.” You said, a smile on your face and accepted the lighter.
You lit your smoke and passed it back to him and he lit his own.
“Im Jax.” He told you, a smile on his handsome face.
“(Y/n).” You told him, eyeing the row of bikes parked up to the side.
He opened his mouth to speak when a grey headed man called is name.
“Jax! Gotta go.” The man yelled as he stalked across the lot.
Jax smiled at you apologetically. “See you round, darlin.”
You watched him walk away, studying the patch on his back.

A groan left your lips as your eyes cracked open, sunlight pouring into the room, illuminating the dust particles floating around the room.
The pounding in your head filled the room and took you a moment to realise it was someone knocking on the door.
You leapt out of bed, wearing only an old baggy band t-shirt and your panties,  your hair loosely braided down your back.
You stumbled towards the motel door, wiping the sleep out of your eyes.
The pounding on the door was relentles.
“Im coming, fuck!” You yelled as you walked.
You ripped the door open, anger in your bones.
And there he stood, in the sunlight, Jackson Teller in all his glory, staring at you with a mixture of hurt and passion burning in his eyes.
Your mouth dropped open and you stared at him, the man that you loved, the man that you’d left, the man you never thought you’d see again.
“Well good morning darlin.” He smirked at you as he moved past you and walked into the room.

You ran through the crowd, the sound your laughter ringing out around you. Excited screams filled the air as the rollercoaster dipped and swooped, the laughter of children echoed around you as they watched the clowns juggling, the scent of candy floss and fried food filled your lungs.
You moved through the crowd, passed the families, unable to keep the grin off your face.
His hands wrapped around your waist and you squealed happily, you threw your head back and laughed as he lifted you in the air, your legs wrapping around his waist.
Your hands moved in his long blond hair and you kissed his lips, the taste of cotton candy on your tongue.
“God I love you.” He said against your lips, making you blush.
“And I love you.” You purred at him, looking at him through your long lashes.

“Jax.” You said, your voice croaky. A hangover was ripping through your head and you wondered if maybe you were still drunk and this was just some fucked up dream.
But you looked at him, sitting on the edge of your bed, his eye brows raised as you stood dumbstruck in the doorway.
“Fuck.” You said and shut the door, before moving to the bed and sitting next to him.
Neither of you spoke, you just sat on the edge of the bed of your messy motel room, empty bottles of vodka and your clothes scattered around the room.
“What are you doing here, Jax?”  You asked, finally breaking the silence.
“Im here to bring you home.” He said, his voice low.
You turned to look at him and his blue eyes were filled with guilt and sadness.
“Im sorry, (y/n). Ive treated you badly, but I need you. You need to come home.”
You saw the sadness in his eyes and for the first time in years you felt your heart begin to break.
“Jax.” You whispered, your eyes filling with tears.
He looked at you with tear filled eyes and grabbed your hands.
“I need you, (y/n). I need my queen.”
You sighed and ran your hands through your hair.

Gemma stood next to her son, both of their eyes focused on you as you laughed with Opie and Donna. The sound of your laughter made Jax feel like he was flying, soaring through the sky. You were his drug and you always made him feel like he was high, made all of his worries disappear.
He watched as you talked with his friends, completely at ease. You lit up the room as soon as you entered it, all eyes drawn to you. Your smile was contagious and everyone around you felt lighter.
“She loves you.” Gemma said, a coy smirk on her face.
Jax looked at his mother, a smirk on his face too, then looked back at you.
“I know.” He said, hypnotised by your laugh.
“Marry that girl, Jackson.” Gemma whispered in his ear and walked away.
You met his eye, your eyes sparkling brighter than the sun and he couldn’t help but think you were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.
“I will.” He whispered to himself.

“I cant come back, Jax.” You said quietly as you stared at the wall. You couldn’t look at him, incase he saw how close you were to breaking.
“Please, (y/n). Come back to me.”
You scoffed and stood up, your arms throwing in the air.
“Come back to you? Are all the crow eaters busy or something?” You said, your voice raising as you paced in front of him.
“Babe, please. We can make it work.” He begged.
“Jax Ive been trying to make it work for the last three fucking years!” You yelled, turning towards him now.
“Was I not enough for you, Jax? Was i not ‘old lady’ enough for you?”
“I did everything you asked of me, Jax. I never asked questions, no matter what. I love the club Jax, I gave you my everything, I loved you with all i got. I embraced the life! And what do i get in return? Lonely nights and my old man fucking some whore!” You yelled.
“What do you want from me, Jackson!? Do you want me to parade around half naked in front of the boys? Will you love me then? You want me to be a whore for you?”
“You think I don’t love you?” He asked quietly.
You looked at him, his eyes swelling with tears.
“You think I don’t love you?” He repeated as he stood.
You shrugged your shoulders. “I dunno Jax, you love me enough to fuck someone else.”

You sat in the hospital bed as tears streamed down your face. A miscarriage. All you’d ever wanted was to start a family with the man you loved. Jax had been so excited, so happy, when you told him you were pregnant. He couldn’t keep the smile off his face, his hands had wrapped around your stomach, even though there wasn’t a bump yet.
“I love you so much my baby,” He had whispered against your tummy, tears of joy rolling down your face. “And I love your mommy.” He had looked up at you, his eyes full of love and joy.
And now you sat, the feeling of emptiness overwhelming you as you mourned the loss of the child you carried.
The door swung open and Jax stormed into the room, rushing to your side.
His arms wrapped around you and he held you while you sobbed.
“Its okay, baby, its okay.” He whispered in your ear, as his own tears formed in his eyes.
“As long as we’re together, baby, everything will be okay.”

“(Y/n), Im sorry that I did that to you, you don’t deserve that.” His voice was sincere but you rolled your eyes.
“But you need to know that I love you. I always have, babe. Ever since that first day I met you, you’ve been a part of me. You make me want to be a better person, be a good man. I love you more than I have ever loved anything, (y/n). All I want, all Ive ever wanted, is you.”
He stood in front of you, his hands reaching down and grabbing yours.
Your chest pressed against his but you couldn’t bring yourself to look into his eyes.
He wasn’t completely to blame. Yes, he had been unfaithful, and there was no excuse for that. But you knew you had distanced yourself from him, ever since that first miscarriage. You couldn’t help but feel like he blamed you for losing his child. And you had locked yourself away, mourning in secret and plastering a fake smile on your face, convincing both him and yourself that you were okay with it, that you’d moved on.
“Jax,” You whispered as his hands wrapped around you, tracing lines up your back.
You placed your hands on his chest, and his lips pressed against your forehead.

You sat on the floor, the tiny pair of booties clutched tightly in your hands as tears poured down your face.
You heard the front door open and the sound of heavy footsteps enter the house but you didn’t move.
“Babe?” Jax called out as he shut the door. He moved through the house looking for you.
He walked into the spare room, the nursery and saw you on the floor.
He walked in slowly and knelt in front of you.
His hands cupped yours and you looked up at him through teary eyes.
“Im so sorry, Jax.” You whispered, your voice cracking.
“This isn’t on you, babe. We can try again. I love you, so, so much darlin.” He cooed as he stroked your hair.

Your hands ran through his blond hair as you stood wrapped in his arms.
“I need you, (y/n).” He told you quietly. “I need you by my side. I cant do this alone. The club is headed down a dangerous path and I don’t know how to lead them. I cant lead them, not without you. I need you by my side.”
You sighed and turned your head to look into his eyes.
You saw the confliction, the ghosts of all his dead friends, all his sins. You knew he wanted a way out, to lead the club on a good path.
“Jax if I come back, things have to be different.” You said quietly.
“You cant leave me alone every night. You cant shut me out.”
“I won’t, baby.Its me and you now, its always been me and you. As long as I have you by my side, everything is going to be okay.”
You sighed and nodded slowly.
“I love you, Jackson.” You murmured.
His lips pressed against yours and you felt every inch of you come alive. Fire burned through your veins and your hands tugged at his hair gently. You moved your lips with his, desperate for more of him. You hadn’t realised how much you’d missed him and now you were hungry for more of his touch.

Laughter and the smell of apple pie filled the room. You sat next to Juice and Opie, all of you laughing at Piney’s grumpy banter. Your eyes met Jax’s across the table and you smiled at him warmly.
You began to clear the plates and stood, carrying the pile of dirty dishes to the kitchen.
Gemma stood at the sink, rinsing off some plates after another family dinner.
“Oh sweetheart, you don’t have to do that, go sit down.” She smiled warmly at you.
“Its okay, Gem, I don’t mind.” You smiled and moved the plates onto the bench.
“How you doing baby?” She asked you, turning towards you, her back leaning against the sink.
“Im doing okay.” You smiled. Her eyes narrowed and her eye brows raised, making you sigh. “I just wanna give him a family, ya know?” You said quietly.
Gemma moved towards you and wrapped her arm around her shoulder.
You both looked at the table, filled with the members, all smiling and laughing together.
“Sweetheart, this is your family.” She murmered and you smiled, both of you smiling at the boys you both loved.

His hands moved under your shirt and you skin tingled under his touch.
“God I love you,” He whispered against your lips.
You moaned against him as his hands explored your body, both of you desperate to be close.
“I love you Jax.” You whispered as him lips moved across your neck, sucking at the soft skin.
His hands reached down your body and lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist.
He pushed your body against the wall and your hands clawed at his back, grabbing at the leather.
You could feel his length hard against you and you moaned as his lips sucked hungrily at your neck, sure to leave bruises.
Your hands tugged at his leather and he shifted his arms so you could push it off his shoulders.
Your lifted his t-shirt and pulled it over his head before attaching your lips to his again.
Your hands roamed over his skin, feeling the muscles beneath your finger tips.
His hands pulled at your shirt and he tugged it over your head and tossed it to the floor, before carrying you to the bed.
He lay you down and hovered over you, placing gentle kisses across your bare skin.

Jax walked across the lot next to Opie and passed him a joint.
They watched as you played with Opies kids, tilting your head back and laughing.
“Shes so beautiful.” Jax said, a proud smile on his face.
Opie smirked and punched his shoulder lightly.
“You gonna marry her?” Opie asked.
Jax looked at him, a smirk on his face as he reached into his kutte. He pulled out a small black box and opened it, showing the ring to his friend.
Opie raised an eyebrow and chuckled.
“Shit, Jackson Tellers gone soft.”
Jax laughed loudly, his eyes watching you.
“Nah man. I aint soft, I just know what I want.”

You lay your head on his chest, both of you catching your breath. Smoke lingered from the joint in his hand and he passed it to you.
You sat up, pulling the sheets with you and leant against the headboard, letting the smoke fill your lungs.
Your legs were intertwined with his and you smiled when he looked at you.
“You okay?” He asked you, one eye brow raised.
You nodded and passed him back the joint.
“Better than ever.” You smiled.
“Look Jax, Im sorry that I left, but I had to.. I had to get away.” You gulped, your mouth suddenly gone dry. “But I want us. I want to make it work.”
He nodded and grabbed your hand.
“Its you and me babe.” He smiled. He stood and pulled on his boxers and you watched him move towards the kutte lying on the floor.
He knelt and dug through the pockets before pulling out a black box.
“(Y/n), I shoulda done this a long time ago. I love you, so much babe. I want you to marry me.”
He sat on the edge of the bed, holding the box open to show the ring shining inside.
“Jax.” You whispered, your hands moving to your mouth.
“Your my queen, babe, and I need my queen by my side, with my last name. Will you marry me?”
You looked into his eyes filled with nothing but love.
“Yes, Jax! Yes!” You squealed and leant forward and pressed your lips to his.
He slid the ring on your finger and smiled at you widely.
“Its you and me now babe.”

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(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Half asleep, curled up under Esai’s embrace, you rubbed on his torso as he pulled you closer.

“That’s the second time I’ve heard that damn chopper.”

“He’s just trying to obey my father,” you groggily defend Juice, “as is everyone else.”

There was a short pause.
“I’m sorry about today baby,” he reached over to gently rub your arm. “When I saw the way Clay grabbed you like that,” his jaw tightened, “I lost it.”

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36 and 89 for drabble with Jax! “Look, I don’t have much time, but I wanted to say I love you.”, “Meet me on the roof in ten minutes.”

It was a chaotic week at the Teller household, the boys were doing some business down the south and I was left alone with Gemma tormenting my soul 24/7 I don’t think she did it on purpose half of the time but she was a demanding woman even more than Abel who I’ve been taking care of for over a year now.

“You’re a good mother to him” said Gemma while I was feeding the year old baby in his chair “I don’t know how you pulled through with all of Wendy’s crap but I’m glad you did. I’m glad Jackson found ya” she said before kissing me on the cheek and turning to wash the dishes, I looked at her clueless but refrained to say nothing I just continued feeding Abel before changing his dirty clothes and putting him on his crib for a nap.

“What time are the boys coming back at?” I said

“2:00” said Gemma and I nodded looking at the clock I had a little over an hour to get Abel and myself ready “Go pamper yourself a bit, look good for your old man” said Gemma and I bet I looked at her like if she was crazy “What? He’s been gone for a week” she said before start walking to Abel’s room “I’ll get him ready in half an hour” she said and I just nodded before turning to the bathroom to take a small shower and put some makeup on.

I put on a simple pair of high waisted jeans and a grey top, put on some booties and some rings before going to Abel’s room to find Gemma already putting a little jacket on him and his signature beanie.

“Ready, mama?” she said and I nodded, she looked at me before moving to her purse and taking out red lipstick “Put this on, I’ll go put Abel on his car seat” she said

What’s with Gemma today? I asked myself before putting the lipstick on, as soon as we got to the TM we saw Chucky cleaning everything before the boys arrived and not longer than 20 minutes later we heard the motorcycles arrive. We went out and I immediately smiled at the sight of my man safe and sound, Jax approached us with a smile and hugged his mother before turning to Abel and kissing him a couple times.

He then turned to me and put both his hands on both sides of my face before kissing me slowly “Look, babe I don’t have much time, but I wanted to say I love you.” He said and I smiled before nodding.

The boys were in a meeting for about 40 minutes, Abel playing on top of the pool table trying to catch the balls while Chucky entertained him and I read some pages of a book I found a couple days ago at the library. I hear the door open and Abel immediately looked up to his dad before making grabby hands at him. Jackson picked him up and approached me slowly with a big smile on his face. “Meet me on the roof in ten minutes.” He told me before disappearing with Gemma and Abel, I climbed the stairs at a quick pace before seeing Jackson looking at the sky with baby Abel moving in his arms.

“Darlin, I think Abel has something on his back” he said and I approached him quickly, moving my hands over his jacket and finding something strange. A small black box, I felt my legs start to tremble and I thought I was going to pass out any second now. I looked up to Jackson and he had the biggest smile on his lips “Would you marry me, YN?” he said before getting on one knee with Abel just on top of it. “I love you, YN. With all my heart, you are an amazing mother, an amazing woman and partner. You have been there through everything, supporting me, changing me into a better man and there’s nobody in this world I’d rather spend the rest of my life with”

“Yes, Jackson. Of course” I said with tears on my eyes before picking up the baby and hugging them both tightly. Jackson kissed me slowly and I heard the claps of Gemma and the club, I didn’t hear them even come up but I couldn’t care less. Gemma took Abel and Jackson picked me up before kissing me lovingly.

Fun fact, my dad proposed to my mother this way. Advantages of having kids before marriage I guess lol.


Dear Kurt Sutter,

Thankyou. After I finished all 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy I can say with absolute certainty that it is the greatest show I have ever seen. This show makes you laugh but certainly cry. You feel what the characters feel; if they’re happy you’re happy, when they cry you cry too, they’re sorrows are yours and so are their trials and tribulations. You feel apart of the show and that is the greatest part.

The evolution of the show, it’s storylines and it’s characters are another thing that make this show the absolute amazing show that it is. During the final 2 episodes of season 7, all I could do was sit there watching, enjoying and balling my eyes out. Looking back from start to finish, well over half the characters died, and only about 3 of the main original characters from season 1 still remained. Every character death affected the viewer in a different way due to the fabulous characterisation and character development done.

I believe every actor chosen, was the absolute correct choice. The actors seemed to take the character that you gave them and made it their own. I cannot rave enough about Sons of Anarchy, I cannot rave enough about the characters. But in keeping it short and sweet Sons of Anarchy is one of if not the best show in recent memory, it has amazing writing and acting. SAMCRO FOREVER, FOREVER SAMCRO.

Forever in your debt,

Every Fan Ever of SOA.

I don’t know about you, but today I’m 22! 🎂🎉

Anyway, here are 22 of my favorite books in a haphazard flower-circle thing. Now I’m going to go and decorate my birthday cupcakes.

Request: Samcro family

Request: I’m Jax unwanted daughter and they are super mean to me but one day there is a shooting and they try to shoot Abel but I take the shot for him and the club realized what they did to me and I go to coma and they apologize when I wake up.

I already saw another request like this, but I’m honoring the one that I got. Keep in mind that everybody has their on style and ideas. I don’t believe Jax would not want a child, it doesn’t matter who is the mother, but I wrote it and I’m sorry if this offend anyone, somehow.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: can be triggering.

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Jax Teller always wanted to be a father, but now that you were there, his kid, he wasn’t really feeling it. Your mother was one night stand and a mistake driven by rage after his fight with Tara. He knew he was wrong for feeling such hate towards you, but the fact that you mother had dropped you at his door told a lot. You are also a constantly reminder of his unfaithful behavior towards his old lady.

However, he couldn’t let you alone or Gemma would kill him. So, he took you in, gave you all you needed, except love. You were a beautiful teenager now, starting to receive the prospect’s attentions.

“Stop flirting, go to work”, Jax said in his way outside, not looking twice at you. Leaving the bar you grabbed a broom, the prospect following you to the Chapel.

“How do you live with this?”, he asked, sitting on the table. You shoved him off and shrugged.

“I can’t live alone, not yet”, you said, looking at the floor. “Believe me sweetie…When I can do that, I’m leaving”

Prospect was right, people were really mean with you around there. Jax and Tara had no love for you. The best people were Abel, an innocent kid and your little half-brother and Gemma, your grandmother, but she had more pity than love for you too. You didn’t have the courage or the money to leave yet, but you were trying, saving all you could get and dreaming with the day you would leave that place.


“Hurry up”, Tara hissed in your direction as she gathered things around the house. Club was going to another lockdown.

You rushed to your little bedroom and picked up your few things, putting them inside a bag. You ignored Tara and waited outside, leaning against the car. Abel came running when he saw you, asking for you to lift him in your arms. You were in the backseat with your little brother and Tara was driving, the car silent.

The bikes were still at the clubhouse when you arrived and Abel ran to met his father. You walked inside, hiding from all the people and threw your bag on Clay’s office before leave again. You and the prospect were sitting in front of the TM doors when the Sons left.

“Aren’t you gonna say goodbye?”, he asked, blowing out the smoke of his cigarette.

“No”, you blew the smoke of yours cigarette and looked down, trying to hide your sad and worried eyes.


Tara and Gemma were busy, worried about making everyone feel comfortable. Able was feeling lonely, walking after his mother and getting no attention. You felt sad for him and called the little boy to play. You waved to the prospect taking care of the gate and walked to the playground, holding Able’s hand. You never made it there though. A car busted the gate open and your heard shoots. Abel screamed and without a second thought you knelt on the floor, covering him with you own body. You didn’t feel the pain, you only heard the prospect screaming.

“Help! Somebody help! Y/N is hurt!”


“What happened?”, Jax and the Sons ran through the hospital hallway and met Gemma at the waiting room.

“Someone busted at the TM and started shooting”, Gemma hugged Jax and Clay. “Y/N was with Abel outside, going to play…She took the shoot for him Jax. She protected him”

“How is her?”, Clay sat on a chair and pulled Gemma to sit too.

“Tara is with her”, Gemma said. “We don’t have any news yet”

“She was bad, so much blood”, the prospect whispered from a corner. Everybody looked at him and Jax sighed before sit, head between his hands.

“Jesus!”, he rubbed his hand over his mouth and chin. “She can die and…”

“Jackson!”, Gemma was shocked hearing those words.

“I’m sorry mom”, he said, tears on his eyes. “I’m thinking about every time we were mean to her, every hateful word…Jesus!”

Gemma got up and hugged her son, letting him cry in her arms. “There is still time babe”, she whispered. “Have faith”


Tara didn’t have good news. You were in coma and the Samcro family could only wait. The bullet was out, but you had lost a lot of blood. You need your time to recover.

Days and days passed. Jax and Gemma were there every day, he even tried to talk to you, but the tears didn’t let him say all he wanted. The doctors were finally ready to take your medicine and see if you would wake up by yourself. All the family was waiting for news and Tara called by the end of the day, finally putting an end to that agony.

“She is awake”, Jax heard her through the phone and called his mother to meet him at the hospital. Tara, Gemma and Jax were outside your bedroom, ready to walk in when the nurse left. You were laying on your bed, holding a remote control when they walked in.

“Hi”, Jax said walking closer to your bed. You pressed your lips together and waited. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry kid. You were so brave”

He came closer and hugged you in the best way he could with all the equipment. You let him do it, suspicious at first, but then the emotions were too much, you cried in your father’s arms.

“Shh, don’t cry baby”, he ran his fingers through your hair. “I’m sorry for all we said and done to you. I’ll try baby, I’ll try…Will you help me be better for you?”

“Yes…Dad”, you sobbed and looked at Gemma, she had tears in her eyes and even Tara was holding her crying. You finally felt part of the family.