gemma fay


This August we traveled to the US West Coast for a small run of shows. We stopped at San Francisco to play the Great American Music Hall. During the show our producer Johnny Hostile noticed a man in a wheelchair leaving the premises after one song. At first he thought maybe the man disliked the band or was just disappointed, but after a few minutes he realised he must have left because he couldn’t see the show! The room was sold out and he was at the back, of course he couldn’t see anything! Johnny ran outside to look for him, grabbed members of the venue’s staff with him, and found the man waiting for his bus at the corner of the street. ‘This is America right there my friend, they couldn’t give a fuck about us!’ the man said angrily - and rightly so. But Johnny didn’t give up. He explained that he was with the band and said he won’t let this happen. He convinced him to come back and made him special guest of the band so he could watch the show next to the stage behind the monitor desk.
So here is our message to all venues and everyone (in America and around the world): PLEASE MAKE SURE PEOPLE IN WHEELCHAIRS WHO PAID A FULL PRICE ARE ABLE TO WATCH THE SHOWS!!!
Great American Music Hall, you’re a great venue, we had an amazing show there - but why this man wasn’t accommodated when he arrived is beyond us and truly unacceptable. In fact, it’s not just venues’ responsibility, but everyone’s responsibility. So next time, if you notice someone with a disability at a show, instead of filming the musicians with your iPhone (ha!), keep your eyes open! - at least at a Savages gig that’s how we like things to happen…
Rock'n'roll is for everyone!!!!