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So for Valentine’s day, I made my (non-existent) Valentine, who is obviously as obsessed with “Carry On” and Simon Snow as I am, some bookmarks that each have two quotes - one on the back and one on the front. For the top picture I choose Simon Snow quotes from the Gemma T. Leslie books (the excerpts from “Fangirl”), for the bottom picture the quotes are from Rainbow Rowell’s “Carry On”. Hope you like ‘em! ;-)

The first from the right is all about scones, second reads a spell and a saying from Baz, the third is about interactions between the Mage and Simon and the fourth is all Penelope and what Simon shouldn’t do.

Btw which bookmark is your favorite?

Enchanted Re-Cast

Marsha Thomason as Giselle // Oscar Isaac as Robert // Leni Zieglmeier as Morgan // Gemma Chan as Nancy // Daniel Henney as Prince Edward // John Cho as Nathaniel // Viola Davis as Queen Narissa 


Sherlock - The DOCTOR WHO Connection

There is a long-standing theory that there are really only 10 British actors, who consequently are in everything. To (kind of) prove this, I’m starting a new series: Sherlock - The X Connection.

First installment: Sherlock and Doctor Who