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Haylor Oneshot: A New Olivia

A Haylor one-shot about Harry helping Gemma pick out the family’s new kitten. In which Harry interacts with kittens and unbearable cuteness ensues. Inspired by a swiftstyles1989 ask where Harry texts Taylor about the new Olivia.

“Harry. Haaaaaaarry. WAKE UP!”

Gemma’s voice pierces through Harry’s swirling dream of a concert where no one shows up but Zayn. Before Harry can process it, though, Gemma is ripping the sheets off his bed and cheerfully opening his shades. Groaning at the sudden light, Harry attempts to sit up.

“What are you doing, Gem?” His voice comes out low and grumbly, his eyes struggling to stay open.

“I’ve got a surprise for you and it’s sort of time sensitive.” Gemma replies, putting her hands on her hips and scrunching her nose at the messy state his room is in.

“Is it really or could you just not wait for me to wake up at a reasonable hour?”


“Aaaaaaaagh. Give me five minutes.”

Smiling triumphantly, Gemma flounces out of the bedroom only stopping to turn and say, “And clean up this mess! So unlike you, Haz.”

Once she’s gone Harry falls backwards back onto his bed and mentally prepares himself for another day. Another day where he stays up late checking updates on Taylor’s concert. Another day where he wonders how she is until he goes insane. Another day of wondering how Calvin treats her. Another day of wanting to text her, of wanting to say a million things, but not being able to because she’s finally happy and he doesn’t want to screw it up for her even though she promised she was fine with talking whenever he wanted.

Another day.

Harry gets up and survey his room. Gemma was right; this is completely unlike him. He’s only been home for a couple days it looks like he’s been holed up in there for months. He’s normally so orderly, with everything in its place. But lately he’s let that slip. He’s let a lot of things slip. It all started around a month ago, at the BBMAs, he figured. When he saw her with him.

Bloody hell, Harry. He thought. If she can get over you, why can’t you get over her?

He shrugged the thought aside and started getting dressed. A plain black tshirt, his favorite pair of black jeans, his brown boots, and a gray hoodie. He didn’t feel like dressing in anything bolder.

Grabbing his phone from where it had spent the night on his bedside table and stuffing it into his hoodie pocket, he clomped his way down the hall to the kitchen. His mum and Gemma were sitting there talking and laughing but as soon as they caught sight of him Gemma jumped up, grabbed her jacket and purse and snatched Harry’s hand, pulling him out the door without so much as a “Bye, Mum!” over her shoulder.

They stepped out into the cold, crisp morning and Gemma led the way into town.

“We’re walking?” Harry inquired, raising an eyebrow.

“Of course we’re walking! Exercise is the key to living forever.” Gemma replied indignantly.

“Right, yeah.” Harry mumbled, distracted as he pulled out his phone to see several texts from Ed.

New message from Ed Sheeran:
Mate, do me a favor and don’t check Twitter

New message from Ed Sheeran:
I’m serious

New message from Ed Sheeran:
Actually just don’t go online today

Ed would only text him like this for one reason. He knew immediately what it was. Ignoring Ed’s warnings, he opened Twitter and checked Taylor’s page. Sure enough, there they were. Her and Calvin. On a boat, ironically enough. He’s surprised he didn’t see this last night, when she posted it, but it must have slipped his notice.

He studied how her arm was draped over him protectively, PDA turned down a little compared to the swan photo but not by much.

Shoving his phone back in his pocket and feeling sick, he realized that Gemma had come to a stop in front of the town’s rescue shelter.

“We’re getting a kitten!” She exclaimed gleefully, clapping her hands together and leading him inside.

Harry couldn’t help but smile at her excitement, his dimples showing at the ends of his broad grin.

Gemma got everything set up while Harry started browsing around looking for a kitten to catch his eye. He wandered over to a little play pen where several new recruits were stumbling around on their little paws. Making sure not to let any of them out, Harry carefully opened the gate and sat down. A particularly curious one padded over slowly to inspect the intruder.

“Hey there, love. I don’t bite; it’s okay.” He whispered softly as it came closer and sniffed his jeans cautiously. It then hopped over his leg and settled in his lap, purring and making itself comfortable.

The other kittens had watched this exchange warily from a safe distance, but after seeing that Harry was in fact not going to hurt them they wandered over and started sniffing him as well. Suddenly Harry had acquired every kitten in the playpen, some on his lap, others lounging on his legs, one attempting to climb up his arm, and another one perched on his neck.

“Uh, Gem?” Harry called.

“What?” She responded from where she was looking at the different cats in the cages, not bothering to glance at Harry.

“I think I found some good ones.”

At this Gemma turned around, and at the sight of Harry on the ground covered in cats she started laughing hysterically, composing herself enough to snap a picture.

She crossed the room and joined Harry in the playpen, still laughing. Harry was grinning like an idiot, so happy to have become this popular with the cats.

Meredith did always like me, he thought.

As soon as it crossed his mind he shook his head to get it out of his head. To distract himself he asked Gemma, “Which one is your favorite?”

Gently picking it up, Gemma took the first kitten to come over to Harry out of his lap where it had been sleeping peacefully.

“This one, obviously. I think it’s the only creature who could ever sleep in the presence of Harry Styles.”

Chuckling together, Harry and Gemma removed all of the many kittens from Harry’s body and went up to the front desk. The next minute they were leaving with the kitten curled in the cat carrier they shared between them.

“So, what are you going to name her then?” Harry asked.

The secretary had let them know the kitten was a girl.

“Well…” Gemma hesitated. “I was thinking…Olivia. You know, after Olivia Pope?” She rushed through the explanation, worriedly checking Harry’s expression.

Harry blinked rapidly, forcing himself to say quietly, “Oh. I like it.”.

They were quiet for the rest of the walk.

Once home, Harry knew he wanted to text Taylor to let her know about the new arrival before she found out about it online. She would never let him forget it if he didn’t let her know.

He finally settled on the right wording, and attached a picture of Olivia lounging on his lap.

Harry Styles:
Thought you’d like to meet the new and improved Olivia.
Just kidding.
Kind of.
All the love, always x H

He only had to wait a minute before her enthusiastic response came.

Taylor Swift:
P. S. The ORIGINAL Olivia is still waiting to meet you. Let’s fix that sometime.

Harry’s grin lasted through the rest of the day.

Sorry for any mistakes, just scribbled this out quickly! xx