me after hearing sweet creature:

me after hearing sweet creature is about gemma:

me after analyzing the lyrics to sweet creature to better get an understanding into the introverted mind of harry styles:

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Maybe I find weirdness in everything now but the ig thing was hours ago. It's not even 6am rn in London and she decides to engage fans again? And of course it's another larrie? Idk I just don't get it. And all of this the day his brother announces a single. Feels like they are pushing a non Larry message on this day... I just don't see the point of her engaging the fans once again, putting more attention on the subject again, hours after happening. I don't get it

It’s kinda funny timing, but who knows what anything means. Gemma goes off on Larries at least once a year, so I’m not surprised by this at all. I just find it funny because while I’m the first to tell you that some Twitter and Instagram Larries are annoying as fuck, Larries as a general group (which includes a lot of people who don’t do the really annoying stuff) are also the ones who tend to get the most accomplished in this fandom - we tend to be leading projects for the boys, we tend to be leading charity efforts for the boys, and so on. So I always find it quite entertaining that we’re continually trashed as an entire group in really rude and abelist ways every time somebody decides to be a dick on social media.

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It's such a gross double standard that same sex ships are the ones seen as mental and delusional. No one calls hendall shippers mental. No one cares that people still ship him with Taylor even years after it ended. No one even cares that fans ship Harry with themselves (which is awkward and weird as fuck)

“No one calls hendall shippers mental. No one cares that people still ship him with Taylor even years after it ended.”
Lottie Tomlinson makes a rare appearance at London Fashion Week
Lottie Tomlinson - little sister to One Direction star Louis - was sure to make a splash at London Fashion Week over the weekend.

She’s kept a relatively low profile since she lost her mother at Christmas.

But Lottie Tomlinson - little sister to One Direction star Louis - was sure to make a splash at London Fashion Week over the weekend.

On Saturday she appeared at Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob Gold 18th Anniversary in collaboration with the LFW Design collective.

The pop star sibling wore a baggy cornflower blue sweater over a short silver skirt, white sports socks and black running shoes.

She piled her grey-tinted locks in one slanted bun on top of her head and decorated her eyes with a dark coat of eye-liner.

After posing with a life-sized SpongeBob, she was joined by 1D’s stylist, Lou Teasdale, who wore her similarly-shaded hair loose.

Her outfit considered of a distressed denim, with deliberate tears in it here and then, a black top, bronze pendant necklace and bright orange trousers - all finished off with white tennis shoes.

Beauty blogger Lottie had spent Friday at the slightly more glam Charlotte Simone presentation at The Vinyl Factory with Gemma Styles - the sister of Louis’ bandmate Harry.

The pair seemed to have compared notes as they each sported colourful fur scarves.

Lottie kept things silvery in a slinky light grey sweater, one shoulder showing, and shiny metallic vinyl cropped trousers.

She kept her footwear very casual with black trainers and she wore her silver/blonde tresses bunched up in two pigtails.

She decorated the look with various gold accessories, including bangle earrings and a name necklace.

Her famous brother’s bandmater’s sister kept it all black other than the blue, white and black fur scarf she wore, which co-ordinated with Lottie’s white, pink, teal and indigo wrap.

Lottie was last seen when she and her brother were spotted rallying around one another in the lead up to Christmas.

Despite having to face their first festive season without their beloved mother since her passing, Louis  also had to go through his first birthday without her too.

Born on Christmas Eve 1991, Louis turned 25 the day before Christmas and his little sister was sure to make sure she used the occasion to honour her brother in light of their recent family tragedy.

In an Instagram snap uploaded by 18-year-old Lottie, the siblings are seen huddled together and smiling, seemingly on a night out.

She captioned the photo: ‘My brother and best friend forever … Happy birthday!’

Georgia May Foote was in attendance, keeping things all black and extremely sleek-looking, sporting long flowing trousers tired at the front, with a cropped, low-cut top.

Her straight dark locks fell around her shoulders, which were covered in a black leather jacket. She also wore a black choker around her neck.

She wore a styling black hat, dark pumps and splashed crimson lipstick on her pout.

Mariah Idriss - who is the first model to wear a hijab in an H&M campaign - was in attendance.

The 23-year-old, who is of Pakistani and Moroccan heritage, posed in an eye-catching leisurewear ensemble in black, grey and orange check.

She completed the look with colourful dangling earrings, a turban and bkack boots, as well as some rustic bangles on her wrist and a leather bag over her shoulder.