Gemini: Important Points


Conversation, mysteriousness, and quickness are what stimulate a Gemini mind the most. If you have a conversation with a Gemini, you will remember it for an eternity. If you’re a mysterious or secretive person, a Gemini will find a way to figure out the things they want to know someway or somehow. If you are a swift person who enjoys being adventurous or on the go, you will be a great addition to a Gemini’s life.


  • Do not expect a Gemini to be fully open at the beginning of any relationship.
  • Do not ever force them into something they don’t want to be involved in or a part of.
  • Do not try to be someone else or someone you’re not around them, they can see through fakeness like you can see through glass.
  • Do not limit yourself around a Gemini, especially if you’re trying to be friends with one. 


  • Do give them time to get comfortable and used to you in any relationship (friendship, boyfriend, etc)
  • Be yourself and feel free to live as you normally would around a Gemini, that’s what they’ll love to see the most.
  • Be adventurous and wild (not too wild) but enjoy yourself.
  • Show a Gemini that you care, and they will have no problem with doing the same in return.

To you Gemini:

Stop being at war with yourself. You are a very hard worker and often do more for others then most would do for you. Love yourself, and continue to live yourself as you would. Be the greatest version of yourself that you could be.




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Gemini: A Few Words

Words of wisdom:

Gemini, you are brighter and wiser then you think you are. Don’t ever underestimate yourself, or let anyone stop you from doing what you want to do. You will and can be great. The mental capacity that you possess is out of this world, and you should always take pride in being you! We’re the greatest.

Traits Gemini Share

Traits Gemini share with other signs:

Gemini and Aries: Random

Gemini and Taurus: Observant 

Gemini and Cancer: Forgiving

Gemini and Leo: Creative

Gemini and Virgo: Nervousness 

Gemini and Libra: Communicative 

Gemini and Scorpio: Vindictive

Gemini and Sagittarius: Adventurous

Gemini and Capricorn: Ambitious

Gemini and Aquarius: Innovative

Gemini and Pisces: Artistic

The Gemini Stereotype

I believe it’s time for someone to confront the constant negativity and disrespect us Geminis receive daily. Why not? We all know this post may be infamous, but we have to come to a conclusion as to why. Well.. I came to one, but lets just say “WE” have.

Geminis are the sign that intimidates everyone, the sign that has the capabilities to perform almost any giving task at any giving time. They say they don’t and can’t get along with us, but that’s because they choose to not get along with us. We truly have a god giving gift that allows us to get along with just about anyone! Gemini is the sign of all signs. The sign everyone wants to be secretly (trust me on this one). The Gemini stereotype was created by a group of individuals who are unable to understand us, and that’s basically one of our main facts “Only a very few can understand us, but we truly value those who do.” So if someone was to ever call you one out of the million things they say we are (Bitchy, mean, upsetting, betrayers, liars, etc) consider taking it as a compliment, laughing and moving on with your life, as that was a lie, and they are clearly unable to effectively understand the true meaning of a Gemini. They can’t perfect our craft in the way they we can, and that makes us special!

A Gemini will suffer in silence before asking for help. They tend to be very prideful when it comes to their independence.
—  Gemini Zone