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updated on 6-27-2017

Inspired by seeing a shooting star during a heavy night of the Geminid meteor shower, I came up with this spread and have since learned very valuable things about myself and helped a friend as well! It really seems to point out flaws, faults, and some areas where change is needed to allow goals/dreams to come true. ♥

Other spreads.

this is not a horoscope thing

ARIES: contains the dwarf galaxy segue 2 which is a satellite galaxy of the milky way, discovered in 2009.

TAURUS: northwest of ζ tauri is m1, the crab nebula, a supernova remnant. the supernova occurred on july 4, 1054 and was bright enough to see throughout the day. 

GEMINI: the geminids meteor shower peaks during december 13-14 with a rate of approximately 100 meteors per hour, making it one of the most grand.

CANCER: most known for the open cluster m44, or the beehive cluster. it’s the nearest open cluster to us at approximately 520-610 light years.

LEO: ngc 3628, or sarah’s galaxy, is an unbarred spiral galaxy that was discovered in 1784. it’s part of the leo triplet, along with m65 and m66.

VIRGO: contains the first quasar to be identified as such, quasar 3c 273, and lies at the center of a giant elliptical galaxy. 

LIBRA: gliese 581 is a red dwarf star about 20 light years away with a planetary system of 3 known planets and 2 unconfirmed. for a time gliese 581 c was considered potentially habitable but has been dismissed as such. 

SCORPIUS: α scorpii, also known as antares “rival of mars” is a red supergiant star with a visual magnitude of +0.96, making it the 15th brightest star we can observe. it lies 550 light years away.

SAGITTARIUS: set along the milky way’s galactic center, sagittarius is rich with nebulae and star clusters. the lagoon nebula, the trifid nebula and ngc 6559 are often referred to as the sagittarius triplet. 

CAPRICORNUS: hcg 87 is a group of galaxies approximately 400 million light years away. it contains an elliptical galaxy and two spiral galaxies. 

AQUARIUS: gliese 876 is a red dwarf star 15 light years away with 4 known extrasolar planets to orbit. it’s the third nearest star to our solar system with known orbiting planets.

PISCES: 3c 31 is an active galaxy 237 million light years away. it contains jets that stream several millions of light years in both directions caused by a supermassive blackhole at its center. 

Geminid Meteor Shower 2014
Went up to Mt Lemmon again for this one. There were some nice clouds near the bottom of the mountain from the rain earlier that day. Luckily the rain clouds cleared after sunset. I would have stayed out until sunrise and captured more but my lens was fogging up too much, needed some actual anti-fog lens cleaner. Was still great to watch! The next meteor shower peaks Jan 2-4. This is a composite of about 10 meteors. Also on Flickr // 500px

On some nights it rains meteors!! An image from everyone’s favourite meteor shower, Perseids, (in August) captured multiple streaks over Four Girls Mountain in central China. The bright Pleaides open star cluster appears toward the upper right, while numerous emission nebulas are visible in red, many superposed on the diagonal band of the Milky Way.

Peaking last night and visible until the 17th, asteroid dust is expected to rain down on Earth during the annual Geminids meteor shower. This year, unfortunately, fainter Geminids will be harder to see because of the brightness of the Long Nights Full Moon, which occurs tonight (Wednesday night)!! 

Image Credit & Copyright: Alvin Wu

Constellations - Hannah Baker x Reader

Request - “Hiii there!, could I request a Hannah baker x fem reader where they both go star gazing and the reader reveals her feelings for Hannah:)”

A/N: Y/S/N is Your Ship Name and Y/E/C is Your Eye Colour.

“Fuckkk, It’s so coool!” You sighed at your computer screen, resting your head on your hand and scrolling with the other.

“Y/N, I’ve said I’ll go with you!” Your best friend, Clay, threw his arms up.

“I know but-”

“You’d rather have her. I get it.” He faked annoyance, but his sly grin was hard to hide.

“Not that she’d go with me, anyway.” You despaired.

“Would you stop saying that? Just ask her already.”

“She’ll think I’m a nerd.” you motioned to the computer screen displaying the information about the Geminid Meteors. Clay rolled his eyes.

“It’s just so exciting!” Your eyes lit up as they met the screen again.

“What is?” Hannah asked, taking a seat in the chair next to you. The voice made a lump form in your throat.

“Uh-” You stuttered, taken aback by her sudden appearance.

“This meteor shower thing. Y/N wants to go, but I’m busy and her parents won’t let her out alone so late.” Clay lied. You shot him daggers.

“Oh, really? That’s awesome! I’ll go with you, I’d love to see it.” She smiled. When she noticed your silence, she faltered a little, “If that’s okay with you…”

“Yes! Yes, of course! Thank you Hannah.” You grinned back.

You and Hannah had been friends ever since she’d moved to Liberty High, and somewhere along the line you’d fallen, deeply, for her. She was one of the most beautiful girls you’d ever seen, and the way she lit up a room when she entered was magical.


CLAY: Tony just texted, asking if we still wanted to use his Mustang for the stargazing


CLAY: But it’s okay, he said you and Hannah can borrow it, and wishes you luck ;)

CLAY: Think he’s an even bigger Y/S/N shipper than me

YOU: Shut up Clay


You sat in Tony’s Mustang anxiously, outside Hannah’s house. You were wearing your favourite warm dress, and the backseat was packed with multiple fluffy blankets and hot flasks of soup, and two pairs of binoculars. Your fingers tapped against the steering wheel. What if she noticed you wanted this to be more of a date and got scared? What if she outwardly told you she didn’t like you?

A tap on the window interrupted you. Hannah was holding two coffee shop cups and had a blanket over her shoulder. You smiled at her and unlocked the car so she could get in.

“What’s in the mystery cups?” You chuckled.

“Hot chocolate. A stranger once told me it’s the cure for all things shitty in life. And i thought, since this will be absolutely epic, it can’t do anything but make it better, right?” she placed the two cups in the cup holders and threw her blanket in the backseat with yours.

“I wouldn’t get your hopes up…”

“Oh, I would.” She pressed her lips in the most certain smile, which reassured and calmed you.


The car door banged shut, and you shook out the blanket you’d taken, laying it neatly over the bonnet of the car, then layering another on top.

“Now, be careful, if anything happens to Tony’s baby, he may murder you.” You joked. “Actually, he’d definitely murder you.”

“Believe me I wouldn’t dare.” She laughed. The light sound warmed your cold bones.

The two of you sprawled on the blankets on the Mustang, downing hot chocolate. A third blanket, plus the one Hannah had brought, were draped over you, not letting a single fleck of cold air in. You were fairly close to one another so that the blankets fir over you both, but you weren’t complaining.

“Mmmm.” You sighed in pleasure, the warm sweet liquid slipping down your throat.

“Even if for whatever reason the meteors don’t come out, this alone is perfect.” Hannah watched the starlit sky with childlike eyes, before flickering a glance at you for only a second, and you could’ve sworn you saw her blush.

You watched as she sipped her hot chocolate and let her surroundings fill her with wonder. This has got to be the right time, you thought.

“Hannah?” you gulped.

“Y/N?” She mimicked.

“There’s something I need to tell you.” you fumbled.

“What?” There was a look of worry concealed beneath her cool exterior.

“Well…promise you won’t hate me? But… I sort of, kind of, really like you?” You exhaled.

“I really like you too, Y/N.” She smiled gently.

“No, Hannah, I mean as more than a friend.”

“So do I.”

“Oh.” you were speechless for a moment, before the reveal caught up with you, “Really?!”

She chuckled, placing down the empty hot chocolate cup behind her. “Obviously, I was starting to get a little worried that you were completely not getting the hint.”

“What hint?” You almost shouted, still shocked.

“You didn’t realize I was constantly flirting with you?” She laughed loudly. “Like, pretty much ever since we met?”


Your confused expression sent Hannah into further fits of giggles.

“Come here.” She pulled your chin to her face. Her soft lips met yours passionately, and you could feel her smile through the kiss. A stray finger tangled through the other’s hair every now and then, while your lips were loving each other. Hannah rolled slightly so that she was on top of you. You opened your eyes a small amount to see where your hand was going, but a glint of something caught them, and you ended up practically pushing Hannah off you.

“Hannah, look!” You pointed excitedly up to the sky, where you could see a fantastical meteor shower. Hannah’s laugh once again made your body shiver with warmth, and her eyes followed your finger to the constellations.

“It’s beautiful.” She stated. However, her eyes were not focused on the meteors, but on your thrilled face and the starry reflection in your Y/E/C eyes.

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Ready for a free show? Here’s our guide to the brightest shows on Earth for 2017–meteor showers! And, there’s no telescope required.

The sky may not be falling, but it can certainly seem that way during a meteor shower. Shooting stars, as meteors are sometimes called  occur when rock and debris in space fall through the Earth’s atmosphere, leaving a bright trail as they are heated to incandescence by friction with the air. Sometimes the number of meteors in the sky increases dramatically, becoming meteor showers. Some showers occur annually or at regular intervals as the Earth passes through the trail of dusty debris left by a comet. Here’s a guide to the top meteor showers expected in 2017.

1. Quadrantids, January 3-4  

At its peak this shower will have about 40 meteors per hour. The parent comet is 2003 EH1, which was discovered in 2003. First quarter moon sets after midnight and meteors radiate from the constellation Bootes. 

2. Eta Aquarids, May 6-7

This shower will have up to 60 meteors per hour at its peak and is produced by dust particles left behind by comet Halley, which has been known and observed since ancient times. The shower runs annually from April 19 to May 28. The waxing gibbous moon will block out many of the fainter meteors this year. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Aquarius.

3. Perseids, August 12-13

The annual Perseid shower will have up to 60 meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced by comet Swift-Tuttle. The Perseids are famous for producing a large number of bright meteors. The shower runs annually from July 17 to August 24. The waning gibbous moon will block out many of the fainter meteors this year, but the Perseids are so bright and numerous that it should still be a good show. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Perseus.

4. Draconids, October 7

This is a minor shower that will produce only about 10 meteors per hour. It is produced by dust grains left behind by comet 21P Giacobini-Zinner, which was first discovered in 1900. The Draconids is an unusual shower in that the best viewing is in the early evening instead of early morning like most other showers. The shower runs annually from October 6-10 and peaks this year on the the night of the 7th. Unfortunately, the nearly full moon will block all but the brightest meteors this year. If you are extremely patient, you may be able to catch a few good ones. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Draco.

5. Geminids, December 13-14

The Geminids may be the best shower, producing up to 120 meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced by debris left behind by an asteroid known as 3200 Phaethon, which was discovered in 1982. The shower runs annually from December 7-17. The waning crescent moon will be no match for the Geminids this year. The skies should still be dark enough for an excellent show. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Gemini, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

Discover the full list of 10 things to know about our solar system this week HERE.

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Here’s an amaaazing view of a fireball (brighter-than-usual meteor) captured while the photographer Alvin Wu viewed the Geminids meteor shower a few days ago over Mt. Balang, China. That’s why I always let people know of meteor showers, you have a chance to spot so many ‘shooting stars’ including those really jaw-dropping like this one.

Astronomical & Astrological Events in December 🌌

December 1st: Vesta enters Retrograde, Chiron exits Retrograde
December 2nd: Mercury enters Capricorn  
December 7th: Venus enters Aquarius
December 9th: Ceres exits Retrograde
December 10th: Uranus semi-sextile Chiron
December 11th: Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation
December 13th: Full Moon in Gemini (Supermoon), Geminids Meteor Shower
December 14th: Geminids Meteor Shower
December 19th: Mercury enters Retrograde, Mars enters Pisces 
December 21st: Sun enters Capricorn, Ursids Meteor Shower
December 22nd: Ursids Meteor Shower
December 24th: Saturn trine Uranus
December 26th: Jupiter opposition Uranus
December 28th: Saturn square Chiron
December 29th: New Moon in Capricorn, Uranus exits Retrograde 
December 31st: Jupiter quincunx Chiron