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biowarewolf asked:

1, 13, 16, 28 :3

1: Favorite background and psych profile?

Background? Spaceborn. Gives Shepard some parents, and pairs nicely with Sole Survivor to give them some scars as well. (Also Hannah Shepard is awesome)

Psych Profile? Sole Survivor. War Hero sets the story perfectly for a lily-white Shepard who never questions their beliefs or themselves. Sole Survivor, on the other hand? That leaves Shepard in a position to develop more as a person.

13: Who did your first Shepard leave behind on Virmire?

Paul Shepard ultimately didn’t want to leave anyone behind…but when the hard choice had to be made, he chose to save Kaidan. Ashley Williams died in the line of duty.

16: Favorite species?

If not for Admiral Loghain Mac Tir, er, Gerrel and the general Quarian attitudes towards the geth, they’d be up there.

My vote has to go for the Turians. Saren notwithstanding, they’re a race that generally has their shit together (can’t say the same for humanity and whatever the hell kind of plan the Alliance had against the Collectors, which is, ignore it). Also, Garrus Vakarian. That’s all for now.

28: What’s the most hilarious thing that’s happened to you while playing (a glitch, a mission that went haywire, etc)?

Getting attacked by husks after rescuing Legion. During a cutscene. Jack and Thane did not give a single fuck.