Astrology fun facts

I will for some but HOPEFULLY I don’t have to put a ‘normally’, ‘usually’, etc. in front of everything. Also if you like this & idk if I should do more tell me because it’s fun. 💫

-Uranus in the 1st usually makes one tall.

- Sagittarius rising people always have something cute & dorky to them, even those who normally are/seem the complete opposite.

- Cancer is the coldest sign.

- Geminis (moons too) are usually bookworms.

- Scorpio venusians tend to fall for those they can’t reach (e.g. already married, celebrities, already dead, …)

- females with (esp hard) sun/saturn aspect are much more likely to be attracted to those a lot older (NOT an indicator for daddy kink!).

- Pisceans usually have something ethereal to them.

- Aquarius & Sagittarius won’t listen when you tell them not to do something.

- Water venusians & mercurians are likely more poetic.

- Venus in the 9th makes you popular.

- A lot of Virgo & 6th house placements make it more likely for you to have good eating habits & to work out (aka do what’s good for your health).

- Capricorn have to prove themselves to the world/public, whether consciously or subconsciously.

- Libras are social butterflies.

- Sun in the 2nd makes for a good singer.

- Pisces & Sagittarius folks often have something puppy-like to them.

- Leo friends are great both for introverts & extroverts as long as you don’t hold them from having fun.

- The last signs (Pisces, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Capricorn too but not as much) are usually very tolerant & non-judgmental.

- Air signs gossip the most (esp Gemini + Libra).

- Sister-sign sun/moon combos (eg Pisces sun-Virgo moon) can be hard but great if learned to deal with.

- Your draconic chart (+ with it its placements) most likely won’t be apparent & fitting to others.

- The first signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer) are more naïve than the rest.

- A mercury retrograde in your chart makes you witty.

- Gemini, Virgo & Scorpio (esp moon) are best at hiding emotions.

The Signs as Eddie's iconic quotes:
  • Aries: I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!
  • Taurus: Yeah, I’m saving them for your sister.
  • Gemini: Did you see my loogie? It's the mass, it's always the mass.
  • Cancer: I’m about to have a fucking asthma attack.
  • Leo: You know what these are? They’re gazebos! They’re bullshit!
  • Virgo: I mean, he’s bleeding all over and you guys know there’s an aids epidemic happening right now as we speak.
  • Libra: Get me my bifocals. They’re in my second fanny pack.
  • Sagittarius: But, but, how do you amputate a waist?!
  • Capricorn: Why don’t you shut the fuck up Einstein because I know what I’m doing.
  • Aquarius: I DON'T FUCKING KNOW!
  • Pisces: Oh shit. Oh god. Oh fuck.



Desc: Can you do a Kai imagine where he meets a girl who has the same past as him (except the whole killing family thing was in self defense) & well shy and quiet she seems to be the only one who sees something in him & stands up for him & laughs at all his jokes & he doesn’t understand why he loves bringing her out of her shell & seeing her laugh at his dorky jokes & basically a imagine where they, two people who have been scorned by love, fall in love & learn to understand it ❤

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She ran into him by accident. It was around two in the morning, and the stars dotted the black canvas in the sky like sprinkles of golden fairy dust. It was cool out, the gentle breeze just enough to bring goosebumps to her skin, and it smelt of the fresh pine trees of the forest she was running through. Her hair was pulled atop her head in a loose and messy knot, oversized sweater hanging over her palms, her eyes hooded and lips chapped. The girl’s battered combat boots smacked against the leaf strewn ground, her breath heavy, leather bag dangling off her shoulder as she sprinted like her life depended on it. 


The girl slammed face first into something, her hands coming up to massage her face as she groaned out in pain. She inhaled a raspy breath, blinking around in bewilderment when she realized there was nobody and nothing there.

“Hello?” she uttered into the desolate forest.


The voice was almost inaudible, so faint and nervous she almost missed it. It seemed to come from directly in front of her, and yet when she stared in the direction of the voice, all she saw was the dark outline of a faded oak. Suddenly, a boy melted from the shadows, literally seeping out in human form. He was tall and lanky, with ruffled brown hair and shining blue eyes that were filled with hurt. The moonlight cast shadows across his sculpted facial curves, full lips, and faint stubble. He’d been cloaking himself with an invisibility charm, smart.

“You have magic,” the girl stated in disbelief, tilting her head and looking the boy over with curiosity.

“And that doesn’t scare you?” his voice rumbled low.

She narrowed her eyes, “no.”

The girl raised a hand towards the boy, and a golden wisp of light erupted from her pale fingertips and engulfed the two in an orb of glimmering light so they could see only each other in the folds of the dark night. The boy stared at the girl in awe, his mouth hanging open a little. He looked her over, impressed.

“You too,” he breathed.

“Me too,” she responded, feeling suddenly shy when he looked her over with those startlingly blue eyes.

“And what are you doing running through the forest in the middle of the night?” he asked, brow arched.

“I could ask you the same,” she says, folding her arms over each other.

“No, really,” he asks sincerely.

“You wouldn’t get it,” she clenches her jaw, and he picks up on the little pulse and crinkle in her eyebrows.

“I might just,” he whispers, his eyes flickering back and forth between hers.

She twirls a long curl of hair around her fingertips, eyes planted to the brown soil, heart sinking. The memories pain her to think about, and when she does, the golden orb around them falters momentarily. 

“I’m running,” she admits with a heavy sigh.


“My family,” she swallows hard at the lump in her throat, eyes coming back to the boy’s. He doesn’t seem phased at all, but he frowns when he sees her looking so fragile and hurt.

“Anyways,” she shakes her head, snapping out of her trance. “I can’t keep up too long or they’ll find me. So…goodbye, stranger.”

She moves to sidestep the boy, but he grabs at her wrist, shaking his head, “Kai.”

“Kai?” she breathes.

“My name,” his lips twitch faintly.

Her body relaxes, maybe she can stay another minute.

“Well, it’s actually Malachai,” he stumbles softly. “Malachai Parker.”

“That’s a beautiful name,” she says bashfully.

Kai scoffs, “yeah, right.”

“I mean it,” she smiles sympathetically, seeing the look of disgust he has for his own name.

Kai chews his rosy lower lip in disbelief, thinking she’s joking at first, but her facial expression holds still. A breeze swoops gently over them, and he catches a whiff of her sugary perfume, it’s intoxicating, and he wants to move closer to her but he doesn’t.

“Sorry,” he apologizes, letting go of the knit sweater he clung to.

She tells him her name, and asks what he could be doing at such an early hour.

“Running,” he mimics her.

He sees her facial expressions soften, lips bending downwards and eyes saddening. She’s so precious and delicate, nothing like himself.

“From your family?” she whispers, taking a step closer to him.

He couldn’t bear to drag such a fragile girl into his messy life, so he decided to scare her off now rather than later, since lying would only hurt her. And he didn’t want to see her more hurt than she clearly was already. Something about her…he couldn’t put his finger on it, but he only knew she didn’t deserve to be with a disaster like himself.

“No,” he said icily, stiffening his back. “I killed them all.”

The girl froze, heart hammering, instinctively taking a step back.

Good, she was scared. 

“Why?” her voice trembles.

“Because I’m the black sheep,” he laughs bitterly. “I was an outcast in my family my entire life, the broken one, the ‘faulty gemini’. My sister Jo was the perfect one, oh, everyone loved Jo. But not me. No, I was isolated from my own family,” he spits with anger. “I bet it was really nice to stand around and judge me, while they got everything out of life.”

“Why?” she asks again, sounding more curious than frightened now.

Kai cuts her off and draws closer to her, “you should go,” he growls.

“Tell me,” she demands, standing her ground despite every part of her body urging her to run.

She was clearly terrified, but was stubborn enough to try and hide it.

“What makes you think I won’t hurt you?” he says with dark eyes.

“Because I know what it feels like,” she snaps, her face inches from his malicious one.

That expression on his face melted off like ice, and he steps back, “what?”

“Show me,” she responds nervously.

“Show you?” he questions, unable to hold the facade.

He hated the feeling of control the girl seemed to hold over him. Why wasn’t she running yet? Everyone else would have…

“Show me your ability,” she demands quietly, rolling up her lavender sweater and shoving her wrists out to the boy.

“H-how did you know?”

“We’re not so different, you and I,” she says, “just…do it.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he admits with a shake of his head. Funny how quickly he switched from selfish and psychotic to caring and compassionate.

“Kai,” she begs.

He takes a rattled breath, his hands clammy as he approaches the defiant girl. He can feel energy radiating from her bloodstream, and he wants it, needs it, like a drug. She doesn’t look afraid as his slender fingers lock lightly on her wrists, the cool rings that decorated his fingers pressing into her skin. Her beautiful eyes hold to his own, and he keeps them locked to hers as the orange glow burns into her flesh. Her magic oozes into his bloodstream, but it’s different than usual, stronger, he thinks. His mouth tips open as he groans from the feeling he’s missed so much, her energy diffusing throughout his body, and he can’t help but close his eyes from the pleasure. Any second now she should be gasping out for him to stop, crumpling from the pain of his siphoning, but she doesn’t. Then he drops her wrists, snapping back to reality, feeling more alive than he has in ages.

“Why didn’t that hurt you?” he breathes, still on a magic high.

“I don’t run out,” she responds flatly.

“How is that not a gift?!” Kai gasps.

“Because when I have so much it makes me overwhelmed, and I- I can’t control it. My emotions tip even just a little, and my magic comes spilling out of me. The rest of my family thought they could just fix me, because I was some sort of threat to out coven. A-and sometimes I only wanted to help, but it makes me do bad things…hurt people,” she mutters, eyes to the floor. “It’s darker magic, watch.”

The girl stoops low to the ground, where a small pink flower blossoms innocently from the ground. She brushes her fingers to the soft petals, and Kai watches as the plant dissolves into black ash under her finger pads.

“My mom came after me one day,” she shudders, “I didn’t mean to, I was just trying to protect myself.” Her wrist quickly swiped away a falling tear, and she cleared her throat, pretending it was all alright.

He wanted nothing more than to wrap that girl in his arms that instant.

“You don’t scare me, Malachai Parker,” she stands, her body alarmingly close to his.

Nobody ever called him by his full name, this was new.

“You’re not as twisted as me,” he denies. “I’m bad news, a psycho, or sociopath, if you will.”

He runs a hand through his chestnut locks, overwhelmed by the closeness of the girl.

“Stop trying to scare me,” she says. “You’re not like that.”

“And how would you know?”

“You’re not bad, you’re just…broken. I know that feeling.”

Her eyes reflect the golden sparkles around them, hair cascading across her perfect face. Her ability to care confused him.

Kai scoops down to the ground, touching the pile of ashes where the flower was moments ago. His eyes close as he uses his siphoned magic to revive the flower, and soon he’s plucked the rosy thing from the ground and is facing this girl again. She looks at the flower with admiration, the faintest of smiles on her little lips. Kai picks off the stem, and brushes back the girls hair affectionately, sliding the pink flower into the crook of her ear; it suits her wonderfully. Her cheeks blush noticeably, and she chews nervously at her lower lip. He can’t help but trail his fingers across her perfect skin, surprised that she didn’t pull away; nobody ever let Kai touch them. He liked that feeling a lot.

“Look at us,” he says, “two broken pieces.”

“Maybe two broken pieces make a whole one,” she laughs suddenly.

He loved that tinkling bell-like laugh so much, he wanted to hear it again and again.

“You know you’re like, really pretty,” Kai blurts without thinking.

She smiles a radiant smile up at him, “don’t tell me Malachai Parker is actually feeling,” she jokes.

He shoves her playfully, but grabs each of her arms afterwards so that she’ll stay close to him. When he pulls her back, her chest goes thudding against his, and she instantly resumes her nervous stance.

“Hey,” he says, his fingers crawling under her chin and lifting it up so their eyes meet. “You have too much power contain, and I don’t have any at all, maybe if we work together we could balance each other’s faults, you know?”

“Work together?” she blinks up at him. “Not, alone?”

He bends over her, the electric currents of her skin against his driving him crazy with longing. Her lips were so close, begging for his.

“Not alone,” he breathes.

The Gemini Sisters
The Mutable Multiple ~

♡ Sister one is witty, comical, indulgent, childlike, and mentally sharp. She knows how to be the clown and keeps people in stitches at her clever quips. There is a swift come back for just about anything and a somewhat naive silver tongue. She may indulge by playing the devil’s advocate and express her mischievous side for the sheer fun of it. But sometimes you can feel embarrassed by her incautious slip of the tongue 

♡ Sister two is logical and sophisticated, graceful and wonderful with words. She knows exactly the right moment to respond with her luscious language and floating, chameleon spirit. She is self assured and confident in her mental abilities, she communicates meaningful partridges of knowledge with ease and communicates well with just about everybody. This sister is independent, feels complete without a partner and remains loyal to those she trusts. 

♡ Sister three is scattered, forgetful, fickle, dizzying, restless, and expresses like a frenzied bundle of anxieties. This sister has a difficult time getting to sleep, frequently misplaces items, fails to recall important details and experiences intense troubles with time management. This sister must take time to rest her nerves and stop thinking, she must find a way to slip into the space between her endless thoughts.

♡ Sister four has a coolness and a charm, she is like a breeze and she seems kind of lost in thought, drifting in and out of imaginative reverie. This sister lives through constructed worlds in her mind and has a self indulgent and amusing personality. She is independent, refuses to conform to any conditions, and refuses to settle. 

♡ Sister five seems lost and confused, incomplete, longing, and unequipped for the world. It’s as though she is searching for her lost twin, trying to reconcile parts of herself that seem split and unsure, one personality replaces another in the blink of an eye, and she can feel swept away in a rainbow spiral of opinions and perceptions, judgments and methods of persuasion. She attempts different crafts like cross stitching or diving for a while, and loses interest, she enrolls in different university courses but never truly finds her feet.

A trait that is shared between Sagittarius and Gemini as sister signs is being simultaneously open and skeptical. Where the openness and skepticism comes from for the two signs are different.

With Gemini, it is an air sign that naturally rules over the 3rd House. The 3rd House shows objective thinking and primary education. Your neighborhood, a small, confined “world” is also shown in the 3rd House. Gemini itself represents youthfulness and the exciting exchange of communication that sparks learning due to being exposed to new concepts and ideas. Gemini, as a logical air sign, will ask, “Where are the facts? How do these facts logically tie altogether?” They will put their preconceptions and the new concept side by side. Their preconceptions often comes from what they’ve formulated themselves in their mind, what they’ve heard from others, and what they’ve learned in school - all of these spaces are limited spaces. From a confined, limited space, Gemini can learn to expand their mind. As an air sign, Gemini is able to channel their skepticism in a rational way, for their way of thinking is often logical and objective.

With Sagittarius, it is a fire sign that naturally rules over the 9th House. The 9th House shows subjective thinking and secondary education. The world itself is also shown in the 9th House. Sagittarius itself represents wisdom and the exciting thrill of exploration that sparks learning due to seeing the grandeur of all concepts and ideas on a grand scale. Sagittarius, as a passionate fire sign, will ask, “I’ve already seen so many things in the world, why should I believe in this?” They, like Gemini, will also put their preconceptions and the new concept side by side. Their preconceptions often comes from what they’ve found to believe in due to a lot of exposure and various life experiences - all of these origins are from open spaces. From a wide, grand space, Sagittarius can learn to mentally take root. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is able to channel their skepticism in a passionate way, for their way of thinking is often energetic and subjective.

the signs as riddles

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aries: i am very easy to get into, but it is hard to get out of me. what am i?

taurus: what loses its head in the morning and gets it back at night?

gemini: there are two sisters; one gives birth to the other, and she, in turn, gives birth to the first. who are the two sisters?

cancer: what can you catch but not throw?

leo: i have no bed to sleep or no palace to live in. i don’t have a single coin, but i am also known as a king. what am i?

virgo: the more you take, the more you leave behind.
what are they?

libra: what fastens two people yet touches only one?

scorpio: what can one not keep, two hold, and three destroy?

sagittarius: what stays where it is when it goes off?

capricorn: i can be flipped and broken but i never move. i can be closed, and opened, and sometimes removed. i am sealed by hands. what am i?

aquarius: after you go through a fall, I will take over. all life will stall, or at least grow slower. what am i?

pisces: i can bring tears to your eyes; resurrect the dead, make you smile, and reverse time. i form in an instant but i last a life time. what am I?

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Intelligent Signs (my opinion)

I hate being biased on topics like this, but the most intelligent signs I’ve ever seen in people is Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. They are all so smart and witty and intelligent and seem to always be striving for greater truths in all sorts of situations, although they do go about this in different ways.

The intellect of an Aries seems very chaotic and yet somehow very organized at the same time? It’s so weird, like Aries are literally so childish and all over the place but they’re so knowledgeable if you actually listen to the crazy shit they’re saying sometimes. Maybe that’s why? Because children are usually so wild and energetic but they are also very malleable to the point it’s so easy for them to learn and be educated, compared to adults who are too stubborn and foolish to learn the error of their ways. With all that hyperactivity in Aries’ brains, it seems like they can just calm themselves down by reading and writing and meditating and doing other creative and healthy pursuits. They just take all of it in so easily and happily and honestly they are really so smart despite how crazy and frantic they can and WILL be. I love Aries; they are really truly some of the smartest people I’ve ever seen in my entire life and I hope they realize it more often! They have a way of learning things so wholeheartedly in a way I just can’t fully wrap my head around, and I’m an Aries Moon!

Geminis are surprisingly sooo lazy sometimes when it comes to learning but they’re geminis so I know they know more than they let off. That’s what I really think is sweet about geminis, they don’t like to show how smart they really are and sometimes they don’t even know how smart they are. They’re so flighty and energetic that I think their situation is very similar to Aries. They absorb information so quickly and rapidly, like a sponge. The difference between Gemini and Aries, though, is that the Geminis will do it more consciously…They actively pursue knowledge in many forms and are constantly doing things to better their mental and physical health to stay in best shape for a new day of learning. They love knowing what’s up on whatever’s happening and they’re so good with technology. They could probably build a computer from scratch if they really wanted to. Geminis will LIE and pretend like they are stupid! But people misunderstand this; geminis don’t do this because they feel superior and want to make others compliment them, they do it because they just don’t like coming off as know-it-all. They pursue knowledge because they are truly and HONESTLY very interested in EVERYTHING. They don’t pursue knowledge to be bigger than someone else. They just love learning anything and everything and it really hurts their feelings when people try to make them come off as snarky know-it-alls fishing for compliments. Geminis are so smart and so sweet, don’t take them for granted!

Scorpio…they just look through you and see everything you don’t want them to see. They’re people-smart and probably really good with History and Culture and other people-related information and situations. It’s legitimately so annoying how they can just look at people and give you that look like “I already know what your crazy ass is up to” but it’s also very admirable. Their intuition is off the charts and I just think they are much smarter than what you would think off first glance. If you are ever in need of a HUGE wake-up call via a verbal smackdown , a Scorpio is who you need to call. They’re very sensitive and they always use this to their advantage. They’re so skeptical of everything and always want to know just what exactly is the basis behind things that perplex them. They’re curious; they have a sense of wonder. That’s the best way to put it, I feel. They are always questioning things in the back of their mind and from there they just calculate all the possible answers until they finally get to the truth. They get mentally tired very easily but it’s only because they are constantly aware of everything happening around them. They don’t ever miss a beat and it’s honestly so rare to ever catch them off-guard. They just gotta be on their feet to check you with the facts!

Sagittarius rules higher education so it’s no surprise I always see smarties here. They’re really goofy and crack jokes a lot and don’t take themselves very seriously most of the time but they are super smart when you get to the core of all that giggling. Did you know that horses are fast learners? They utilize their interspecies intelligence to pick up on training cues VERY quickly. Horses are also very competitive with each other…sound familiar? A good old Sagittarius. Half horse. Sagittarius love a good competition and will use them as their opportunity to learn as much as they can. They pick up on the different cues and signs of people around them very quickly and quietly analyze everyone and everything in the heat of the moment. I guess you could say they are also people-smart? They are extremely hyperactive at times but deep down you can tell they really love settling down to learn new things. Sometimes they reflect their sister sign, Gemini, and learn MANY things through gossip and eavesdropping. All that aside, they are extremely intelligent. I swear. They stumble over their words a little but that little bit of Gemini in them always keeps them on their feet so they can verbally school you without hesitation. Sagittarius is also very knowledgeable on nature and culture…they love nature and travelling and studying new traditions and cultures so it’s no surprise that they can tell you something random like what the density of salt water is or give you the name to every single flora in your backyard. Like Gemini, they’re cute little factoid bots!

Capricorn. I may be even more biased here, but Capricorns are so smart with like numbers and concepts and stuff. They’re analytically intelligent, mainly. They understand ideas and numbers so easily because they practically spend all their life going over those very things. They’re always calculating something with money or time or trying to dive deeper into understanding vague concepts like spirituality, religion, or just the plot of a book they’re reading. No matter how long it takes, they examine all the little details and the intricacies of a problem and cut it up into little pieces to try and figure out what’s going on behind it all. They basically want to understand what the hell they’re getting into before they get into it. Always cautious, Capricorn. If I’m being quite honest, Capricorns are more of “know-it-all"s than Gemini! Capricorns can be so snarky with their facts but it’s only because they hate it when people try to tell them they’re wrong. How can they be wrong when they just spent all that time and energy understanding how these numbers go together or how this concept makes sense? They feel so contrived when their intellect is questioned and, as annoying as it, it’s understandable isn’t it? They know they’re intelligent, or, at least, they know they have more information to offer to a situation than what people give them credit for. and that’s pretty awesome! Not many people are comfortable enough to admit they are smart or say they are confident in their intellect. Capricorns and their steadfast intellect are very admirable! They may take MUCH longer to get things (because they are spending so much time trying to understand the way it works lol), but when they do get it it’s very admirable how they weave their new knowledge into something greater in their life. They love reading and studying and they take in every bit of education they can get and enjoy being knowledgeable. Knowledge breeds success after all…

The signs as friends - Mutable Signs

[House ruled: 3rd. 6th, 9th and 12th]

“Mutable: The third of the three modalities of the zodiac. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Mutable signs are defined by their flexibility and adaptability.”

They know a little bit about everything which is why they are such conversationalists. They love learning new things, knowing things and teaching them. They can talk about anything for however long you let them. They are socially versatile too and can fit in with any group. They don’t like to limit themselves and want to know everybody. The reason why we then see them as being ‘two-faced’ is because they usually change aspects of themselves to fit into these different groups they are a part of.

They are very organized, perfectionists and therefore tend to want to tidy things up around them. They are often seen as the ‘mom’ of the zodiac because they like responsibility, making sure everything that needs to be done gets done and that everybody is taken care of. For this they tend to match the values and physical desires of whoever they are around - So they can be down to earth and sweet, vital and outspoken or shy and held back. They tend to want to fit the mould of anybody else’s desires. They do this because of that need for ‘order’ they need. Plus by doing what others desire, their minds are occupied with something else than their own personal problems.

They are their friends biggest cheerleader. They try to inspire people to love themselves and accept their uniqueness. They are very positive people who just want to have fun and not worry about small things.
They always try to give others life advice that they most likely have never followed but know work. They are sometimes proceeding as being mean because of their very honest and direct approach. They just don’t have time to beat around the bush and sugar coat things because they have experienced a lot in life and just don’t want others they love to go through the same.
By helping others they get distracted from their own problems.

They are known for being ‘emotional healers’, like Cancer. They are very nurturing and motherly. They want to take care of people and can often relate to others very easily, making them easy to talk and open up to.
They form very deep bonds with others and end up making others problems their own problems. They will give all of themselves to someone they love in order to help them.

Sister signs”:

[Gemini + Sagittarius ]

Idols: Junmyeon (Gemin) + Onew (Sagittarius) - EXO & SHINEE

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These two are almost always on the move, because they easily get so bored. They both love frequent moves, change and new challenges. They want to discover new things, expanding their minds and understanding others. They both like to teach people about life and practical things. They are the social friends because they click with everybody, and with them a conversation is endless and never dull.

[Pisces + Virgo]

Idols: Suga (Pisces) + Rap Monster (Virgo) - BTS

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Because they both always set their own lives aside to help others, they become the shoulder to lean on for each other, that they might not have had before.
Pisces is very emotional while Virgo is more logical, because of that Pisces make Virgo comfortable and more emotionally open to just let out their deep burdens. This lifts the heavy burden Virgo puts on themselves. Virgo gives Pisces the harsh reality and makes them think about what’s actually going on instead of what they feel is happening. 

Others: Cardinal & Fixed  - A

Gemini is misty and flittery. Most Geminis are very light on their
feet, as if they fly. It’s like they are being carried by the winged sandles
of Hermes floating in a translucent air bubble. Many people exist within
the one Gemini, and the twins continue to multiply with every experience that passes and every idea that
activates their golden mind. The Gemini is playful and light, and yet the individual can be a warrior of words, a ferocious aggressor with a silver
tongue, but this way with
words can also be poetic, articulate, written by the songs of constellations. Geminis can whip language into indulgent sun honey and
transport others to a world of pure, childlike imagination. And so many selves paint the Gemini portrait. It’s a multiplex of voices and opinions,
musings and curiosities, talents and experiences of consciousness. One twin vanishes, while another emerges, there is a trail of bemused
partners and friends behind wondering how they were so charmed and enthralled, and then left dizzied and confused. Because one of those Gemini sisters was so expressive and animated, and yet
another was so disorganized and frantic, like the nerves would be the death of her. And there was that other sister who seemed so logical and intelligent, but
she was always replaced by her comedic and witty sister. The beautiful
Gemini is wrapped in many colours and symphonies, they can be a
mirror but they can be magic, they are cocooned in a whispy daisy
cotton, the Gemini is a breath of fresh air, their bright eyes leave an afterglow, that spectacular mind dancing behind
And to absorb so much, experience so much, and know so much, the Gemini
must be many people. One brain could never
be enough

image by Audrey Kawasaki

  • Aries: Shout out to the people that don’t know what the opposite of in is!
  • Taurus: I had a crazy dream last night. I was swimming in an ocean of orange soda. Turns out it was just a Fanta sea...
  • Gemini: My sister bet that I couldn’t build a car out of spaghetti. You should’ve seen her face when I drove pasta..
  • Cancer: I used to hate maths but then I realized decimals have a point.
  • Leo: I’m close friends with 25 letters of the alphabet, I don’t know y...
  • Virgo: I don’t trust stairs because they’re always up to something...
  • Libra: What kind of concert only costs 45 cents? A 50 Cent concert featuring Nickelback.
  • Scorpio: Had an argument with my friend 5 years after i super glued his phone to his hand, he just couldn’t let it go...
  • Sagittarius: I want to be cremated as it is my last hope for a smoking hot body.
  • Capricorn: What do you do when you are cold? Stay in the corner, it’s about 90 degrees there.
  • Aquarius: Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? I heard the food was good, but it had no atmosphere.
  • Pisces: Rick Astley will let you borrow any of his Pixar collection DVDs but he will never give you Up.
  • -
The Contest-Part 18

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Also: re-reading part 12 might help something make sense if you don’t remember. That’s all I’m saying!

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Earlier That Day

I followed Bob Singer into his office, my heart pounding from my last-minute race across the lot.  I gratefully accepted the bottle of water he offered me. Andrew Dabb was sprawled comfortably on the love seat across from Bob’s desk, a yellow tablet resting in his lap.

You’d never guess by looking at them that Bob and Andrew were the two guys running the show.  Bob was an older guy with gray hair and a soft spoken demeanor who’d been there since day one.   Andrew favored super hero T-shirts and sneakers and looked like he belonged on “Big Bang Theory”. I had enormous respect for both of them.

I had loved every second of my time on Supernatural.  Now all I could hope for was that Andrew and Bob were planning on concluding Gemini’s storyline in a way that was believable and satisfying for the viewers.  But more than that, I had grown to love this wonderful character and I wanted her story to end in a way that made sense.

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Why Aries is compatible with every sign:                                                           Aries - Cardinal - Fire - Ruled by Mars ~~ Ruled by Mercury in esoteric astrology ~                                                                    
Taurus: The partnership of Mars and Venus                                                                    Gemini: The congenial elements of Air and Fire                                             Cancer:: Comrade Cardinal sign                                                                  
 Leo: The Sun (Leo ruler) exalts in Aries                                                                    Virgo: Mercury and Mercury                                                                  
Libra: Sister Sign                                                                    
Scorpio: Both ruled by Mars                                                                    Sagittarius: Fire and Fire                                                                    
Capricorn: Mars exalts in Capricorn                                                                    Aquarius: The congenial elements of Air and Fire                                                   Pisces: The elder and the newborn                                                                                    

                                                                                                                              Why Taurus is compatible with every sign                                                              Taurus ~ Fixed ~ Earth ~ Ruled by Venus                                                                    Aries: The joining of Venus and Mars                                                                    Gemini: Venus (rules Gemini esoterically) rules Taurus                                   Cancer:: The congenial elements of Earth and Water          
 Leo: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                  
Virgo: Partner Earth sign                                                                    
Libra: Shared Venus ruler                                                                    
Scorpio: Sister sign                                                                    
Sagittarius: Earth (rules Sagittarius esoterically) and Earth                                     Capricorn: Partner Earth sign                                                                    Aquarius: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                    Pisces: Venus (exalts in Pisces) rules Taurus                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                               Why Scorpio is compatible with every sign                                                       Scorpio ~ Fixed ~ Water ~ Ruled by Pluto and Mars                                                                  
Aries: Shared Mars ruler                                                                
  Taurus: Sister sign                                                                  
Gemini: Mercury curiosity with Pluto answers                                                                    Cancer: Water partner                                                                  
 Leo: The queen of the solar system (Leo) with the queen of the underworld (Scorpio)                                                                    
Virgo: Pluto the healer and Virgo the nurse                                                                    Libra: Constellation wise, the scorpions claws hold the Libra scales                 Sagittarius: The ninth house (ruled by Sagittarius) scriptures are discovered in the eighth house (ruled by Scorpio)                                                                    Capricorn: Mars (rules Scorpio) exalts in Capricorn                                               Aquarius: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                  
 Pisces: Pluto (rules Pisces esoterically) rules Scorpio                                                                                    

                                                                                                                               Why Gemini is compatible with every sign                                                                                                                        Gemini ~ Mutable ~ Air ~ Ruled by Mercury ~ Ruled by Venus esoterically                                                                    Aries: The congenial elements of Air and Fire                                                        Taurus: Venus (rules Taurus) and Venus (rules Gemini esoterically)                         Cancer: The mother (Cancer) and the child (Gemini)                                             Leo:: The congenial elements of Fire and Air                                                         Virgo: Shared Mercury ruler                                                                  
Libra: Air Partner                                                                  
 Scorpio: Mercury curiosity and Pluto answers                                                     Sagittarius: Sister sign                                                                    
Capricorn: The father (Capricorn) and the child (Gemini)                                       Aquarius: Air Partner                                                                    
Pisces: Comrade Mutable sign                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                               Why Sagittarius is compatible with every sign                                                                                                                         Sagittarius ~ Mutable ~ Fire ~ Ruled by Jupiter ~ Ruled by the earth in esoteric astrology                                                                    Aries: Fire Partner                                                                    Taurus: Earth and Earth                                                                    
Gemini: Sister Sign                                                                    
Cancer: Jupiter (exalts in Cancer) rules Sagittarius                                                                    Leo: Fire Partner                                                                  
Virgo: Comrade Mutable                                                                  
Libra: Congenial elements of Fire and Air                                                                    Scorpio: The ninth house (ruled by Sagittarius) is the scriptures written in the eighth house (ruled by Scorpio)                                                                    Capricorn: Sagittarius shoots his arrow toward the Midheaven (ruled by Capricorn)                                                                    
Aquarius: The congenial elements of Fire and Air                                                   Pisces: Shared Jupiter ruler                                  

                                                                                                                               Why Leo is compatible with every sign                                                                                                                         Leo ~ Fixed ~ Fire ~ Ruled by the Sun                                                                    Aries: The Sun (rules Leo) exalts in Aries                                                                    Taurus: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                    Gemini: Congenial Air and Fire                                                                    Cancer: The Sun and the Moon                                                                    Libra: Leo rules the heart and Venus rules Libra                                                                    Scorpio: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                    Capricorn: The father (Capricorn) and the 5th house parent (Leo)                                                                    Virgo: The Sun (esoterically rules Leo) and the Moon (esoterically rules Virgo)                                                                    Aquarius: Sister Sign                                                                    Sagittarius: Partner Fire sign                                                                    Pisces: Neptune (rules Pisces) exalts in Leo                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Why Aquarius is compatible with every sign                                                                                                                         Aquarius ~ Fixed ~ Air ~ Ruled by Uranus and Saturn ~ Ruled by Jupiter esoterically                                                                    Aries: Congenial Fire and Air                                                                    Taurus: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                    Gemini: Partner Air sign                                                                    Cancer: The mother of humanity (Aquarius) and the mother of the newborn (Cancer)                                                                    Leo: Sister sign                                                                    Virgo: Mercury (exalts in Aquarius) rules Virgo                                                                    Libra: Partner Air sign                                                                    Scorpio: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                    Capricorn: Sharing Saturn                                                                    Sagittarius: Congenial Fire and Air                                                                    Pisces: The water bearer holds the liquid knowledge of Pisces                                                                                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Why Cancer is compatible with every sign                                                                                                                         Cancer ~ Cardinal ~ Water ~ Ruled by The Moon - Ruled by Neptune esoterically                                                                    Aries: Comrade Cardinal sign                                                                    Taurus: The Moon (rules Cancer) exalts in Taurus                                                                    Gemini: The Mother (Cancer) and the child (Gemini)                            Leo: The Sun and the Moon                                                                  
Virgo: The Moon (rules Virgo esoterically) rules Cancer                  
 Libra: Comrade Cardinal sign                                                                    Scorpio: Partner Water sign                                                                    Sagittarius: Jupiter (rules Sagittarius) exalts in Cancer                                          Capricorn: Sister Sign                                                                    
Aquarius: The mother of the newborn (Cancer) and the mother of humanity (Aquarius)                    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Why Capricorn is compatible with every sign                                                    Capricorn ~ Cardinal ~ Earth ~ Ruled by Saturn                                                                    
Aries: Mars (rules Aries) exalts in Capricorn                                                                    Taurus: Partner Earth sign                                                                    Gemini: The Father (Capricorn) and the child (Gemini)                                           Cancer: Sister Sign                                                                    
Leo: The Father (Capricorn) with the fifth house (Leo) parent                                 Virgo:: Partner Earth sign                                                                  
 Libra: Saturn (rules Capricorn) exalts in Libra                                                                    Scorpio: Congenial elements of Water and Earth                                       Sagittarius: Shoots the bow and arrow toward the Midheaven (ruled by Capricorn)                                                                    
Aquarius: Shared Saturn ruler                                                                    
Pisces: The congenial elements of Water and Earth                                                                                                                                  

                                                                                                                               Why Virgo is compatible with every sign                                                             Virgo ~ Mutable ~ Earth ~ Ruled by Mercury - Ruled by The Moon esoterically                                                                    
Aries: Mercury (rules Aries) esoterically and Mercury                                             Taurus: Partner Earth sign                                                                    
Gemini: Mercury (rules Gemini) and Mercury                                                         Cancer:: The Moon (rules Cancer) rules Virgo esoterically                        
 Leo: The Sun and the Moon                                                                  
Libra: The Libra chameleon with Mutable Virgo                                                     Scorpio: Pluto the healer and Virgo the nurse                                                          Sagittarius: Comrade Mutable sign                                                                    Capricorn: Partner Earth Sign                                                                    Aquarius: Mercury (exalts in Aquarius) rules Virgo                                                 Pisces: Sister sign                                                                                                                                  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Why Libra is compatible with every sign                                                             Libra ~ Cardinal ~ Air ~ Ruled by Venus                                                                    Aries: Sister sign                                                                    
Taurus: Shared Venus ruler                                                                    
Gemini: Venus rules Gemini esoterically                                                                    Cancer: Comrade Cardinal                                                                  
Leo: Congenial Air and Fire                                                                  
 Virgo: Mutable (Virgo) and the Libra chameleon                                                   Scorpio: Constellation wise the Scorpio claws hold the Libra scales                     Sagittarius: Congenial Air and Fire                                                                    Capricorn: Saturn (rules Capricorn) exalts in Libra                                                 Aquarius: Fellow Air sign                                                                  
Pisces: Venus (rules Libra) exalts in Pisces                                                                                                

                                                                                                                               Why Pisces is compatible with every sign:                                                        Pisces - Mutable - Water - Ruled by Neptune and Jupiter ~~ Ruled by Pluto in esoteric astrology ~                            
Aries:: The newborn and the elder                                                                    Taurus: Venus (ruling Taurus) exalts in Pisces                                                       Gemini: Comrade Mutable sign                                                                     Cancer: Partner Water sign                                                                    
Leo: Neptune (exalts in Leo) rules Pisces                                                               Virgo: Sister Sign                                                                    
Libra: Venus (rules Libra) exalts in Pisces                                                               Scorpio: Partner Water sign                                                                     Sagittarius: Comrade Mutable/both ruled by Jupiter                                              Capricorn: Congenial Earth sign                                                                     Aquarius: The Water Bearer disperses the liquid knowledge of Pisces                                                                                                                                                                      


AoEx Zodiac Signs!


Tatsuma Suguro - 

Konekomaru Miwa - 

Rin Okumura - 

Yukio Okumura - 


Juuzou Shima - 

Susumu Yunokawa - 


Lewin Light - 

Shiemi Moriyama - 

Amaimon - 


Nemu Takara - 

(Headcanon - no birth date provided) 


Father Shiro Fujimoto - 


Noriko Paku - 

Hojo Sisters - 


Shima Renzou - 


Shura Kirgakure - 

Yaozo Shima - 

Ryuji ‘Bon’ Suguro - 


Mephisto Pheles - 

Uwabami Hojo - 


Izumo Kamiki - 

Torako Suguro - 


Igor Neuhaus - 

Kinzou Shima - 


Arthur Auguste Angel - 

Lucifer - 

signs as ‘80s bands/artists
  • Aries: Journey
  • Taurus: AC/DC
  • Gemini: Foreigner
  • Cancer: Twisted Sister
  • Leo: Queen
  • Virgo: Prince
  • Libra: REO Speedwagon
  • Scorpio: The Police
  • Sagittarius: Cher
  • Capricorn: Chicago
  • Aquarius: Tears For Fears
  • Pisces: Madonna