• ARIES: literally doesn't care and just sits on the couch chillin
  • TAURUS: runs to the kitchen and fiercely guards the fridge
  • GEMINI: makes jokes with the killer, then the killer realises gemini is cool and they go out to maccas
  • CANCER: tries to hide but starts crying and gets found
  • LEO: pretends not to be scared but kinda is, still strategically makes it out of the house tho
  • VIRGO: loses their ish but defends themself well
  • LIBRA: attempts to put up a fight but falls down the stairs or trips up over a cat and ends up getting caught
  • SCORPIO: kills the killer
  • SAGITTARIUS: makes small talk with the killer and then ends up becoming the killers accomplice
  • CAPRICORN: is the killer
  • AQUARIUS: screams *make me a sandwich asshole* at the killer
  • PISCES: just stands there frozen, legit just doesnt move
The Signs as THAT Bitch™ antics
  • Aries: fake nails tapping against a phone screen while typing
  • Taurus: buying new shoes to go with your new outfit
  • Gemini: uploading killer selfies when your ex comes online
  • Cancer: turning on read receipts when ignoring someone
  • Leo: putting in your earphones when an asshole tries to talk to you
  • Virgo: showing up to a casual event looking editorial as fuck
  • Libra: leaving a party early to go fuck someone
  • Scorpio: saving screenshots just in case
  • Sagittarius: pretending to not know about certain drama in order to get more details
  • Capricorn: publicly outing someone as a cheater/liar
  • Aquarius: talking shit about someone who is six feet away from you
  • Pisces: rolling your eyes/ giving someone THAT look
The moment we knew when RPDR winner snatched her crown...

Season 8 - Bob the Drag Queen

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Season 7 - Violet Chachki

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Season 6 - Bianca Del Rio

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Season 5 - Jinkx Monsoon

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Season 4 - Sharon Needles

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Season 3 - Raja Gemini

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Season 2 - Tyra Sanchez

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Season 1 - Bebe Zahara Bonet

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The Zodiacs as Sapphic Songs
  • Aries: Jenny by Studio Killers
  • Taurus: Boyfriend by Tegan and Sara
  • Gemini: Bestie by Sizzy Rocket
  • Cancer: She by Jen Foster
  • Leo: What's It Gonna Be? by Shura
  • Virgo: Pretty by Girlpool
  • Libra: Girls like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko
  • Scorpio: On Your Side by The Veronicas
  • Sagittarius: Night Go Slow by Catey Shaw
  • Capricorn: Wonder by Lauren Aquilina
  • Aquarius: School Friends by Now, Now
  • Pisces: Sick of Losing Soulmates by Dodie
  • CARLY [The unintended leader, cute, funny, says random things]: Leo, Libra, Aquarius
  • SAM [The best sidekick you could ever ask for, unintended badass, triple trouble]: Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn
  • FREDDY [The tech-savy one, always has their friends' backs, trustworthy and cute]: Virgo, Taurus, Cancer
  • SPENCER [Always building/doing weird things during their spare time, yells a lot, older body but younger personality]: Aries, Scorpio, Pisces
Your Creepypasta Boyfriend :

Aries:  Jeff the Killer

Taurus: Jason the Toy maker

Gemini: Hoodie

Cancer: Bloody Painter

Leo: Masky

Virgo: Slender Man

Libra: Ben Drowned

Scorpio: Puppeteer

Sagittarius: Laughing Jack

Capricorn: Ticci Toby

Aquarius: Eyeless Jack

Pisces: Lost Silver

The Signs as Murder Weapons

Aries: Gasoline & matches
Taurus: Chef’s knife
Gemini: Machete 
Cancer: Cyanide in tea
Leo: Credit card knife
Virgo: Bow and arrow
Libra: Dropping coins from a sky scraper
Scorpio: 2″ thick rope
Sagittarius: Bat with nails and barbed wire
Capricorn: Sniper rifle with a silencer
Aquarius: Sulfuric acid
Pisces: Pillowcase full of soda cans

the signs as tracks from 'noir'
  • Aries: skydive
  • Taurus: 걸어가 (walking)
  • Gemini: killer
  • Cancer: i guess i need u
  • Leo: ribbon in the sky
  • Virgo: 주소서 (pray)
  • Libra: 지금 (now)
  • Scorpio: kingdom (kor. version)
  • Sagittarius: 걸어가 (walking)
  • Capricorn: le noir
  • Aquarius: chiquita
  • Pisces: fermata
the signs as similes

Aries : frighteningly beautiful, like the waves as they crash
Taurus : as confusing as a puzzle, but like a diamond when solved
Gemini : as addicting as your worst obsession
Cancer : comforting, like your parents living room
Leo : adventurous, like the first step in a new direction
Virgo : as heartfelt as the lyrics to your favorite song
Libra: proud, like your first earned paycheck
Scorpio : as breathtaking as your first kiss
Sagittarius : uncontrollable, like the ending of a frustrating book
Capricorn : spontaneous, like the drives you take at 3 am
Aquarius : as new and exciting as a new opportunity
Pisces : loving, like a birthday card from your best friend

Suicide Squad

Aries: Joker, Killer Croc

Taurus: Deadshot, Enchantress

Gemini: Harley Quinn, Joker

Cancer: El Diablo, Deadshot

Leo: Harley Quinn, Killer Croc

Virgo: Deadshot, Katana

Libra: Katana, Enchantress

Scorpio: El Diablo, Enchantress

Sagittarius: Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc

Capricorn: Katana, El Diablo

Aquarius: Joker, Captain Boomerang

Pisces: Enchantress, Harley Quinn

the signs as bands
  • Aries: Twenty One Pilots
  • Taurus: Slipknot
  • Gemini: Nickelback
  • Cancer: Green Day
  • Leo: My Chemical Romance
  • Virgo: The Killers
  • Libra: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Scorpio: Blink 182
  • Sagittarius: Fall Out Boy
  • Capricorn: Nirvana
  • Aquarius: Panic! At The Disco
  • Pisces: Placebo
Sign's Favourite K-Pop Song
  • Aries: the cypher on the dark & wild album
  • Taurus: cypher pt.3
  • Gemini: cypher: killer
  • Cancer: the fourth album's focus point, cypher
  • Leo: the cypher featuring supreme boi
  • Virgo: the 3rd cypher
  • Libra: 방탄소년단 ft supreme boi cypher pt.3
  • Scorpio: BTS cypher pt.3: killer
  • Sagittarius: KILLER!!!
  • Capricorn: the cypher that sends u 2 hong kong
  • Aquarius: l ol bts cypher part 3
  • Pisces: oh would u look at that cypher pt.3
The Signs as Suicide Squad Characters

Aries: Deadshot

Taurus: That big fluffy panda with a gun

Gemini: Enchantress

Cancer: El diablo

Leo: Slipknot

Virgo: Katana

Libra: Batman

Scorpio: Killer Croc

Sagittarius: Rick Flag

Capricorn: Captain Boomerang

Aquarius: Joker

Pisces: Harley Quinn

the signs as suicide squad members

aries: deadshot
harley quinn
leo: katana
killer croc
el diablo
captain boomerang
harley quinn

The signs on a plane

Aries: Eating the little package peanuts and drinking gallons of soda

Taurus: Dead asleep laying on and annoying the person next to you

Gemini: The parent ignoring their screaming child (yes we get it, its a baby, babies cry, but maybe, maybe, you shouldn’t bring it on the airplane then)

Cancer: The poor sap sitting next to Taurus

Leo: Dead tired but can’t fall asleep and checks watch every other minute

Virgo: I guess they didn’t want to buy food from the plane bc they brought a whole 3 course meal in their carry-on bag

Libra: Salty bc the plane has wifi but you have to pay for it

Scorpio: The co-pilot, making bad puns every 10 minutes

Sagittarius: The drunk thats had every liquor on the menu

Capricorn: Hungry af but is also poor af

Aquarius: The dead inside flight attendant dealing with every single idiot ever

Pisces: The loud talking asshat that wont get off the phone