• Aries:Black dragon that is obsessed with death and destruction, quick to anger. Active mostly at night, has poison breath and usually lives in swamp areas. Has slimy scales and appears skeletal and corpse like. A sign of death and appears when a sick person is about to pass.
  • Taurus:Pale yellow dragon. Herbivore, but will not hesitate to kill an evil human. They are the primary protector of women and children. Can be the size of a Golden Retriever, are useful in the household and are peaceful. Breathes a universal medicine that smells like lemons and loves people and shiny objects.
  • Gemini:Green forest dragon. Highly intelligent dragon, can communicate with humans. Similar to the snake in Garden of Eden, it is cunning and malevolent. Breathes chlorine gas and has horns atop his head to be able to disguise themselves.
  • Cancer:Silver dragon. The most sensitive dragon and the savior of the wounded, homeless, and helpless. They have mercury blood and breath, making it poisonous to inhale and touch, but their scales are often used in healing creams that they create.
  • Leo:Holographic dragon that is blinding to the eye, this is their primary defensive trait. They spend lots of time luxuriating on their own and live with a few others of their kind. Known for attacking other dragons and has arsenic laced breath.
  • Virgo:White snow dragon. Intelligent but hermit dragon, very afraid of human. Has frostbite breath. Blends in with snow and preys on larger mammals and lone humans. Dislikes include sunlight. Their scales are water repellant.
  • Libra:Bronze dragons. Obsessed with humans and their culture. Lives close to the ocean and has extremely hot, lava like breath. Known for killing tyrants and criminals, similar to the Blue Dragon. Has a human-like sense of good and evil.
  • Scorpio:Purple exotic dragon. First bred in Asia, these dragons are the most mysterious. Scales regularly shed and are used in making perfumes and sex oils. Breathes a sedative gas to knock out people, then torture and eat them. They are beautiful, but if you see them, you will be dead very soon.
  • Sagittarius:Gold dragons. Lives in villages and is a defender of the common good. Has been known to eat criminals or bad town leaders. Sometimes leaves villages to go on quests to help others. Has catfish whiskers and each of their scales is worth millions of dollars. Breathes blue fire.
  • Capricorn:Red dragon that guards jewelry, gold, and other precious gems. Carnivorous and has a forked, long tongue like a snake. Found by volcanoes and medieval castles. Villages sacrifice young virgins to them. Breathes fire. Can be ridden into battle by someone worthy.
  • Aquarius:Blue desert dragon. Tends to attack humans that are greedy, vain, or have committed a heinous crime. Causes sandstorms by flapping their enormous wings. Breathes fire and dust particles. Although it lives in the desert, it spends its time admiring its reflection at an oasis.
  • Pisces:Water, shapeshifting dragon. Can be as long as 100 meters, or as small as a nurse shark as needed. Spends lots of time lurking on the ocean floor and admiring the way the water catches the sunlight. Breathes boiling water and scales are freezing to the touch. Peaceful, eats mostly krill. Responsible for the foam that is often found on shorelines.
Zodiac Signs as Dragons
  • Aries:Purple eyes, topaz scales, specks of red on claws and mouth, friendly, skilled at hunting, cocky personality, hypnotising gaze.
  • Taurus:Orange eyes and auburn scales, feather-like scales, skilled at claiming territory, violent, 6 claws on each hand, rigid, ungraceful movements, sticks to colder climates.
  • Gemini:Grey eyes, transparent skin, very long and lanky, skilled at flying great distances, spiked horns extend from torso, hundreds of small razor sharp teeth.
  • Cancer:Small midnight blue eyes, flecks of gold in them, feathered crest, plum purple body, patches of yellow down its spine, sinister smile, deceptive personality, griffin-like.
  • Leo:Black eyes, full white body, bioluminescent, rare species, stick to the shadows and caves, can survive colder temperatures, hot weather is fatal.
  • Virgo:Large grey eyes, elongated spiked tail, obsidian black torso and head, stomach glows red when breathing fire, large wingspan, skilled at flying, rows of long teeth, sinister grin.
  • Libra:Skeletal frame, unpredictable, yellow glow in the dark eyes, variations of blue on the head, tail and torso. Long, thing, whipping tail, skilled at unseen movement.
  • Scorpio:Green dragon, red almond shape eyes, long neck and legs, thick tail shimmers in the moonlight, skilled at tracking, sticks to forests, solitary
  • Sagittarius:Slitted golden eyes, blood red body, patches of blue, red and orange on the tail, claw-like hooks on wings, skilled at graceful landings.
  • Capricorn:Round pupil-less pink eyes, grey body, flecks of blue and purple splattered on tail, long talons, spiked crest, spine and legs, rare species, skilled at ambushing.
  • Aquarius:Blind, wingless, skilled at running, has a keen sense of smell and hearing, best out of all the dragons at hunting, metallic, shimmering scales.
  • Pisces:Green eye and blue eye, Small fine thorns covering skin, skilled at defence, short muscular limbs, constantly sneers, is contemptuous.
The Signs as Mystical Creatures
  • Aries:Dragon
  • Taurus:Dwarf
  • Gemini:Dopplegänger
  • Cancer:Mermaid
  • Leo:Phoenix
  • Virgo:Sphynx
  • Libra:Nymph
  • Scorpio:Vampires
  • Sagittarius:Centaur
  • Capricorn:Werewolf
  • Aquarius:Unicorn
  • Pisces:Pixie
Dragons in the Zodiac
  • Aries:Bright White scales, and dappled with dark reds. Cold Mountain-dwellers. Active;loves to fly. Small. Breathes volumes of red/Orange fire.
  • Taurus:Earthy brown scales with a gold underbelly. Found in forests; likes to hide under leaves. Playful. Small. Small, puffs of heat only (prevent forest fires!)
  • Gemini:Deep Green scales with a lime underbelly. Most active at night. Sleepy drifters. Large, but mysterious. Fire rarely seen, although there have been noted disappearances of people blamed on this type.
  • Cancer:Dark red scales. Maroon, spiked back. Found near island volcanoes. Bright orange flames. Able to emit horrible, high frequency howls and large tears. Suspicious of people.
  • Leo:Yellow/gold scales, sometimes spotted with orange. Always in the clouds. Various sizes. Blows smoke rings. Playful. Likes to find things, such as loose pieces of Capricorn's gold.
  • Virgo:Very bright yellow scales, occasionally with dark splotches. Small. Sleeps in trees, or in fields of flowers. Curious about human items. Golden flames. Psychological manipulation by throwing brain waves.
  • Libra:Can be found in copper, very dark blues, or greens. Protective. Usually found in forests, but not limited. Medium size. Armored on the outside of wings, soft thin skin on the inside.
  • Scorpio:Black scales sometimes with a thin, bright colored streak. Armored. Swims through lava and water. Resilient. Doesn't fly. Can be vicious. Often large.
  • Sagittarius:Deep blue, with small black and white flecks. Night-sky flyers. Sleeps in open fields, or at the base of mountains, often during the day. Often breathes ice instead of fire. Medium size.
  • Capricorn:Metallic Purple scales, small spiked horns. Coin hoarders. Forest-cave dwellers. Usually serious. Only like people if there's something in it for them, like coins. Usually very large.
  • Aquarius:Baby blue scales, silver talons. Day dragons. Sleeps on clouds, usually over bodies of water. Playful. Likes to befriend other animals. Suspicious of other dragons.
  • Pisces:Teals and watery blue scales. Can breathe under water. Likes to follow boats; often mistaken for it's friend, the Kraken. Small wings. Not good at blowing fire.
Signs as Creatures

Aries - Dragon, sleek black dragon with a core of molten lava, rather small in size, with big wide golden eyes, wings are bigger than the body, scales are impenetrable. Rather peaceful creatures, unless disturbed. 

Taurus - Fae, wings that beat as fast as a humming bird. They are transparent yet glint all colors in the right light. They are the fastest known creatures, they have the power to manipulate the earth. Rather aggressive creatures, yet are the embodiment of grace. 

Gemini - Shapeshifter, nobody knows what their real form is unless they say, they can replicate others exactly. They have to power to change their voice and turn into inanimate objects. Tricky creatures. Rather playful, yet manipulating. 

Cancer - Siren, or mermaid, their tails are razor sharp and are beautiful beyond imagination. Their voices are melodic and alluring, often can show a persons desire in order to entrap them. Rather childish, yet underestimated. 

Leo - Nine Tailed Fox, so many different kinds, but these creatures are survivors with many lives, they are magical, and clever. They are charming and quick, mischief is their middle name. Rather Beautiful, yet deadly.

Virgo - Witch, they have ancient books in which they practice, they come from a rare bloodline that dates back hundred and thousands of years. They have immense power but have good judgement. Rather powerful, yet humble. 

Libra - Goddess, these creatures look after the others, they try to maintain order and balance yet they can tip whenever they choose, they are eccentric and unworldly. Rather invisible, yet strong. 

Scorpio -  Otherworldly, these creatures range from ghosts to aliens. They can travel from world to world. They are known to be the most deadly for this reason. They have to power to move creatures into different places. Rather misunderstood, but understanding

Sagittarius - Griffin, guardian with a free spirit, these creatures are one of a kind and are divine creatures. They look scary but are generally good. They protect and hold their ground. Rather unpredictable, yet grounded

Capricorn - Seers, they have bright and intense eyes, but ironically they are blind. They are blind to the immediate world yet can see the beyond. These are insightful creatures, for they can see and predict the future. Rather ominous creature, yet an enigma

Aquarius - Sphinx, these creatures like to speak in riddles and they are relentless. They are ferocious and merciless. They are bringers of chaos and order. Rather emotionless, yet do the right thing

Pisces - Water Sprite, they are dream like in the way they think and in their beauty. The seem childlike and playful but are very wise. They are fluid and wild like the ocean they live in. Rather emotional, yet aggressive. 

Astrology Signs as Mythological Creatures
  • Aries:Dragon
  • Taurus:Elf
  • Gemini:Unicorn
  • Cancer:Werewolf
  • Leo:Kitsune
  • Virgo:Fairy
  • Libra:Nymph
  • Scorpio:Siren
  • Sagittarius:Centaur/Centaurette
  • Capricorn:Satyr/Satyress
  • Aquarius:Veela
  • Pisces:Mermaid
The Signs As Video Games
  • Aries:World of Warcraft
  • Taurus:Pokemon
  • Gemini:Earthbound
  • Cancer:Animal Crossing
  • Leo:Assassins Creed
  • Virgo:Tetris
  • Libra:Dragon Age
  • Scorpio:Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sagittarius:Halo
  • Capricorn:Super Mario
  • Aquarius:Skyrim
  • Pisces:Barbie Princess Adventure or something