More portrait commissions! Did these back in June/July, then got a bit swamped with finishing off some other commission types.

At the time of posting, I’m still taking reduced cost portrait commissions, and you can find that info here (if I’m not accepting them anymore, that post will be gone or edited)! And my general, all-purpose, commission info can be found here!


This happened a while ago (if anyone can still remember all the stuff about it on this blog + Twitter xD)
Actually it all started because I said in a conversation with @relinsander that Sorrento reminds me of a Disney princess and then we started to make this story and a lot of jokes about Sorrento and Kanon. 

little extras under the cut

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Hello, guys!

I continue my training about chibi and I’ve decided to create a little series about Gold Saints of Saint Seiya! ^^ Here’s our Greek bipolar false Great Pope Gemini Saga in insane mood! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA~

And the blue thing behind him, it’s the Gemini sign!

Maybe I’ll create key chain with these chibis, but I don’t know who is interested. Tell me if you’re interested and I’ll think about it!

Others chibis Gold Saints:
- Capricorn Shura
- Aquarius Camus
- Pisces Aphrodite
- Aries Mu
- Taurus Aldebaran
- Gemini Saga (normal)
- Sea Dragon Kanon
- Cancer Deathmask
- Leo Aiolia
- Virgo Shaka
- Libra Dohko
- Scorpio Milo
- Sagittarius Aiolos

Gemini Saga (evil) of Saint Seiya © Masami Kurumada - 1986/2008
Art © me

abyss-no-ishi  asked:

🌹; 💩; ✌; 💘; 👀 (For Saint Seiya please)

Controversial shipping asks

Ship that you have as an OTP: This, my dear, is probably the most difficult question for me - I could ship everybody and nobody, depending on the mood of the day and/or the abilities of persuasion of hardcore shippers in form of fanart/fanfiction. After all of this nice rambling, I think the ship that is always there, stable and fixed, is Shiryu/Shunrei. Those two never fail me.

Ship that you find disgusting: I think ‘disgusting’ is a really strong word for my standards. Honestly I’m so chill about ships that I hardly ever go deeper than perplexity, especially in this particular fandom… I think that the only ship I have really, really, REALLY great problems with is Saga/Arles. Like. Guys. HOW. o___ò

Ship that you find cute but don’t ship: Do I have to choose just one? Probably Julian/Saori. I mean, they’re totally not meant to be but still… *I blame Araki for this*

Ship that is unpopular but you still like: Isaak/Thetis. I read literally ONE short fic about them and it got me hooked. I don’t even know if there is anybody else that thought of it! *sweats nervously*

Ship you’re curious about: I’ve had some Aiolos/Seika popping around on my dash a couple of times and I’m like “GIMME MORE ABOUT THIS I NEED TO KNOW MORE!”, so yeah.

Thanks for asking! ^-^

The name is Chandlier. Its kind of weird. ;-;
I would like a ship for Got7, Monsta X, and Block B.

I’m a Gemini and a dragon for my Chinese zodiac sign. I’m also standing at 5'5 which I hope increases. I have a thick body shape (^_−)☆. I’m a singer and I do a whole lot of cooking. I’m sarcasm mixed with a dirty mind and a sweet talker. I’m also very nurturing and kind of a mom of my group. I’m very passionate and hardworking and always attempting to take charge in every situation. I’m also a bit of a counselor and always going off on deep tangents. I kind of talk too much. ╮(─▽─)╭

submitted by @curvegodvolo Hey baby! unfortunately i don’t stan block b enough to ship anyone with them! 

:( really sorry, hope you won’t be too disappointed

Got7: Jackson

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Monsta x: Minhyuk

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