This happened a while ago (if anyone can still remember all the stuff about it on this blog + Twitter xD)
Actually it all started because I said in a conversation with @relinsander that Sorrento reminds me of a Disney princess and then we started to make this story and a lot of jokes about Sorrento and Kanon. 

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Hello, guys!

I continue my training about chibi and I’ve decided to create a little series about Gold Saints of Saint Seiya! ^^ Here’s our Greek bipolar false Great Pope Gemini Saga in insane mood! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA~

And the blue thing behind him, it’s the Gemini sign!

Maybe I’ll create key chain with these chibis, but I don’t know who is interested. Tell me if you’re interested and I’ll think about it!

Others chibis Gold Saints:
- Capricorn Shura
- Aquarius Camus
- Pisces Aphrodite
- Aries Mu
- Taurus Aldebaran
- Gemini Saga (normal)
- Sea Dragon Kanon
- Cancer Deathmask
- Leo Aiolia
- Virgo Shaka
- Libra Dohko
- Scorpio Milo
- Sagittarius Aiolos

Gemini Saga (evil) of Saint Seiya © Masami Kurumada - 1986/2008
Art © me

abyss-no-ishi  asked:

🌹; 💩; ✌; 💘; 👀 (For Saint Seiya please)

Controversial shipping asks

Ship that you have as an OTP: This, my dear, is probably the most difficult question for me - I could ship everybody and nobody, depending on the mood of the day and/or the abilities of persuasion of hardcore shippers in form of fanart/fanfiction. After all of this nice rambling, I think the ship that is always there, stable and fixed, is Shiryu/Shunrei. Those two never fail me.

Ship that you find disgusting: I think ‘disgusting’ is a really strong word for my standards. Honestly I’m so chill about ships that I hardly ever go deeper than perplexity, especially in this particular fandom… I think that the only ship I have really, really, REALLY great problems with is Saga/Arles. Like. Guys. HOW. o___ò

Ship that you find cute but don’t ship: Do I have to choose just one? Probably Julian/Saori. I mean, they’re totally not meant to be but still… *I blame Araki for this*

Ship that is unpopular but you still like: Isaak/Thetis. I read literally ONE short fic about them and it got me hooked. I don’t even know if there is anybody else that thought of it! *sweats nervously*

Ship you’re curious about: I’ve had some Aiolos/Seika popping around on my dash a couple of times and I’m like “GIMME MORE ABOUT THIS I NEED TO KNOW MORE!”, so yeah.

Thanks for asking! ^-^

The name is Chandlier. Its kind of weird. ;-;
I would like a ship for Got7, Monsta X, and Block B.

I’m a Gemini and a dragon for my Chinese zodiac sign. I’m also standing at 5'5 which I hope increases. I have a thick body shape (^_−)☆. I’m a singer and I do a whole lot of cooking. I’m sarcasm mixed with a dirty mind and a sweet talker. I’m also very nurturing and kind of a mom of my group. I’m very passionate and hardworking and always attempting to take charge in every situation. I’m also a bit of a counselor and always going off on deep tangents. I kind of talk too much. ╮(─▽─)╭

submitted by @curvegodvolo Hey baby! unfortunately i don’t stan block b enough to ship anyone with them! 

:( really sorry, hope you won’t be too disappointed

Got7: Jackson

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Monsta x: Minhyuk

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