Pallas is an asteroid that talks about our talents, problem solving skills, focus, and intuition. Today I’ll cover the basic talents. 

Aries Pallas- Associated with talents in athletics, competitions, gambling, coming up with ideas, possible inventor, and general risk taking.  Associated with being talented in edgy fashion or art, acupuncture, and homeopathy.  Wants a solution fast, has a hard time focusing their energy towards their talents and skills.

Taurus Pallas- Talented in art especially aesthetics, massage therapy, cooking, landscaping, building, music, and gardening. Needs a lot of time and space to focus their energy and planning towards goals and talents.

Gemini Pallas- Talented at recognizing patterns, is good with language, communication, storytelling, puzzles, debates, and multitasking. Can be scattered with their focus, easily bored, and can lack in intuition.

Cancer Pallas- Gifted in emotional understanding and intuition. Talented in the arts, teaching, cooking, and hosting. Their focus is on emotions, family, and protection.

Leo Pallas- Talented in arts of all kind, general creativity, drama, entertainment, art therapy, play therapy, dance, solar energy, and heat. Focused on problem solving and grabbing attention via charisma and drama.

Virgo Pallas- Gifted in noticing the tiny details, editing, organizing, communication, possibly writing, note taking and solving logical or mathematical problems.Talented in pottery, gardening, or knitting. Intuitive towards helping others. Is a very focused and strategic Pallas Sign.

Libra Pallas- Talented at seeing patterns, strategies, and the details of social situations. Is a great host, artistically inclined especially aesthetically, and is diplomatic. Focuses their energy towards the social world.

Scorpio Pallas- Talented in investigating, psychology, arts, healing, sex, sex therapy, risk taking, and has crazy intuition. Has focused intuition and problem solving skills. Has a knack for uncovering the truth. Loves mysteries and challenges.

Sagittarius Pallas- Talented at seeing the big picture, visionary thoughts, mental healing, experimentation, teaching, and exploring. Can have a spiritual or fiery intuition, problem solving is scattered, can create meaningful art.

Capricorn Pallas- Talented in organizing, planning, law, history, architecture, sculpture, massage therapy, chiropractic practice, and drafting. Has a focused and practical mind but lacks intuition.

Aquarius Pallas-  Talented with technology, strange or cutting edge ideas/art, and any skills or talents deemed uncommon. Has visionary intuition and unusual ways of problems solving.

Pisces Pallas-  Talented in the arts, healing, compassion, solving problems without getting violent or angry, and possible psychic gifts. Can lack focus sometimes.

The Signs As Fictional Classes

Aries: Zealot. At best, a righteous pursuer of justice and honour, at worst, a paranoid and ruthless berserker. Donned in blessed armour and sacred ornaments; the anathema of the Damned, and forces of Evil. Holy Hymns, Benedictions, and Sacraments abound, and scour the battlefield.

Taurus: Veteran. The immovable object. The last standing of every siege, of every fray. Persistent and hulking, able to brush off the most grievous wounds as mere grazes. Very few know from where they draw their strength, given the horrors they’ve witnessed, and the horrors they’ve enacted.

Gemini: Mercurial. An oddity of the guild halls, none quite know what they do, not even themselves. Seemingly effective in all situations and prone to lucky, unexpected victories. Friendly, curious, gentle, and seemingly unflappable, they round out any group, smoothing tension (and insufficiencies) as they go.

Cancer: Mechanist. What better place than a battlefield to test an experimental mage-cannon, of course it’s going to work this time! Able to make something out of nothing, lovers of ruins and machinations. Free time often spent artificing, improving, or tinkering. Don’t let them borrow anything precious to you. Entertaining to say the least, and generous to a fault.

Leo:  Harlequin. Consistently underestimated, these dancing, joking acrobats carry daggers behind their jests. Keepers of the old Magicks of shanties and folk-ballads, victims find themselves poisoned by a word spoken, a note played, and a doubt sewn. One of the most ancient, and secretive lines of profession.

Virgo: Vestal. Composed, serene, and elegant. Masters of Magick, sealing, and preserving. Defensive masters of magical dueling, able to unweave the most stygian hexes and jinxes, often as they’re being cast. Glorious, potent invocations of healing, and enough amulets, talismans, and runes to put most temples out of the market.

Libra: Contractor. Balancing, transforming, unrivaled in the Magick and understanding of change. Be it exchanges of loyalty, wealth, power, or vitality, these scholars are transmuters extraordinaire. Master summoners, often with a complex web of debts and favours to the most tenebrous Voids, radiant Divines, and shady businessmen.

Scorpio: Heretic. Masters of the esoteric, the occult, and the stygian. Vile evocations and rituals making use of the most violent Ungods. Chaotic? Certainly. Evil? Not always, these magisters of the profane understand the vast void of grey morality, and are as philosophical as they are powerful. Prone to surprising acts of heroism, and the first to throw themselves in harm’s way to protect their own.

Sagittarius: Druid. Part naturalist, part adviser, part lorekeeper, part Ancient. Invokers of Magicks older than even the Harlequin, and of a source much more Adamant than Humanity. Oral words of Power spoken softly, yet with all the weight of the World behind them. Their ambitions lie beyond the mortal world, and as such they do not like to lead, only advise, and if necessary, judge.

Capricorn: Lord. A micromanager, precise, optimal, and efficient. Brings the best, and oftimes worst, out of those who serve under them. Rallying cries, shouts, and barked orders lend ground and coordinate in the heat of battle. Natural leaders, and often brutally straight to the point, what they lack in subtlety they more than make up for in raw strength.

Aquarius: Artisan. Creative, imaginative, with seemingly endless practical skills. An Artisan has their hand in everything from blacksmithing, to runework, to sculpting, to homunculus manufactory, and they put their soul into it all. Jacks-of-all-trades, and passable in combat, it is rare to find a guild or clan without its fair share or Artisans.

Pisces: Prophet. Readers, weavers, and sometimes defilers of the grand tapestry of Fate. Proclamations, Condemnations, and Prophecies of ill or good fortune are just a part of the arsenal of the Prophets. Direct, and mysterious connections to the Divines, the Ancients, and the Ungods, if they do not like an outcome they forsee, they often do a little doctoring. 

gemini’s reputation for ‘moodiness’ can be broken down when we understand their core temperament. gemini doesn’t experience swinging emotional states (water signs) but more swinging personality states. each ‘personality’ has a unique mood and temperament. some are a bundle of nerves, and some are light and breezy

  • Generic: Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Name brand: Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Luxury brand: Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn
Male Singer Zodiac Signs

Aries: Brendon Urie

Taurus: Chris Brown

Gemini: Paul McCartney

Cancer: Drake Bell

Leo: Joe Jonas

Virgo: Michael Jackson

Libra: John Lennon

Scorpio: Drake

Sagittarius: Jim Morrison

Capricorn: Zayn Malik

Aquarius: Justin Timberlake

Pisces: Kurt Cobain

An Encounter
  • Spirit: *saves me from danger* Hello! I am your guardian, here to protect you!
  • Me: And where were you all the other times I was in danger?
  • Spirit: You did not require my assistance in those situations, but I am your guardian.
  • Me: I've been in worse positions than this. I don't believe you.
  • Spirit: I am telling you that I am your guardian.
  • Me: Ehhh, no you're not.
  • Spirit: Yes I am.
  • Me: No you're not.
  • Spirit: Yes I am.
  • Me: No you're not.
  • Spirit: Yes I am.
  • Me: No you're not.
  • Spirit: Okay I'm actually Asm*deus.
  • Me: Really? You're Asm*deus??
  • Spirit: I am
  • Me: No you're not.
  • Spirit: Yes I am.
  • Me: No you're not.
  • Spirit: Fine, I'm B*er. Fear me, child of man!!
  • Me: No you're not. How many people do you plan on impersonating?
  • Spirit: Okay, jeez, I'm just some guy. Why'd you have to make manipulating you difficult? :(((

I know logically that the cast will probably perform one of the emotional songs at the Tony’s this year (like Waving Through a Window or You Will Be Found) but a part of me wants them to go ‘Fuck It!’ and perform Sincerely Me.

Like can you imagine all through the night they talk about how important and inspiring the show is and then BOOM a song about teens ‘smoking drugs’ and denying they’re gay and ~KINKY!~ it would  be great

Astrology & Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

♈️ Aries - Beast

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♉️ Taurus - Belle

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♊️ Gemini - LeFou

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♋️ Cancer - Mrs Potts

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♌️ Leo - Cogsworth

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♍️ Virgo - Maestro Cadenza

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♎️ Libra - Lumiere

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♏️ Scorpio - Madame Garderobe

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♐️ Sagittarius - Gaston 

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♑️ Capricorn - Maurice

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♒️ Aquarius - The Enchantress

♓️ Pisces - Chip

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look at skam snatching all of those norwegian emmys….wow i’ve never been prouder to stan a…i’ve made some pretty bad choices in my life but if i ended up watching skam i sure made some right ones along the way