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You know what time it is! The signs as Love Yourself: Her songs, please?

Intro: Serendipity - Pisces, Cancer
DNA - Sagittarius, Aquarius  
Best of Me - Libra 
dimple - Taurus
Pied Piper - Scorpio 
MIC DROP - Leo, Aries
Go Go - Capricorn
Outro: Her - Virgo, Gemini

Skit: Billboards Awards - all signs, because our boys wouldn’t be at the top without each and every one of you

Gotta admit, I’m pretty disappointed that nothing has been done to celebrate Sam & Max’s thirtieth anniversary.  Hit the Road still hasn’t been remastered, Telltale seems to have forgotten the duo (even though it’s thanks to the franchise that the company got its start), and while there are ways to purchase the comics it really feels like the series has disappeared from public interest.  Which is a shame, because I think Sam & Max deserves a bit more recognition for what it’s accomplished as a comic (winning an Eisner), cartoon (winning a Gemini Award), and for the adventure game genre in general.

Something wild I learned recently: one of the most controversial episodes of degrassi, “accidents happen” features a thirteen year old girl undergoing an abortion, and shows the beginning inklings of a teen with mental illness. This episode was nominated for a Gemini award (a Canadian Emmy) and it lost to an episode of Nanalan.

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hi, can u please list/name some southeast asian- especially Filipina- actors

H! Coincidentally I’ve been thinking of finally making a tag page for the blog based on actors’ ethnicities. The list is not full, obviously - just those actors I know and have on this blog, also here are only actors that work in Western TV/Film industry:

Actors of Filipinx descent:

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The signs as honest vma moments 2k15

Aries: Kanye calling out MTV on MTV
Taurus: salty 5h fans after 5sos wins award
Gemini: Taylor winning Video of the Year
Cancer: Justin Bieber crying onstage
Leo: Kanye running for president 2020
Virgo: Rebel Wilson twerking with Nicki
Libra: Halsey
Scorpio: Nicki dragging Miley
Sagittarius: Nicki+Taylor performance
Capricorn: Selina Gomez staring @ her phone during JB performance
Aquarius: Taylor’s “ima let you finish but” remake
Pisces: Nicki thanking her pastor

  • Aries: "I Actually Don't Want to Fight Everyone I See" Award
  • Taurus: "Wisest Wisdom Owl of the 21st Century" Award
  • Gemini: "Problematic Favorite of the Year" Award
  • Cancer: "The Scary Fluffy Bunny" Award
  • Leo: All the awards duh
  • Virgo: "Sassy & Classy" Award
  • Libra: "Best Worst Person You'll Ever EVER Meet" Award
  • Scorpio: "Master of 50 Shades of Black" Award
  • Sagittarius: "The Next Indiana Jones" Award
  • Capricorn: "Most Confusing Sign TBH" Award
  • Aquarius: "Superior Space Human Alien Thing of Uranus" Award
  • Pisces: "Stayed Strong During the 'Pisces is a Fish' Meme" Award
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En la vida siempre hay favoritos, el hijo favorito (aunque no lo admitan), la comida favorita, el color favorito, y muchos más. Hay unos signos tan crueles que se vuelven El Favorito de Satanás. Elijan ustedes quién se merece este premio.

1. Como ya sabemos, los Escorpio odian la mayoría de cosas y cuando aman algo, odian amarlo. Pueden llegar a ser muy crueles y pecan muuuuy seguido.

2. Este signo tenía que estar aquí. Nuestro querido Aries también llega a ser bastante cruel y no le importa pecar.

3. Pueden parecer inocentes pero cuando quieren ser malvados, hasta el mismo Satanás se asusta. Los Virgo pueden ser crudos diciendo la verdad.

4. Los Sagitario, a veces son muy inocentes pero eso no les quita la maldad, si tienen enemigos hasta celebrarán en su tumba.

5.  Los Géminis viven del pecado, ese es su pan de cada día. Han tratado de cambiar pero como no pueden, prefieren aceptar la realidad y vivir su vida.

Esto es el final de la categoría 🔟, esperamos que lo disfruten😈


the signs as things seventeen needs
  • aries: rest because mansae was a hella tiring era and the boys worked hard
  • gemini: more minghao fancams !!!
  • cancer: they need to get themselves overseas and star
  • leo: tissues bc look at this lil snot rag mingyew
  • virgo: dino stans they are so rare
  • libra: better merch their glow stick stuff looks more like a pregnancy test
  • scorpio: for seungcheol to chill with the lip bites ur only 20 ??
  • capricorn: for vernon to also chill with the tongue like did u see that v app vid w/ the hip hop unit and when he winked he 😜
  • aquarius: what do i call hoshi like him dancing boY YOU BETTER BAC-
  • pisces: toothpaste bc honestly all of them need it
Awards for The Signs
  • Aries: Award to the one who wears their heart on their sleeve and cares too much but is unable to say a lot.
  • Taurus: Award to the one who takes care of everyone without asking for anything in return, selflessly and without motive.
  • Gemini: Award to the one who can move on even when the entire world is against them and no one helps them.
  • Cancer: Award to the one who trusts blindly and has faith in everyone even when they've been hurt a lot.
  • Leo: Award to the one who can bedazzle everyone and has a big-heart with extremely frail trust that tends to shatter easily.
  • Virgo: Award to the one who can logically see their way out of all situations and helps the ones they care for.
  • Libra: Award to the one who chooses to listen to both sides of an argument before giving advice.
  • Scorpio: Award to the one with thoughts so deep in depth and length that no one can exactly understand and who wants to help those in pain.
  • Sagittarius: Award to the one who uses sarcasm as self-defence and overcompensates generosity for everyone.
  • Capricorn: Award to the one who tries so hard and doesn't give up even if everything is practically useless.
  • Aquarius: Award to the one who teaches and learns constantly and sees life as a big exciting experience to be amazed about.
  • Pisces: Award to the one who can teach the world about self-loving and that sacrificing yourself is not always beneficial to you or anyone else.
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Estos signos son muy alegres, a veces demasiaaado alegres, pero eso no es malo ya que su risa es contagiosa y nos alegran el día. Aquí vamos a premiar a Los Que Se Ríen De Todo hasta en momentos bastante serios. Nuestros nominados son:

1. Pueden parecer serios y enojados pero si los llegas a conocer bien se van a reír hasta de puras mamadas. Solo no te burles de los Aries.

2. Los divertidos Sagitarios que se ríen de sí mismos y sus desgracias, es por eso que son muy agradables. Se lo toman todo muy bien debido a su optimismo.

3. Los graciosos Géminis, ellos no solo se ríen de todo sino también te hacen reír. Tienen un humor único que no se encuentra fácil. Estos son el tipo de persona que se mata de la risa en un funeral😂

4. Los Cáncer son muy dulces y también se ríen de todo, se ríen hasta de la palabra más sencilla. En especial si están nerviosos.

5. Los inolvidables Piscis que tienen una risa y humor contagiosos, se reirán hasta de la broma que nadie entendió con tal de que no te sientas mal <3

Espero que les guste y prepárense para votar pronto 😲😉



1ª  Irene Pappas in Hal B. Wallis’ acclaimed film “Anne of the Thousand Days” (1969).

2ª  Annette Crosbie in a 90-minute television drama entitled “Catherine of Aragon”, the first part of the BBC series “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” (1970)

3ª  Frances Cuka in the 1972 film “Henry VIII and his Six Wives”.

4ª  Assumpta Serna in the 2003 ITV two-part television drama, “Henry VIII”

 Ana Torrent in the 2007 film adaptation of the novel “The Other Boleyn Girl” by Philippa Gregory.

6ª  Maria Doyle Kennedy in the Showtime 2007 television series “The Tudors”. For her performance, Kennedy won an IFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role Television, and a Gemini Award for an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series.

7ª  Natalia Rodríguez  was the young Katherine of Aragon in the Spanish historical series “Isabel” (2014).

8ª  Joanne Whalley in TV  Mini-Series “Wolf Hall” (2015).

9ª  Mélida Molina in the spanish TV Series “Carlos, Rey Emperador” (2015)

The Signs as RaPal Dark Res Locations
  • Aries: Wrek room
  • Taurus: Elaksers secret cherry shrine
  • Gemini: Froothaus of awards
  • Cancer: Lesbon cinema
  • Leo: Rapallywood
  • Virgo: Cherry's torture chamber
  • Libra: Edoar deloner's dinosaur you jungle
  • Scorpio: Teh island of forgoten end undescovred Rapal Quens
  • Sagittarius: Glemenozean airgays
  • Capricorn: Rapal Merchandose shop by Gio gone
  • Aquarius: Elaksers UFO House
  • Pisces: The purple safe where sheseca wild was chilling

Kaniehtiio Horn ~ Mohawk

Kaniehtiio Horn (born c. 1986) is a Mohawk actress. She was nominated for a Gemini Award for her role in the television film Moccasin Flats: Redemption. She appeared in the 2009 films The Trotsky, Leslie, My Name Is Evil and The Wild Hunt, and starred in the CBC television sitcom 18 to Life. In 2012, she joined the main cast of the Netflix drama Hemlock Grove, as Destiny Rumancek.

I think that the behind the scenes upheavals were on a much larger scale than we were led to believe. When you look at it: Ed Decter (creator and exec), Ben Decter (composer), Steve Lucescu and his team (stuntmen), the whole special effect dept. all gone and new writers (several of them) in. That’s some major changes from one season to another. 

What it tells us is that Freeform was definitely not as happy as Ed Decter tried to present it with S1, especially since he then left over creative differences, and now we hear (from Dom) that the show is slowing the main plot down, moving away from the books, going darker and much more character driven and adult than in S1 - and it seems that the cast is very happy about it. 

Then you have the stunt team, also replaced - IMO, Freeform wants a more action driven show, more stunts. And again, Dom mentioned how amazing the new stunts and stuntmen are, how awesome the fights. The same goes for the special effects team.

I grant you that Ben Decter could’ve left out of loyalty to his brother, but he was replaced with Trevor Morris, an Emmy and Gemini awards winner! That wasn’t just some guy they got quickly to fill a hole. Trevor Morris is a powerhouse! 

I think that Freeform took a long and hard look at S1 and cut off everything that they didn’t think worked in S1 - maybe that’s why the S2 renewal took so long? I think that what we’ll see in S2 will be basically a reboot, a revamp on a major scale, from the direction the show will take down to the look of the Seraph Blades. 

And I for one cannot wait to see it!