gemini teacher

the signs as shit my english teacher has said

aries: if you start you essay with “In the book The Great Gatsby…” im gonna throw you out that window 

taurus: elvish looks nothing like that

gemini: when we get back, you’re playing the trumpet or I’m failing you

cancer: oh I forget this class doesn’t get irony

leo: I’m definitely lawful good, c’mon, have you met me?

virgo: you guys know what raisins are right?

libra: *uses the word ‘artifice’ 13 times in 3 sentences* 

scorpio: “Jesus Christ” Just Jonathan will do, thanks

sagittarius: I wonder if [Ryan Ross]’s an asshole

capricorn: I respect any song that has heavy breathing as a bass line

aquarius: I fucking hate sublime, like we get it. you smoked weed once and it was cool

pisces: Hamlet’s long, but he’s worth it

Signs as Teachers

Aries: Passionate teacher whose eyes light up when people answer questions and start debates. Grades papers in so much detail it’s annoying. Assigns “going outside” as homework. Absolutely loves Kahoot quizzes.

Taurus: Procrastinates on marking papers, and when a student doodles on the worksheet, they complete the doodle. Rewards students with chocolate every time they get a question right.

Gemini: Students always look forward to their entertaining lessons. Lethal levels of sass and always has cool stories to share. Super neat handwriting and always carries around their personal whiteboard marker collection.

Cancer: Soft-spoken teacher who often gets drowned out by the class. Can be super strict and fierce when pissed off. Cute handwriting and draws smiley faces on every worksheet.

Leo: Loud and intimidating. Their powerpoint slides are always aesthetically-pleasing with great font choices. Has the best studying strategies.

Virgo: Strict when marking papers, examines each paper down the very last detail. Hates students with illegible handwriting, but their lessons are very enriching. Always on time to class, and always dismisses students exactly on time.

Libra: Fashionable teacher who has a different outfit every single day. Treats the students like friends, and very very approachable. Often discusses problems with students over a cup of coffee, their treat.

Scorpio: Their handwriting is absolute chicken scratch. Loves marking in green ink for no apparent reason. Very supportive and often comes up with weird-ass lesson plans.

Sagittarius: The teacher who doesn’t bother with lesson plans. Spontaneously shows videos completely unrelated to the class at hand. Often dismisses the students early.

Capricorn: Marks every paper on time, and their handwriting varies everytime. Ships students and bases their seating plans off their ships.

Aquarius: The teacher who often forgets important stuff, but remembers random facts slightly related to the lesson. Doesn’t bother to bring stationery at all, and their laptop is almost always at 10% battery.

Pisces: Shady teacher who students don’t know a single thing about. Wears either an all-pastel outfit or a totally black outfit. Has cool stationery that they often lend to students.

The signs as teachers

Aries: The pe teacher who always pressures you to RUN FASTER! YOU CAN DO IT!

Taurus: The teacher who has a never-ending supply of food in their desks

Gemini: The fun teacher who plays games.

Cancer: The really sweet teacher who always wants to help you succeed.

Leo: The really hot teacher who goes viral for their looks.

Virgo: The librarian who always tells people to shh

Libra: The detention teacher who is really nice and lets you go early.

Scorpio: The really scary intimidating teacher who acts like they’re really strict and scary but they really just like memes.

Sagittarius: The teacher who plans all the school trips

Capricorn: The headteacher who is really strict and issues harsh punishments. Likes all the good submissive students.

Aquarius: The crazy English teacher who shouts random words that they want you to spell, then gets into really heated debates and starts telling you that aliens exist and all of the theories why.

Pisces: The lunch lady who gives you extra food if you’re polite.

Growing Pains- From one archetype to another

Aries: The Brash to The Inspiring

Aries can go through this kind of awkward stage where they feel like they are finding their footing, finding that right balance between outright aggression to assertiveness, to being able to wake the people up around them and provoke a reaction. They know how to go from a full, fledged flame to a flickering spark that ignites something in others, yet without that clumsy intimidation. They are the perfect example of a personality whose biggest fall, whose impulsive reactions can turn to something magical in a little more maturity. They are the ones that teach us to stand back up when we fall.

Taurus: The Materialist to The Grounded

Taurus can be people of excess from a personality that loves luxury and comfort, yet add this to their sensual nature, there can become parts of their life that are defined by seeking satisfaction purely in the tangible realm, where they become trapped in this feeling of want yet perpetually dissatisfied when they seem to get it. Yet, when they bloom into something beyond this, they are often a grounding presence in the lives of others, someone that can take a moment to stop and really soak in their environment, to appreciate the simple pleasures of this Earth. They often grow into people that learn how to practice gratitude, thanking the Sun for rising in the morning.

Gemini: The Jumbled to The Teacher

Gemini are never consistent, adding to their cluttered charm and chaotic charisma, finding knowledge and curiosity in everything from the smallest piece of trivia to the most profound study of governing laws. They are adept at being receptive to information in general, yet often they grow into a kind of messenger of sorts, someone that finds themselves in their element while educating others. They manage to deliver information in an interesting, witty, adaptable manner, where no matter the view, ability or learning style of their students, there is a side of them that is compatible with each individual.

Cancer: The Weary to The Open Arms

Cancer can grow to feel that their instinct to often take care of others is somehow a detriment, a weakness perhaps, often through external influences. Yet there is a time when they may just break through this barrier, to take their natural understanding of the human condition and psyche into the service of others, which in return releases resistance they have to themselves and their own nature. They often grow to be compassionate, creative and receptive individuals, where that defensiveness and weariness in themselves can turn to traits that are often missing in this world, to a kindness and care much like those figures in books we feel at home with.

Leo: The Egoist to The Giving

Leo can be very in touch with their sense of ego, with who they are and what they want out of life, maybe even to the detriment of the people around them at times. There is a demanding quality in them, something that wants the whole world and more, yet through growth and maturity, they manage to somehow flip this with the knowledge that if they want so greatly, then others must to, an awareness that goes beyond themselves. With this often comes golden generosity, the ability to take with the expectation that they will also give too. They want to feel like number one, but they grow to understand that maybe so do other people too.

Virgo: The Cluttered to The Healer

Virgo can feel like they have heightened senses, the ability to zoom in on the fine details to the disadvantage to the broad horizon, maybe even leaving them with the knowledge of anything that goes amiss, no matter how small. They are often high strung and process things very quickly, a jitteriness to them at times. Yet this ability to really see and understand the details can give them this natural healing ability, the talent of extending their hand to those that may struggle with daily tasks or living to a high quality in the day to day. This should and cannot be undervalued, and they know this. They often have an intuitive knowledge of the human body, natural remedies and more importantly, simple kindness.

Libra: The Swayed to The Just

Libra can find that keeping the peace feels better that sticking to their own will, that creating a charming atmosphere of compromise is easier than bringing about conflict. Yet, this can be a wonderful trait for diffusing anger or aggression, of being able to unite the left with the right and still be able to smile at the end of it. As they grow however, they often find a value system to live by, a way of judging the world around them but with an open mind and heart, whether this is to do with the law or their own code of morality. They appreciate and believe in a system whereby everyone is treated well and fairly, but ultimately judge things justly too.

Scorpio: The Secretive to The Liberator

Scorpio can be reserved to the extreme, building walls between themselves and the people around them, yet this often comes about because of their empathic nature, of needing a break from soaking in the atmosphere and the emotions of the people around them. As they go through personal growth, they can intuit the motives and the thoughts of the people around them, bringing the darkest and most unappealing aspects of ourselves into the light. They can grow into people that can find beauty in the parts of ourselves that we hide away, teaching us to release resistance to them. With this, they can be our liberators.

Sagittarius: The Irresponsible to The Mentor

Sagittarius find their spirit in living as freely as they can, to losing the plans in place of something that gives them the liberty to live how they want to, when they want to. They don’t do well with too much structure or restriction, yet in others eyes, this can lead to a recklessness, an inability to obey the rules of others and instead live without responsibility. Yet, as they grow older and under the guidance of their home house, the ninth house of higher learning and travel, they often find themselves as a spirit that seeks wisdom in many forms, and beyond this, seeks to give this wisdom to others. Their infectious spirit can fill the pages of books, but also fill the minds of those that admire them.

Capricorn: The Restricted to The Visioned

Capricorn know the struggles of their ruling planet Saturn, the planet of lessons, as they are often a reserved personality that can feel like they have to leap over one hurdle to the next to really get what they want out of life, like they break out of their shell time and time again, or simply outgrow it. Yet, Capricorn are also defined a lot by their dreams, something that we may not at first consider for such a tangible orientated and practical energy. Their striving motion, that moving forward with method, intelligence and wit can have them looking at the top of the mountain, not just the mountain itself. If there is something to win, a title to hold, or a personal goal to reach, then trust Capricorn to achieve this.

Aquarius: The Rebel to The Activist

Aquarius are system breakers, catalysts to change, yet sometimes they can enjoy the pure thrill of destroying the archaic, whether it is for a righteous cause or not. They can flourish in the destruction itself rather than what comes after it. Through their growth however, they often learn how to use this nature in a way that paves the way to something better, that lends itself to those that live without a voice or those that are vulnerable. They learn the art of protest, of holding people to account to proceed into a more just and virtuous society. In this, they are not denying that urge to shake things up, to hold a mirror to society, but are also actively ready for what comes after.

Pisces: The Vague to The Transcendent

Pisces often don’t obey the rules, the norms of this world, not to be actively rebellious, but because they can see so many different ways of doing things. For each person they meet, another idea seems to grow, yet when they wish to communicate this to others, it can seem other worldly, strange, too vague for practical application. Pisces often learn how to transcend these struggles and criticisms, to show us new ways of existing from a higher perspective but with a caring and compassionate heart. Vagueness, nothing of solid form can turn to things we have only ever dreamed of. They often long for utopia, and when they transcend their restrictions or worries, they can introduce a piece of it right here, much the innovator. 

Zodiac teachers 🍏

Lessons from the signs, the sign that comes after can teach the sign before it.

🔅Aries teaches Pisces to live in the now and not takes things too serious

🔅Taurus teaches Aries to stop and process, smell the roses

🔅Gemini teaches Taurus to handle the details, and then to move on

🔅Cancer teaches Gemini to protect their heart

🔅Leo teaches cancer to come out of their shell

🔅Virgo teaches Leo to be selfless

🔅Libra teaches Virgo tolerance and patience with others

🔅Scorpio teaches libra to go deeper, dig deeper

🔅Sagittarius teaches Scorpio to go broader and let go

🔅Capricorn teaches Sagittarius discipline and focus and timing

🔅Aquarius teaches Capricorn to be free and break the mold

🔅Pisces teaches Aquarius to transcend their thoughts and feelings into the collective


Aries; The teacher who yells all the time but is actually pretty cool.

Taurus; The do whatever you want teacher

Gemini; The teacher who makes everyone sit in a sitting plan

Cancer; The teacher who stresses out about everything and makes you feel bad

Leo; The teacher who always goes off track in the lesson and talks about their life

Virgo; The teacher who doesn’t give a damn who you are, DONT MESS UP THEIR LESSON

Libra; The really young and nice teacher who everyone can relate to

Scorpio; The teacher who hates everyone. Everyone.

Sagittarius; The enthusiastic teacher who won’t stop jumping around

Capricorn; The teacher who has every type of stationary/equipment there is

Aquarius; The teacher who everyone goes to talk to about their problems

Pisces; The really shy teacher who no one listens to

This is probably not true, but i base it of my opinion of people around me. I hate and love school at the same time😂

The Signs As Things My Teachers Have Said

Aries - “There’s an increased chance I’ll run naked through the French Quarter but they won’t charge me extra for it”

Taurus - “Wow, I really like drugs and sports don’t I?”

Gemini - “Buzz Lightyear was real saucey”

Cancer - “Welcome to the last first Monday morning of your first day of your junior year for the rest of your life!!”

Leo - “All that glitters is disco”
Virgo - “If Trump wins the Latino vote I’ll shave my head and teach a class naked”

Libra - “Flip the wagons!”

Scorpio - “If you have to be lazy to keep from killing yourself, be lazy”
Saggitarius - “Benjamin Franklin’s father was a wet noodle”

Capricorn - “Welcome to real life. Nobody wins.”

Aquarius - “I’m really disappointed that no one has put memes on their lab reports yet.”

Pisces - “Everything just needs a random dog. Everything.”

Lilith Archetypes

Lilith (Black Moon) Disclaimer: The full influence of Lilith isn’t always common. We always have challenges and trials to overcome in life. There is a dark side to life. You are the ruler of your life not astrology. 

Aries Lilith tends to be influenced and hurt by coworkers, employees, males in their life, and people in their life with anger issues.

Aries Lilith is associated with becoming the warriors, fighters, bullies, gamblers, unhealthy risk-takers, killers, and a person who is overcome by their rage and acts on it brutally.

Taurus Lilith can be hurt and influenced by females in their life, the media (especially art/aesthetics), muses, or finances. They can be hurt and influenced by someone with a lot of financial power over them or someone who is a stable person in their life.

Taurus Lilith can become the seducer, hoarder, penny-pincher, usurer, a glutton, or is dishonest with materialism, money, and pleasure.

Gemini Lilith can be influenced and hurt by extended family, friends, acquaintances, siblings, students, and teachers.

Gemini Lilith is associated with turning into a thief, gossiper, unfaithful, con artist, plagiarist, liar, whistleblower, instigator, and trickster.

Cancer Lilith can be hurt and influenced by immediate family, especially the mom or grandma. Can be hurt by mentor, coach, and community leader. 

Cancer Lilith can turn into the traitor, profanator, selfish manipulator, coward, gives into vices, has terrible habits & attachments.

Leo Lilith can be hurt and influenced by lovers, their own children, bullies, and people with power or fame.

Leo Lilith can turn into the gambler, party-addict, gives into wild impulses, the abuser, the user, a pimp, and a heart-breaker.

Virgo Lilith can be influenced and hurt by coworkers, bosses, those that will take advantage of them, caretakers, and even healers.

Virgo Lilith can turn into the hustler, a lackey, suck-up, dependent/parasite, negative caretaker, and dangerous in medicine.

Libra Lilith can be influenced and hurt by lovers, friends, allies, and people they have deals with.

Libra Lilith is associated with becoming a schemer, gossiper, initiator, unjust, emotional vampire, seducer, and general corruption.

Scorpio Lilith can be influenced and hurt by truly dangerous people. Can be a victim of abuse of all kinds. Death in family associated.

Scorpio Lilith is associated with becoming a lot of bad things. Criminal activity, abuse, and self-destruction are its main themes.

Sagittarius Lilith can be influenced and hurt by false ideological and religious leaders, selfish people, con artist, reckless loved ones.

Sagittarius Lilith is associated with becoming a gambler, dangerous risk-taker, obsessed with competition, false prophet, and imposture.

Capricorn Lilith can be influenced and hurt by males, authority figures, powerful people (especially in politics), and their father.

Capricorn Lilith is associated with turning into the tyrant, cold cynic, power abuser, self-harm, blackmailer, and neglectful.

Aquarius Lilith can be influenced and harmed by groups, peer pressure, friends, and current ideals or beliefs.

Aquarius Lilith is associated with being the anarchist, traitor, trickster, deranged rebel, outcast, and discourages dreams or identity.

Pisces Lilith can be hurt and influenced by family members, friends, and lovers. Essentially anyone truly close to them.

Pisces Lilith can turn into the addict, give into criminal behavior, the cruel manipulator, have a heavy victim mindset, and have a us vs. them mentality.

the signs as stupid shit i've done in my 11th grade year of high school
  • aries: ate an entire box of twinkies in study hall
  • taurus: almost started a fight but didn't get detention because i'm the teacher's pet
  • gemini: skipped class to go get coffee
  • cancer: sang the first verse of "alexander hamilton" in world history class
  • leo: went a whole day without wearing shoes of any sort
  • virgo: made out with a girl behind a concessions stand
  • libra: wrote "STICKING IT TO THE MAN" on my progress report and tore it in half in front of the whole class
  • scorpio: photoshopped Joseph Stalin's face onto the body of Fabio, printed it out and taped it to my friend's locker
  • sagittarus: broke a plate in Home Ec Class and offered the teacher $20 instead of cleaning it up
  • capricorn: spent a whole day in the office sleeping because I didn't get any sleep the night before
  • aquarius: got the school van stuck in a snow bank during Driver's Ed class
  • pisces: dropped the F bomb in front of the super strict music teacher at least three times in one day and didn't get reprimanded
Signs as Shit my Philosophy Teacher Says:
  • Aries: "Don't bring me that smoothie bullshit, I want real, authentic, Indian food!"
  • Taurus: "Yo, I know you're the head bitch here, but you're wrong"
  • Gemini: "We are still suffering, bitches"
  • Cancer: "Guys, you need to know the bible"
  • Leo: "That guy isn't compassionate, he's a dick"
  • Virgo: "You don't deserve shit!"
  • Libra: "Gotta learn how to love it, gotta learn how to hug it"
  • Scorpio: "We are all messed up, we are all broken"
  • Sagittarius: "That's bullshit just keep the money"
  • Capricorn: "Someone has peeled an onion here right- Are. You. Kidding me?!"
  • Aquarius: "Hey man I'm depressed and that sucks"
  • Pisces: "Shut up! I'm good at art guys!"
  • -
  • SIGNS: So to start of there are 12 signs, these are the basic personalities<br>
  • Here are some negative and positive traits of the signs to help you understand them better <br>
  • -<br>
  • Aries Positive: Independent, Generous, Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Courageous <br>
  • Aries Negative: Moody, Short Tempered, Self-involved, Impulsive, Impatient</p>
  • Taurus Positive: Dependable, Persistent, Loyal, Patient, Generous
  • Taurus Negative: Stubborn, Laziness, Possessive, Materialistic, Self-indulging
  • Gemini Positive: Energetic, Clever, Imaginative, Witty, Adaptable
  • Gemini Negative: Superficial, Impulsive, Restless, Devious, Indecisive
  • Cancer Positive: Loyalty, Dependable, Caring, Adaptable, Responsive
  • Cancer Negative: Moody, Clingy, Self-pitying, Oversensitive, Self-absorbed</p>
  • Leo Positive: Confident, Ambitious, Generous, Loyal, Encouraging
  • Leo Negative: Pretentious, Domineering, Melodramatic, Stubborn, Vain
  • Virgo Positive: Observant, Helpful, Reliable, Precise
  • Virgo Negative: Skeptical, Fussy, Inflexible, Cold, Interfering
  • Libra Positive: Diplomatic, Graceful, Peaceful, Idealistic, Hospitable
  • Libra Negative: Superficial, Vain, Indecisive, Unreliable
  • Scorpio Positive: Loyal, Passionate, Resourceful, Observant, Dynamic
  • Scorpio Negative: Jealous, Obsessive, Suspicious, Manipulative, Unyielding
  • Sagittarius Positive: Adventurous
  • Idealistic,Good Humored, Honest, Educated
  • Sagittarius Negative: Tactless, Rambling, Exaggerating, Careless, Irresponsible
  • Capricorn Positive: responsible, patient, ambitious, resourceful. loyal
  • Capricorn Negative: dictatorial, inhibited, conceited, distrusting, unimaginative
  • Aquarius Positive: Witty, Clever, Humanitarian, Inventive, Original
  • Aquarius Negative: Stubborn, Unemotional, Sarcastic, Rebellious, Aloof
  • Pisces Positive: Compassionate, Adaptable, Accepting, Devoted, Imaginative
  • Pisces Negative: Oversensitive, Indecisive, Self-pitying, Lazy, Escapist
  • -
  • PLANETS: There are 10 planets, each one has a meaning and is ruled by one or two signs
  • For example Jupiter, if you were born with Jupiter under Taurus you are a Taurus Jupiter
  • If you wanna know what this means you look at Taurus' basic traits and apply that to the meaning of the planet
  • There are personal planets and Public planets
  • The personal planets change faster than the public planets and therefore are the base of your personality and will shine more
  • Here are the planets plus what they mean in your life and how they describe your personality
  • -
  • The sun: The sun is ruled by Leo and is a personal planet, it changes every month and reflects your basic personality
  • The moon: The moon is ruled by Cancer and is a personal planet, it changes every 2-3 days and reflects your emotions, moods and relationship with mother
  • Mercury: Mercury is ruled by Virgo and Gemini and is a personal planet, it changes every 3-4 weeks and reflects your communication and mind
  • Venus: Venus is ruled by Taurus and Libra and is a personal planet, it changes every 4-5 weeks and reflects your love & attraction
  • Mars: Mars is ruled by Aries and (co ruled) by Scorpio and is a personal planet, it changes every 6-7 weeks and reflects your anger, drive and energy
  • Jupiter: Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius and is a public planet, it changes every 12-13 months and reflects your luck, growth and wisdom
  • Saturn: Saturn is ruled by Capricorn and is a public planet, it changes every 2-3 years and reflects your discipline, fears & challenges
  • Uranus: Uranus is ruled by Aquarius and is a public planet, it changes every 7 years and reflects your change, originality and generation
  • Neptune: Neptune is ruled by Pisces and is a public planet, it changes every 10-12 years and reflects your healing process and dreams
  • Pluto: Pluto is ruled by Scorpio and is a public planet, it changes every 12-15 years and reflects your power and transformation
  • -HOUSES: there are 12 houses, each house is the home of one sign and describes a different aspect in your life, they can change every 15 minutes and are used in two different ways
  • The first one is that you have the 12 houses and a sign in each one of them, it describes how you will handle these aspects in your life
  • The second one is that you have a house in each planet, for example if you're a Taurus Jupiter and you're born while Jupiter was in the 6th house you are a Jupiter Taurus in the 6th house, the 6th house is the home of Virgo, so that means you're a Jupiter Taurus Virgo, its like a second sign but less prominent
  • And now here are the houses and what aspect in life they rule, you can use this in the first way of houses and how they are used
  • -
  • 1st house/Ascendant&Rising: the home of Aries, this house reflects the personality, the face you show the world and your physical appearance
  • 2nd house: the home of Taurus, this house reflects earned money and material goods
  • 3rd house: the home of Gemini, this house reflects surroundings, siblings and studies
  • 4th house/Imum Coeli: the home of cancer, reflects the family, home, origins and the father
  • 5th house: the home of Leo, reflects love, pleasure, children and creativity
  • 6th house: the home of Virgo, it reflects everyday life, daily work and health
  • 7th house/Descendant: the home of libra, it reflects marriage, associations and contracts
  • The 8th house: the home of Scorpio, reflects passions, transformation, death, and sexuality
  • 9th house: the house of Sagittarius, it reflects traveling, higher concepts and spirituality
  • 10th house/Midheaven: the home of Capricorn, it reflects social success, careers and the mother
  • 11th house: the home of Aquarius, it reflects friends, support and protections in life
  • 12th house: the home of Pisces, it reflects enemies, difficulties and secrets
  • -
  • GROUPS,ORDER & RELATIONSHIPS: In astrology there are different groups and connections between the signs
  • This shows why the signs are put in this particular order, it shows a pattern
  • In the lists below I'll also explain how this effects the signs and their personality
  • -Elements: the signs
  • Aries: Fire
  • Taurus: Earth
  • Gemini: Air
  • Cancer: Water
  • Leo: Fire
  • Virgo: Earth
  • Libra: Air
  • Scorpio: Water
  • Sagittarius: Fire
  • Capricorn: Earth
  • Aquarius: Air
  • Pisces: Water
  • -
  • Elements: the meaning/keywords
  • -
  • Fire Positive: Energetic, Inspiring, Leaders, Passionate, Creative
  • Fire Negative: Selfish, Flighty, Impulsive, Short tempered
  • Earth Positive: Productive, Practical, Loyal, Determined, Strong Opinions
  • Earth Negative: Materialistic, Demanding, Cold, Fearfull, Greedy
  • Air Positive: Inventors, Social, Nice, Balanced, Smart
  • Air Negative: Superficial, Intuitive, Detached, Scattered
  • Water Positive: Compassionate, Artistic, Helpful, Sympathetic
  • Water Negative: Dramatic, Over-Emotional, Controling, Manipulative
  • -
  • Masculine & Feminine: The signs
  • -
  • Aries: Masculine
  • Taurus: Feminine
  • Gemini: Masculine
  • Cancer: Feminine
  • Leo: Masculine
  • Virgo: Feminine
  • Libra: Masculine
  • Scorpio: Feminine
  • Sagittarius: Masculine
  • Capricorn: Feminine
  • Aquarius: Masculine
  • Pisces: Feminine
  • -
  • Masculine & Feminine: The meaning
  • -
  • Masculine: heading forward, pushing the barrier, unaware of emotions, focused on the future, unaware of the things you say and do and the affect it has on people
  • Feminine: Feeling deeply, Cautious when it comes to actions and always thinking before doing, caring & especially for the ones you love
  • -
  • Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable: the signs
  • -
  • Aries: Cardinal
  • Taurus: Fixed
  • Gemini: Mutable
  • Cancer: Cardinal
  • Leo: Fixed
  • Virgo: Mutable
  • Libra: Cardinal
  • Scorpio: Fixed
  • Sagittarius: Mutable
  • Capricorn: Cardinal
  • Aquarius: Fixed
  • Pisces: Mutable
  • -
  • Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable: the meaning
  • -
  • Cardinal: The Cardinal signs are those that open a season (Aries Spring, Cancer Summer, Libra Fall, Capricorn Winter) these signs are known for their strong will, they are forceful and can get aggressive when someone stands in their way, they often start and cause things, they add thrill to the world
  • Fixed: the fixed signs are the signs that play when the season is in full working (Taurus spring,
  • Leo summer, Scorpio fall, Aquarius winter) they are passionate and see it as their duty to keep everything in order, they are known for their ego and how they can be very proud
  • They add order to the world
  • Mutable: The mutable signs are those that close a season (Gemini Spring, Virgo Summer, Sagittarius Fall, Pisces Winter) these are associated with leadership ambition, and being versatile
  • They often change their expression to meet the demands of other
  • They add change to the world
  • -
  • Sisters: the signs, opposites and twins
  • -
  • Aries: Libra
  • Taurus: Scorpio
  • Gemini: Sagittarius
  • Cancer: Capricorn
  • Leo: Aquarius
  • Virgo: Pisces
  • Libra: Aries
  • Scorpio: Taurus
  • Sagittarius: Gemini
  • Capricorn: Cancer
  • Aquarius: Leo
  • Pisces: Virgo
  • -
  • Sisters: the meaning
  • -
  • Aries & Libra: "The jock and the chearleader" , With Aries we create, with libra we refine
  • With Aries we make war, with libra we make peace
  • Both Aries and libra are likeable and strong- willed, they have a knack for seducing people
  • Fighting for justice
  • Taurus & Scorpio: "Calmness and Chaos" ,
  • With Taurus we life, with Scorpio we die
  • With Taurus we create harmony , with Scorpio we create drama.
  • Both possessive, magnetic, hard shell soft inside, sensitive
  • Gemini & Sagittarius: "The student and the teacher"
  • With Gemini we learn, with Sagittarius we know
  • With Gemini we jump from opinion to opinion, with Sagittarius we hold on to our beliefs
  • Both very charming, social, smart, witty
  • Know how to entertain and keep people their attention
  • Cancer & Capricorn: "The child and the mother"
  • With cancer we need to be taken care of, with Capricorn we need to do things alone
  • With cancer we feel bad for ourselves, with Capricorn we are hard on ourselves
  • Both Capricorn and Cancer know how to make dreams reality and think in solutions
  • They have high expectations from their lovers and friends and want loyalty and commitment
  • Leo & Aquarius: "The model and the designer"
  • With Aquarius we create, with Leo we show off
  • With Aquarius we are different, with Leo we follow trends
  • Both signs are proud and have a selfish side,they love all forms of art and like to show of their creativity
  • Virgo and Pisces: "Earth and Space"
  • With Pisces we dream, with Virgo we snap back to reality
  • With Pisces we make a mess, with Virgo we clean
  • Both signs are highly sensitive and have a love for concepts and detail
  • -
  • COMPATIBILITY: of course some signs get along better than others, that doesn't say that some signs don't have a chance together, each combination is possible and unique, some just need a bit more dedication
  • Also YOU CANT BASE COMPATIBILITY OFF OF ONLY YOUR SUN SIGN, there are more signs and of course no one will match perfect with each sign, so that's how you can see where you need to work on in the relationship,
  • An Example would be if you have a aries sun and the other person a Leo sun (planet of your ego and personality) it would match when it comes down to basic personality traits, because these two signs are very compatible
  • but if you have a Gemini mercury (the planet of the mind and communication) and the same other person has a Pisces mercury there may be some problems with communication and beliefs because Pisces and Gemini are less compatible
  • But now I'll explain how I know and calculate which signs are compatible, for this it is important to know the order and groups the signs are in (you can look back at the group part in this article)
  • -
  • 100% compatible: the best combination for each sign is one of the same element or the next masculine/feminine sign
  • For example, lets take Sagittarius (Fire and Masculine) best matches for this sign would be Aries and Leo (also fire) or Aquarius (the next sign after Sagittarius that is also masculine)
  • Another example is Pisces (Water and Feminine) the best matches would be Scorpio and Cancer (also water) or Taurus (the next sign after Pisces that is also feminine)
  • -
  • 90% compatible: the second best combination for each sign is their sister sign or the feminine/masculine sign before them
  • So again for example Sagittarius (Masculine) their second best match would be Gemini (their sister sign ) or libra (the first masculine sign before them)
  • Again another example Pisces (Feminine) their second best match would be Virgo (their sister sign)or Capricorn (the first feminine sign before them)
  • -
  • 50% compatible: the half/half matches are matches that could work but need some attention and effort.
  • These are the signs that are ruled by the same planet or are from the same category out of the fixed, mutable and cardinal signs
  • For example for Taurus libra would be a challenge but still has change of working because they are both ruled by Venus
  • Second example is Pisces and Sagittarius they are both cardinal signs so it could be possible
  • Another and last example is Virgo and Gemini, I'd give these a 60% because they are both ruled by the same planet AND they are both mutable signs
  • -
  • 30% compatible: the signs that are around the other sign,
  • So for example for Sagittarius Capricorn or Scorpio would be a hard match because Sagittarius stands between Scorpio and Capricorn on the list
  • And lastly I'd give 30% to the signs that have nothing in common,
  • So no same element, no fixed/mutable/cardinal/feminine/masculine similarity, and no same planet
  • For example Capricorn (Earth/Feminine/Cardinal/Saturn) and Gemini (Air/Masculine/Mutable/Mercury)
  • -
  • -
Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Many of your problems are because of the cursed baleen whale that you nearly killed during your time in the Navy.

Taurus: All Tauruses will receive a coupon for one (1) free stroke of luck, redeemable at any trader Joe’s.

Gemini: Your teacher can’t actually see other humans, she’s just pretending.

Cancer: It feeds.

Leo: You are hunting the future to death.

Virgo: Wash yourself in the lake under cover of night. If the moon is right, it will give you the reset you desire. Can’t tell you what moon is the right moon though, I’m a stars guy.

Libra: Acknowledge that the people in your life are multifaceted, reminesce on times passed as you elbow drop them in the jaw.

Scorpio: A spelling mistake tomorrow will lead to headaches and severe bowel misplacement.

Saggatarius: You have lost something. The moon alights on what you seek.

Capricorn: The stars are saying you’re a gold digger, they cannot agree if you are messing with a broke or not though.

Aquarius: Purify your body! Drink as much green tea as you can physically fit into your tiny mouth. Vomit.

Picses: Although painful, the crystalline horns sprouting from your temples are quite fashionable.

ID #44755

Name: Lilla

Age: 19

Country: Hungary

I’m a lover of classical arts (especially literature, architecture and painting), philosophy and history. I would like to be a teacher someday (Hungarian literature and English) and travel the world helping people. I consider myself a feminist who doesn’t believe in gender roles , an environmentalist and an LGBTQ ally.

My astrological sign is gemini and I’m a proud Hufflepuff. (I think by these two you can perfectly predict how extra I am).

When I’m not studying I enjoy a good book, a cup of black tea and some music (right now I’m reading Irwin Shaw’s Young Lions and my favourite band is the Sons of an Illustrious Father).

I also love movies, my preferred genres are biography, fantasy, horror and history.

I’ll send you memes and dog photos one day, and discuss the universe the next.

Preferences: Only text me if you are willing to share every tiny detail about your culture! I would prefer talking to people over (or around) 20. 

How a Teacher Views the Signs
  • Taurus: Lunch was 10 minutes ago
  • Gemini: Shut up. This is algebra, not gossip hour
  • Cancer: Can you like, not have feelings for a minute?
  • Leo: Just because you're popular it doesn't mean you're smart
  • Virgo: Why are you so smart it's not fair
  • Libra: I don't want to answer your questions on the meaning of life
  • Scorpio: There is more to life than death, the color black, and fucking in the bathroom.
  • Sagittarius: You are not looking up the definition of benevolent on your computer. You're on Buzzfeed. We ain't stupid. That's bovine scat.
  • Capricorn: Why can't all students be like you?
  • Aquarius: Nobody uses the bathroom for 15 minutes 3rd period every other day. You're obviously high. Or fucking Scorpio.
  • Pisces: Your doodles are gorgeous, but please pay attention because the pythagorean theorum is even more beautiful.
  • Aries: Horny Virgin
  • Taurus: Sweet, Superficial Kid
  • Gemini: Try-Hard Teacher
  • Cancer: Goth Kid
  • Leo: Smart, Popular Kid
  • Virgo: Nerd
  • Libra: New Kid
  • Scorpio: Slutty Kid
  • Sagittarius: Mean Girl
  • Capricorn: Jock
  • Aquarius: Mean Girl's Minion
  • Pisces: Gay Kid
Signs in class

Aries: Glaring at the teacher because they just got a detention

Taurus:  Counting down minutes to lunch

Gemini:  Talking without the teacher noticing (probably to Sagittarius or Leo)

Cancer: Passing notes to their significant other

Leo:  Trying to fix their hair and write down notes at the same time

Virgo:  Zoning out and thinking about stuff

Libra: Fell asleep

Scorpio:  Thinking up new pick up lines

Sagittarius: Talking to Gemini

Capricorn: Paying attention

Aquarius: Answering all the questions

Pisces:  Reading fanfic on phone under the table

Jobs For The Signs (10th House or Saturn Sign)
  • aries: Athlete, Entrepreneur, CEO, Manager, Solider
  • taurus: Artist, Musician, Accountant, Counselor, Chef
  • gemini: Author, Construction Worker, Teacher, Blogger, Public Speaker
  • cancer: Social Worker, Counselor, Nurse, Mayor, Nonprofit Owner
  • leo: Comedian, Actor, Congressperson, Business Owner
  • virgo: Librarian, Doctor, Veterinarian, Project Manager, Event Planner
  • libra: Lawyer, Fashion Designer, Actor, Wedding Planner, Judge
  • scorpio: Scientist, FBI Agent, Personal Trainer, Accountant, Interior Designer
  • sagittarius: Sales Representative, Travel Agent, Blogger, Language Teacher (in a different country), Historian
  • capricorn: Congressperson, Entrepreneur, Caregiver, Medical Assistant, Counselor
  • aquarius: Inventor, Scientist, Software Developer, Advertising Manager, Physicist
  • pisces: Pastor (or other spirtiual leader), Metaphysical Practitioner, Nurse, Public Speaker, Blogger