gemini spy

The signs as Team Fortress 2 characters
  • Aries: The Administrator
  • Taurus: Spy
  • Gemini: Scout
  • Cancer: Heavy Weapons Guy
  • Leo: Demoman
  • Virgo: Medic
  • Libra: Engineer
  • Scorpio: Soldier
  • Sagittarius: Miss Pauling
  • Capricorn: Sniper
  • Aquarius: Saxton Hale
  • Pisces: Pyro
the signs as battle of setauket things
  • Aries: caleb slapping ben's ass
  • Taurus: mary finding out abe is a spy
  • Gemini: simcoe screaming as it cuts to commercial break
  • Cancer: ensign baker walking in on abe and mary fighting
  • Leo: ben tackling caleb to the ground trying to protect him
  • Virgo: mary burning the farm
  • Libra: ben looking really good the whole episode
  • Scorpio: "i seem to remember your husband as a much quieter man."
  • Sagittarius: hewlett's disgusted face while looking through his telescope
  • Capricorn: anna jumping out of the boat
  • Aquarius: "i saw benjamin tallmadge all done up in blue and gold."
  • Pisces: selah's dramatic entrance/shooting the dejong tavern sign and kissing anna
The signs in a spy movie
  • Aries: The wayward villain-raised kid who later becomes the awkward member of the spy's team though still struggling with anger issues and confused morals.
  • Taurus: Second in command- the squad's computer hacker who never leaves their office throughout the entire movie. Is loved by the team.
  • Gemini: The villain's crazy lover who is freakishly loyal. Eventually forms an alliance with heroes after realizing what an asshole the villain is.
  • Cancer: The hero with great ideas who keeps getting walked all over and ignored by team mates- causing them to join the villain.
  • Leo: The super confident lead agent. NEVER follows the very clear rules that the leader has set. However, always gets out of a tight spot and completes a mission in an... alternative way.
  • Virgo: The obnoxiously honorable leader. Keeps a lot of things from getting done with their "honor." Also keeps a lot of lawsuits from happening. No one's really sure if they're just super noble or if they're actually the team's lawyer.
  • Libra: The hot field agent who's good at literally everything and saves everyone's asses on several occasions.
  • Scorpio: The antihero who lives in shades of grey. Isn't afraid to get their hands dirty but doesn't go out of their way to do evil shit.
  • Sagittarius: The villain's goofy sidekick who doesn't actually stand for anything the villain is doing but has a crush on them and could really use the cash.
  • Capricorn: The villain. Analytical, emotionless, psychopathic. When they want something (usually money or power) they will stop at nothing to get it. Takes the spies a long time to catch due to the villain''s preciseness. Puts the ass in classy.
  • Aquarius: The kid that doesn't actually do anything other than admire the spies from afar and hope that they invite them onto the team. Probably collects spy gadgets.
  • Pisces: The noble civilian whose parents were killed by villain. Becomes obsessed with villain and always predicts villain's next move. Helps the spies time and time again.

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The signs as spies

The signs just recently got into the spy business so lets see what type of spies each of the zodiac is!

Aries: The red one that kicks ass

Taurus: The tactical one

Gemini: The one who talks through out the missions

Cancer: The one who ends up feeling bad for the villains

Leo: The one who gets really angry and then kicks ass

Virgo: The one who has all the cool gadgets

Libra: The spy with the stylish outfit

Scorpio: The mysterious one who keeps a eye on everything

Sagittarius: The one who loves the travel

Capricorn : The one who comes up with the practical plans

Aquarius: The smart one of them all

Pisces: The quiet one who,when angry, surprises everyone.

Order vs Rebellion
  • Order: People under the Government.
  • Rebellion: People against the Government.
  • -
  • Aries: Champion of the Order
  • Taurus: Doctor of the Order
  • Gemini: Spy of the Rebellion
  • Cancer: Mediator of the Order
  • Leo: Leader of the Order
  • Virgo: Strategist of the Order
  • Libra: Mediator of the Rebellion
  • Scorpio: Champion of the Rebellion
  • Sagittarius: Spy of the Order
  • Capricorn: Strategist of the Rebellion
  • Aquarius: Leader of the Rebellion
  • Pisces: Doctor of the Rebellion
KPop Songs for the Signs
  • Aries: BTS- Danger
  • Taurus: Super Junior- Spy
  • Gemini: Taemin- Pretty Boy ft. Kai
  • Cancer: SHINee- Sherlock
  • Leo: Lee Hi- 1,2,3,4
  • Virgo: SHINee- View
  • Libra: Miss A- Breathe
  • Scorpio: Girls' Generation- Mr. Mr.
  • Sagittarius: AOA- Short Hair
  • Capricorn: 2NE1- Falling in Love
  • Aquarius: EXO- Two Moons ft. Key
  • Pisces: GOT7- Just Right
the signs as tf2 characters
  • aries: demoman (courageous, impulsive)
  • taurus: heavy (dependable, self-indulgent)
  • gemini: spy (witty, unpredictable)
  • cancer: soldier (spontaneous, protective)
  • leo: saxton hale (headstrong, egoistic)
  • virgo: medic (intelligent, fussy)
  • libra: the anouncer (just, detached)
  • scorpio: engineer (focused, resourceful)
  • sagittarius: scout (rebellious, over-confident)
  • capricorn: ms. pauling (work driven, practical)
  • aquarius: sniper (independent, distant)
  • pisces: pyro (soft-hearted, easygoing)
what the signs do when they're home alone and the doorbell rings
  • aries: grabs a knife and hides it in their sleeve
  • taurus: army crawls under something
  • gemini: acts like a spy and crawls over furniture and dive rolls around corners
  • cancer: turns off all the lights and pretends they're not home
  • leo: covers themselves with the nearest blanket and pretends they're not alive
  • virgo: answers like a normal human being (but is silently scared on the inside)
  • libra: sits in complete shock and doesn't react fast enough to actually answer the door
  • scorpio: pretends like they're in a spy movie and peeks through their window to check out the person
  • sagittarius: sits completely still and tries to melt into the couch they're sitting on
  • capricorn: answers the door and acts like its nbd
  • aquarius: squeals and sprints to their room and hides under their bed until the person leaves
  • pisces: "hello darkness my old friend"
The Signs In Medieval Times (Totally 100% Historically Accurate)
  • Aries: On the front lines being a fearsome knight that everyone respects.
  • Taurus: The Royal Chef who is renown for their signature dish.
  • Gemini: The spy in the court who sells the Crowns secrets to enemies and never gets caught.
  • Cancer: The princess being sold to secure an alliance because she has good hips or some shit so she can be a good mother but she loves a stable hand back home however it could never be.
  • Leo: The King of the castle who is vain af.
  • Virgo: The Queen who keeps Leo in check and is feared by the people.
  • Libra: The princess from some foreign land who is super charming and beautiful and she's trying to get in with the prince but Virgos all like "no, bitch."
  • Scorpio: The assassin single-handedly wiping out the Monarchy to avenge a lover killed in war.
  • Sagittarius: The hunter in the wilds slaying beasts that attack the village folk and protect those who don't
  • Capricorn: The Librarian collecting and studying all recorded knowledge.
  • Aquarius: The inventor who leads the world into a renaissance.
  • Pisces: The expressive artist who is completely overlooked in their lifetime to become a legend in death.
The Signs as Female Nancy Drew Characters

Aries: Dagny Silva, SEA

Taurus: Miwako Shimizu, SAW

Gemini: Zoe Wolfe, SPY

Cancer: Bess Marvin

Leo: Brenda Carlton, ASH

Virgo: Emily Crandall, CLK

Libra: Jamila El-Dine, TMB

Scorpio: Deirdre Shannon, ASH

Sagittarius: Beatrice Hotchkiss, TRT

Capricorn: Ethel Bosinny, CUR

Aquarius: Helena Berg, VEN

Pisces: Abby Sideris, MHM

The signs as hostages in a bank robbery
  • ♈ Aries: Asks to go to the bathroom, on the way they headbutt their escort and knocks them out. Makes a beak for the exit, but ends up getting shot in a fight two other robbers
  • ♉ Taurus: Sits silently by the vending machine eating snacks, waiting for the perfect moment to sneak out the exit
  • ♊ Gemini: Is secretly spying on everybody else for the robbers, as not to get shot
  • ♋ Cancer: Consoling Pisces, trying to keep everybody’s spirits up
  • ♌ Leo: Thinks they’re John Mcclane or some shit and tries to take on all the hostages. get’s their ass handed to them and a bullet in their head
  • ♍ Virgo: Gets into an argument with one of the robbers
  • ♎ Libra: Distracts the robbers whilst Scorpio tears a hole in the bottom of the money bag
  • ♏ Scorpio: Vows they will get revenge against the robbers, (tears a hole in the bottom of the bag while they’re not looking so that the money falls out and onto the floor as they run from the police)
  • ♐ Sagittarius: Makes a break for it and escapes
  • ♑ Capricorn: Spends the entire time planning the perfect way to escape, but by the time they have figured it out it’s too late and the robbery is over
  • ♒ Aquarius: Calm and collected. Just waits for the entire thing to blow over (answers all the cops questions afterwards)
  • ♓ Pisces: Sits and cries, constantly cursing the robbers
The Signs Being Spied On

Aries: takes them a while to notice the spy, but when they do, they go HAM.

Taurus: doesn’t notice, doesn’t care.

Gemini: nothing they do makes sense??? Impossible to tell if they are aware of the spy or not. They just do their normal thing.

Cancer: looks innocent and unaware, but they know when they’re being spied upon. Watch out.

Leo: loves the attention. Of course people would spy on them, they’re magnificent.

Virgo: the spy would get bored waiting for Virgo to do something interesting, and then they blink and Virgo is GONE.

Libra: the easiest to spy on tbh. But who is trying to get dirt on a Libra? 

Scorpio: impossible to spy on. One second the spy is *spying* and then SURPRISE they’re handcuffed to a table in an interrogation room DAMN. (Scorpio is the person Cancer calls to deal with their spy.)

Sagittarius: does things just to frustrate the spy. Runs through busy public spaces, drives like a maniac, talks in ~code~ etc, even when they’re not being spied upon…

Capricorn: takes them a bit to notice they’re being followed, but then every. single. thing. the Capricorn does is a passive-aggressive message to back off or else.

Aquarius: good luck finding one.

Pisces: is spying on everyone.

juubidemon-deactivated20141204  asked:

What do you think the signs would do if they were in the mafia?

Aries- Soldier, possibly a bomber

Taurus- Consigliere

Gemini- Spy

Cancer- Underboss

Leo- Street Boss

Virgo- either a soldier or personal doctor that works for them

Libra- Associated family member

Scorpio- Godfather

Sagittarius- Thief

Capricorn- Someone who has connections with the law

Aquarius- sort of a lone wolf who is associated with the Mafia and helps out when beneficial

Pisces- a loyal soldier, might be a Capo 

the signs as bad jokes and puns

aries: knock knock. who’s there? aries. aries who? aries breathable.
taurus: what do you get when you cross a t-rex and a taurus? a tyrannaTaurus-rex
gemini: I spy with my gemini
cancer: can I go to the bathroom? I don’t know if you can, sir.
leo: have you ever won an Oscar? wow.
virgo: aren’t you a virgin? you’re moms a virgin. no she’s not.
libra:my favorite actor is Jet Li, bruh
scorpio: that girl is poison
sagittarius: you have something on your shirt. I don’t saggi-care-ius
capricorn: that was pretty capricorny.
aquarius: what’s your biggest fear? water. that’s ironic.
pisces: what’s your favorite candy? Reese’s pisces.