gemini musicians

some of the best musicians’ signs

ARIES: Steven Tyler, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye

TAURUS: Iggy Pop, Bono, Joe Cocker, Steve Winwood, Billy Joel, Roy Orbinson, Joey Ramone

GEMINI: Morrissey, Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, Ray Davies, Paul McCartney

CANCER: Bon Scott, John Fogerty, Don Henley, Mick Jones

LEO: Joe Strummer, Mick Jagger, James Hetfield, Robert Plant, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Gillan 

VIRGO: Freddie Mercury, B. B. King, Roger Waters, Michael Jackson, Van Morrison, Buddy Holly, Dee Dee Ramone, Leonard Cohen

LIBRA: Sting, John Lennon, Bruce Springteen, Thom Yorke, Chuck Berry

SCORPIO: Elliot Smith, Neil Young, Bryan Adams, Jeff Buckley

SAGITTARIUS: Jim Morrison, Billy Idol, Paul Rodgers, Tina Turner, Jimi Hendrix

CAPRICORN: David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Rod Stewart, Eddie Vedder

AQUARIUS: Johnny Rotten, Axl Rose, Billie Joe Armstrong

PISCES: Johnny Cash, Roger Daltrey, Kurt Cobain, Lou Reed, Jon Bon Jovi, George Harrison

Musician Analyst

Artist: Jaymes Young
• Important Placements: Mercury and Venus Conjunct in Leo, in opposition with Neptune and Uranus. Moon in Gemini.
Audience: Target audience looks to be “Winter Venus”. Meaning it looks at Scorpio Venus, Sag Venus, Cap Venus and Aqua Venus and resonates with them well. It may also strike cords with the Gemini and Virgo Venuses.
• Song Type: Soulful, imo.
• Songs I Recommend: “I’ll Be Good” “Habits of My Heart” and anything on his debut EP “Dark Star”.
• Analysis: Having Mercury and Venus Conjunct, especially with a Gemini Moon, mimics the thinking of the Solo Venuses, or Scorpio/Sag/Cap/Aqua Venuses, with their anxiety over love, loss, and general social hardship. This heavily mimics that of Gemini Venus in particular, however due to these being in Leo, he resonates with many through his writing and singing, naturally drawing in intense and large audiences, despite the fact he isn’t overly popular.

The Signs as Musicians
  • (Based on their actual signs)
  • Aries: Marvin Gaye
  • Taurus: James Brown
  • Gemini: Bob Dylan
  • Cancer: Beck
  • Leo: Madonna
  • Virgo: Amy Winehouse
  • Libra: John Lennon
  • Scorpio: Neil Young
  • Sagittarius: Jim Morrison
  • Capricorn: David Bowie
  • Aquarius: Bob Marley
  • Pisces: Kurt Cobain
The Signs as Tumblr's Favorite Artists

Aries: Lana Del Rey
Taurus: Fall Out Boy
Gemini: Twenty One Pilots
Cancer: Childish Gambino
Leo: Taylor Swift
Virgo: The 1975
Libra: Beyonce
Scorpio: Melanie Martinez
Sagittarius: Lorde
Capricorn: Marina and the Diamonds
Aquarius: My Chemical Romance
Pisces: Sky Ferreira

signs as kanye west tweets
  • aries: "And y'all so worried about being likeable but only a few are concerned about being great!!!"
  • taurus: "I know I confuse you guys sometimes but please bare with me."
  • gemini: "So many musicians touch my life and made me who I am… I want to make something great to honor my idols…"
  • cancer: "I have millions of ideas and I represent a new generation just trying to express themselves in a broken world."
  • virgo: "Ima take these down cause it’s all about positive energy blessings blessings positive energy blessings"
  • libra: "I'm an artist...the definition of art - or at least my definition - is to be able to see the truth and then express it..."
  • scorpio: "Maximum expression while I have air in my lungs."
  • sagittarius: "Please, Do everything you possibly can in one lifetime."
  • capricorn: "Exes can be mad but just know I never let them play with my ass… I don’t do that… I stay away from that area all together"
  • aquarius: "I have no interest in working with anyone who is too important or too good or too traditional to take a call at 3am"
  • pisces: "I want to steer clear of “opportunities" and focus on dreams."
Zodiac Female Musicians Based On Actual Signs

♈ Aries ♈

Lady Gaga, Zola Jesus, Kimbra, Karin Dreijer Andersson(The Knife), Tracy Chapman

♉ Taurus ♉

Enya, Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Adele, Cher, Ella Fitzgerald

♊ Gemini ♊

Azealia Banks, Lana Del Rey, Stevie Nicks, Laurel Halo, Alanis Morrisetti, Jewel

♋ Cancer ♋

Courtney Love, Hope Sandoval, Cyndi Lauper, M.I.A, Sky Ferreira, Missy Elliot

♌ Leo ♌

Charlie XCX, Romy Madley (The XX), Madonna, Yuki Kaijura

♍ Virgo ♍

Beyonce, Alice Glass, Fiona Apple, Florence Welch, Joann Jett, Amy Winehouse, Shirley Manson

♎ Libra ♎

St. Vincent, Marina and the Diamonds, Origa, Jonna Lee (Iamiamwhoami), Gwen Stefani

♏ Scorpio ♏

Bjork, Kathleen Hanna, Sza, Lorde, Grace Slick, Chelsea Wolfe

♐ Sagittarius ♐

Nicki Minaj, Kat Bjelland (Babes in Toyland), Sia, Dionne Warwick, Sinead O’Conner

♑ Capricorn ♑

Fka Twigs, Utada Hikaru, Beth Gibbons (Portishead), Janis Joplin, Pat Benatar, Dido

♒ Aquarius ♒

Kyary, Sheryl Crow, Alicia Keys, TInashe, Shakira, Yukimi Nagano (Little Dragon)

♓ Pisces ♓

Grimes, ‘Elly’ (LA Roux), Pharmakon(?), Rihanna, Lykki Li, Miki Berenyi (Lush), Helen Marnie (Ladytron) 

dd1266-deactivated20140923  asked:

What each sign's role be in high school?

Do you mean like stereotypes? Really any of the signs can fit into any high school group. In general:

Aries- Athlete, part of school council, bully, person always trying to prove them self somehow.

Taurus- Girl or guy who is always going in and out of relationships, possibly an art kid or musician

Gemini- Social butterfly, school council, maybe part of the school year book, class president, or party person (but secretly very smart and good in school, might love to read)

Cancer- the shy person or good guy/girl, but a lot of them were secretly badasses, some Cancers can fit into the punk group or indie group.

Leo- drama kid, prom queen/king, athlete (probably cheerleader or football), if an outlier they dressed very dramatically and stood out.

Virgo- the nerd, the bookworm, possibly a shy person, probably on the school yearbook or paper, they are the person everyone cheats off of.

Libra- teacher’s pet, nice guy/girl, might be one of those people who always has their best friend attached to the hip, could also date a lot.

Scorpio- is probably part of a “different” group like hipsters, punk, Goth, emo, elite art people, hippie, etc.

Sagittarius- athlete, class-clown, foreign exchange student, maybe a party person.

Capricorn- very smart, honor roll student, head of a club, valedictorian, or strangely enough they could be an outsider who just does their own thing and has a few friends.

Aquarius- total hipster, maybe a full on hippie, computer nerd, a rebel, and possibly a drug dealer

Pisces- they are a student who really gets into their hobby. If they are an athlete that is WHO they are. They are 100 % gamer, art student, or party person, or whatever they choose.