gemini hypnotized

Venus Sign & Appearance

Aries Venus: Strong jawline
Taurus Venus: Dimpled beauty
Gemini Venus: Hypnotic smile
Cancer Venus: Large breasts
Leo Venus: Sensual back
Virgo Venus: Graceful hands
Libra Venus: Wide hips
Scorpio Venus: Intense eyes
Sagittarius Venus: Elegant neck
Capricorn Venus: Prominent bones
Aquarius Venus: Beautiful nose
Pisces Venus: Curvy figure

An Aries views on each sign
  • Aries: yass bitch. We have so much fun, you're all cool af. Our stubbornness is what gets us through life.
  • Taurus: how are you almost as stubborn as me but you're so level headed?
  • Gemini: i love hanging out with Gemini's! you're almost hypnotizing with your amazing mind. But i would like it very much if you wouldn't change it every two seconds or tell me what to do. You don't know everything.
  • Cancer: you're hot af. You may be a little too emotional but you are some of the nicest people i know. Plus you have the biggest heart. Don't let things get you down so easily!
  • Leo: you're cocky but in an adorable way & it makes me smile. And you're all little rays of sunshine haha
  • Virgo: im kind of indifferent about most of you. Easy to get a long with but just very different from me.
  • Libra: you seem nice at first but you come off fake. You're also kind of all over the place. Plus you need to take a stand for yourself sometimes.
  • Sagittarius: you're incredibly sweet & the way you talk about the future gives me hope. You never fail to cheer me up or make me feel good. But sometimes you are blind to other people's feelings. And sometimes you're not right.
  • Capricorn: I can only take so much of your rules and order until i feel like im suffocating. But, you are pretty easy to talk to & ive never met an ugly capricorn.
  • Aquarius: I love you but stop shutting down. You are so laid back and I would totally want more friends like you. Keep being cool (;!
  • Pisces: you are worth way more than you think & it's almost frustrating for me. You're a good friend but sometimes you can be a loud mouth. But its never on purpose. Plus you go out of your way for anybody.
In 2 words , they're
  • Sagittarius: captivating, vivid
  • Cancer: Adorable, ethereal
  • Aries: Gorgeous, colourful
  • Gemini: Hypnotizing, playful
  • Pisces: Classy, opulent
  • Leo: Graceful, brilliant
  • Libra: Lovely, scintillating
  • Scorpio: Infatuating, bold
  • Aquarius: Foxy, dramatic
  • Capricorn: Electrifying, sparkly
  • Taurus: Stunning, soothing
  • Virgo: Flawless, happy
the signs as vocab words

aries: rambunctious (uncontrollably exuberant)
taurus: languid (slow)
gemini: compelling (hypnotic-like persuasion)
cancer: opulent (lush)
leo: effervescent (bubbly)
virgo: Inglenook (cozy nook by the hearth)
libra: serendipity (unexpected happiness)
scorpio: chatoyant (like a cats eye)
sagittarius: venture (explore)
capricorn: offing (sea between horizon and offshore)
aquarius: aesthetic (beauty)
pisces: clairvoyant (psychic, having a 6th sense)