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Name: Alexandria

Nickname(s): Alex, Cat, Desi, and others I prefer not to list.~

Star Sign: Gemini

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Favorite Color: Pink

Current Time: 12:39am

Avg. Hours of Sleep: between 6-10hours

Lucky Number: 8, 10, 13

Last Thing Googled: transparent photos

Favorite Fictional Character: Romona Flowers

What Are You Listening to Now: the fan blowing in my room

Dream Job: I don’t even know anymore tbh

What I’m Currently Wearing: pj shorts and no shirt

Height: 5′5"

When Did You Start the Blog: like a year ago

Side Blogs: I started a gaming blog but I soon deleted it.

Most Active Followers: I know there’s a way to check on my desktop, but I don’t know at the moment.

Why Get A Tumblr: @littlebearforce convinced me

Get Asks Often: I DON’t and it makes me sad

Why Your Current URL: I am cat. I like coffee. It’s a cute pun.

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The Signs as Badass Girls
  • Aries:Sailor Mars, Xena, Arya Stark, Olivier Mira Armstrong, Tarene
  • Taurus:Katniss Everdeen, Mikasa Ackerman, Ellen Ripley, Michonne, Peggy Carter, Kate Beckett
  • Gemini:Buffy Summers, Sarah Connor, Jessica Jones, Sailor Mercury, Barbara Gordon
  • Cancer:Jean Grey, Sailor Moon, Carol Peletier, Astrid Hofferson, Brooke Davis
  • Leo:Daenerys Targaryen, Leeloo, Tris Prior, Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, Clarke Griffin
  • Virgo:Lisbeth Salander, Hermione Granger, Sun Bak, Toph Beigfong, Dana Scully
  • Libra:Sailor Venus, Éowyn, Black Widow, Nyota Uhura, Cristina Yang, Ally McBeal
  • Scorpio:Imperator Furiosa, Batwoman, Alex Vause, Beatrix Kiddo, Olivia Pope
  • Sagittarius:Princess Mononoke, Merida, Ororo Munroe, Sailor Jupiter, Korra
  • Capricorn:Brienne of Tarth, Samus Aran, Mulan, Hit-Girl, Stella Gibson, "Bones"
  • Aquarius:Lara Croft, Batgirl, Jill Valentine, Ramona Flowers, Leslie Shay, Liz Lemon
  • Pisces:Tifa Lockhart, Scavenger Rey, Faith Connors, Mindy Lahiri, Lorelai Gilmore, Bonnie Bennett
♊ How to attract a Gemini ♊
  • Keep things new and exciting
  • Keep them on their toes
  • Take them out to different places
  • Try new things together
  • Keep things constantly changing, or be open to change
  • Don’t be jealous/avoid showing excessive signs of jealousy
  • Have a good sense of humor, make them laugh
  • Be a good conversationalist
  • Give them lots of space while still being able to trust them
  • Avoid anything too emotional or depressing
  • Tease them and be playful with them
  • Be open minded and accepting
  • Have a flexible lifestyle
  • Be lighthearted, free spirited and silly
  • Talk to them frequently
  • Keep the spark of their inner child alive
  • Don’t try to tie them down
  • Be spontaneous
  • Don’t be too shy or reclusive
  • Have fun debates with them

Okay, I am usually pretty much ignorant about stuff like hate on anything, because you know, you can’t change the entire planet’s mind about something they’ve got deep cores about.

But you know what? There’s actually something that’s about to piss me freaking off and that pretty cutie little thingie is the hate people throw at the Gemini sign in this site and EVEN in my daily life. Guys, what the actual fuck? It’s probably the zodiac sign you’ll never get the truth about because all you know is that it’s so easy to call someone or something “two-faced”, “childish”, “flirty”, “overly-excited” and so on. That’s bullshit and you know also what? Now I’m gonna clear this for you.

Geminian unnoted traits, pluses and minuses, related to Greek mythology as its finest:

Gemini is operated by the planet Mercury and in Greek mythology Hermes (or Mercury, related to Roman mythology) is the messenger between the celestial skies and Earth. He is usually portrayed with winged shoes and cap, which makes him the fastest of them all and here we got something - what’s faster than the human thought? Hermes was gifted to be the only god who could speak with both the mortals and gods, who could live on the Earth and Olympus at the same time, so he had the ability to understand them both, but here’s the price: he'd be unable to have conversations and stay for long at one point and place - he has his work to do and information to carry and for this, his brain must be the very best of all - and here we got another point:


  • Sharp and open-minded 
  • Curious about new information 
  • Logical way of thinking
  • Quick witted 

But when you take these traits and add a dash of human nature, human body and processes, we have more:

  • Can get nervous very fast
  • Thought outstrips tongue 
  • Anxiety
  • Extremely sensitive (do I need to explain this?)

So here we have two alleys - Mercury’s The Great Teacher of the Zodiac and The Eternal Student and you, of course, could be both - you can chose if you want to learn, to get higher and higher, to get beyond humanity with the information you’re capable to collect and the other path - you can give yourself up on your thoughts and that is very, very common with young Geminis and of course they can “grow” as that (-):

  • Fake attitude (because the reality hurts so much and we don’t need to try)
  • Childish (because at that point the Gemini refuses to grow up and see)
  • Rude (”Who cares what you’ve gotta say, I don’t want to listen, I want to be thoughtless, I am thoughtless, so let me act as that”)
  • Gossip (”I know something you don’t and I know how to use it for my favor or in your damage.”
  • Copy-cat (don’t make me explain this)
  • Impulsiveness
  • Negative extroverts

Or, as I previously mentioned, when a Gemini wants to succeed and is aware of its capacity, trust me, he knows it and if you try to stop a Gemini of getting hire, he is going to put you on your place, because we are very observational and we saw what you did there and why did you do it. We absorb every single thing that exists, like a sponge. It’s all logic!

  • Have a hidden talent in science
  • Very fast learners
  • Good actors 
  • Perfect in convincing people
  • Sarcastic
  • Serious
  • Not too serious so we can throw black humor 
  • Always know what to say, because we were prepared for all that questions you are already and about to ask
  • Know how to use their charms

Basically we are the most human of all and at the same time - the least. If you make sure a Gemini is fulfilled with your love, if you’re ready to see through the eyes of the infinite child, to look at the world from a different angle, then trust me - you’ve already caught us. If you feel something, we feel it 10x stronger because of our brain and because we are all humans - we deeply believe it’s all there, in the brain. And our thoughts hurt. We are too sensitive to take, just like a little pure child. Don’t stop us from growing, help us and trust me, the very best teacher you can get in your life is a Gemini. Yes, we will always overthink but as a Gemini individual, I personally learned that because it’s all in the brain, then my brain decides to believe it’s all in the mind, then in the soul and then I am infinite. I am air - shape my relationship with you. I can fly - don’t cut my wings and I’ll make sure you’ll only receive the pure truth, because…we can’t get why someone we get along with would lie to us? Even if we do, there’s another thing we hardly get, just because for your reason we have 10 more that we can’t just “shoo”out of our mind and we are very, very hard to get. We are the most complicated sign. And then…

think about our Rising sign





and all the other planets, houses, aspects that you’re missing and how they’re standing and confronting each other and with the signs. Mash this up. Make it a mess. Here you have a HUMAN

I am a Gemini with Leo rising, Pisces Moon. And I dare you talk shit about my sign. 

REBLOG THIS! It’s very important, really. We need this.

You go, Gems.

Why you should be proud to be a GEMINI~

Itachi Uchiha has a twin.

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Kise Ryota has a twin.

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Yunoki Azuma has a twin.

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Aizen has a twin.

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Gareki has a twin.

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Toshizo Hijikata has a twin.

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Ikki has a twin.

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Vincent Phantomhive has a twin.

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Hikaru & Kaoru are twins.

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Natsuki Shinomiya has a twin (Satsuki.)

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Syo Kurusu has a twin.

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Kou Mabuchi has a twin.

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Yamato Kurosawa has a twin.

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Kaname Asahina has a twin.

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(Plot twist: Most of these bishies listed on here don’t actually have twins. :P)

The signs as Bands

Aries: Sleeping With Sirens

Taurus: Fall Out Boy

Gemini: Panic! At The Disco

Cancer: Paramore

Leo: Arctic Monkeys

Virgo: 5 Seconds Of Summer

Libra: Twenty One Pilots

Scorpio: Of Mice & Men

Sagittarius: All Time Low

Capricorn: Black Veil Brides

Aquarius: Pierce The Veil

Pisces: Bring Me The Horizon

Gemini (f) and Scorpio (m) relationship - Requested

The First Meeting:

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First Date:

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Falling in Love:

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After the First Time:

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First Fight:

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Making Up:

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Your Anime Step-dad According to your Zodiac Sign~

Aries: (Hirato)

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Taurus: (Schneizel)

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Gemini: (Aomine)

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Cancer: (Alucard)

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Leo: (Minato Namikaze)

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Virgo: (Shinya Hiragi)

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Libra: (Karlheinz)

Scorpio: (Haruka Kuran)

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Sagittarius: (Vincent Phantomhive)

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Capricorn: (Worick Arcangelo)

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Aquarius: (Shining Saotome)

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Pisces: (Arata Kirishima)

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The Gemini Female

If a woman behaves in a way that is distinctive of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini, she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, providing there are no influences in her personal birthchart that are stronger than that of her Gemini sun sign.

The typical Gemini woman:
* is tall and slender, unless their is a strong Taurus influence causing plumpness
* has very beautiful eyes
* has long arms and legs
* has exquisitely expressive hands
* moves quickly

Behavior and Personality Traits
* is a lively conversationalist
* has many interests
* is a composite of many personalities
* is a great friend, taking an interest in any new subject
* will want to have a career
* seeks true romance but finds it hard to settle down
* is a deep thinker and often very intuitive
* will never turn down a cry for help
* is optimistic
* notices every detail
* can be charming and very persuasive

Gemini (f) and Virgo (m) gif set.

First meet

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First kiss

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Comforting each other

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Just being happy

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Making up

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Hooking up

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Aries x Gemini

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