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CPT-USN Eugene A. ‘Gene’ Cernan (14 March 1934 - 16 Jan 2017)

Gemini 9, Apollo 10, and Apollo 17 astronaut, the last man to set foot on the surface of the moon, passed away today at the age of 82. Cernan, a rough, tough Naval Aviator, A-4 jock, became part of NASA Group 3 in 1963. Gemini 9 in June 1966, proved a harrowing experience for Gene, it was one that taught us many invaluable lessons about EVA in space, a crucial step to the moon. Apollo 10 in May 1969, was to be the final test of the LEM ascent and descent stages and of it’s guidance systems from lunar orbit, a vital test flight that paved the way to Apollo 11′s historic first landing later that year. Apollo 17, the last of the historic 6 Apollo Lunar missions, in December 1972, Gene was in role as Commander of the flight, piloting the LEM along side Harrison Schmitt, landing in the mountainous region of the Taurus-Littrow valley. Gene became the last human of only 12 to set foot on the Moon.

sleep well among em’, Gene-o’


Astronaut Eugene “Gene” Cernan, 3/14/1934 - 1/16/2017 

Astronaut Gene Cernan passed away over the weekend on January 16. Cernan was a member of @nasa‘s Gemini 9A, Apollo 10, and Apollo 17 missions.  As Commander of Apollo 17 he was also the last human to walk on the surface of the Moon.

  1. Apollo 17 Commander Eugene A. Cernan inside the Command Module. Image taken during the Apollo 17 mission on the Trans-Earth Coast (TEC). 
  2. Apollo 17 Commander Eugene Cernan driving Lunar Rovering Vehicle (LRV) at the Lunar Module Station,Quadrant 3. Image taken on Extravehicular Activity (EVA) 1 during the Apollo 17 Mission.
  3. Astronaut Eugene A. Cernan, Apollo 17 commander, is photographed inside the lunar module on the lunar surface following the third Extravehicular Activity (EVA 3) of the mission. Note lunar dust on his suit. The photograph was taken by astronaut Harrison H. Schmitt, lunar module pilot.
  4. View from station Lunar Module (LM),Flag,Commander Astronaut Eugene A. Cernan,Lunar Roving Vehicle, taken during the first Extravehicular Activity (EVA 1) of the Apollo 17 mission.

File Unit: Apollo 17 - AS17-0447 through AS17M-0545, 12/12/1972 - 12/12/1972Series: Photographs of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, 2005 - 2012Record Group 255: Records of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1903 - 2006 

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