Crystals for the Signs

Aries: carnelian to increase confidence and energy, bloodstone for courage and determination, hematite for protection and strength, diamond to help with passion and endurance

Taurus: rose quartz for sensuality and romance, tiger’s eye for grounding, practicality, and protection, emerald for loyalty and materialism, tourmaline for manifesting wealth and proper values

Gemini: celestite or blue lace agate to improve communication and self-expression, citrine for optimism and fun, opal for adaptation and change, any form of agate to improve observation and analysis

Cancer: moonstone to enhance intuition and imagination, petalite to decrease moodiness and sensitivity, rose quartz for love, empathy, and healing, ocean jasper for relaxation and comfort

Leo: sunstone for self-confidence and pride, amber for bravery and positivity, rhodochrosite to channel into compassion and loyalty, ruby to maintain a healthy ego and heart, tiger’s eye for leadership and encouragement

Virgo: spirit quartz for grounding and spiritual growth, moss agate to increase productivity and maintain a healthy well-being, howlite to decrease anxiety and restlessness, peridot to alleviate critical behaviors against themselves and others

Libra: opal to increase self-love and appeal, jade for balance and diplomacy, yellow aventurine to help make decisions and remain logical, topaz for creativity and kindness

Scorpio: obsidian for protection, citrine for magnetism and charm, malachite for overcoming transformations and change, apache tears for power and manifestation

Sagittarius: turquoise for honesty and understanding, sodalite for self-discovery and trust, lapis lazuli to enhance intuition, clarity, and morality, blue goldstone to combat over-indulgence 

Capricorn: jet to protect and provide structure, smokey quartz for grounding and getting organized, garnet for strength and ambition, ruby to take accountability and remain disciplined in troubling times

Aquarius: amethyst to enhance the intuition, labradorite for manifesting ideas and getting creative, aquamarine to influence cooperation, abalone shell for compassion and humanitarianism

Pisces: angelite for spirituality and connecting to the higher self, fluorite to balance fantasy with reality, sugilite to protect vulnerable emotions, chalcedony to provide peace and healing

the signs in love

*check sun, venus & moon

Aries: will fall in love watching you socialize with their friends. they love loud obnoxious laughs! into people that have a strong confidence about them. will compliment their partner for hours but don’t need to hear anything back. Aries is a sign that needs constant simulation but NOT constant attention or else will feel suffocated. they just wanna be their s/o’s best friend and biggest supporter.

Taurus: will fall in love with the sound of your voice. really into people that are simple and comfortable to be around. sexual compatibility is important because they like to communicate love physically. tends to take things seriously so when someone is funny or carefree they find that refreshing. desperately wants a partner that “feels like home.”  

Gemini: will fall in love talking to you at 3am about nothing. loves nice hands and hand holding. so weak for playful childlike fun. grownup kids type relationship. everyday they wanna try new things with their partner so you need someone that is always down for it.

Cancer: will fall in love the first time you put your arm around them/hug them. likes to rub your chest/hug you around the middle. they are a wealth of attention and affection when they feel comfortable but can be really shy at first as well. Sensitive souls that need someone who will always think of their feelings. tenderness is unbelievably attractive to them. doesn’t like to fight, needs someone who will talk about things calmly with them and never raise their voice

Leo: falls in love after a bit of eye contact and flirting. notices your hair & likes to touch it or run their hands through it. consumed in love.not afraid to fight and have makeup sex. an involved and warm lover who just needs to feel appreciated and admired by their lover. hearing small things like “you’re so funny” or “you look so nice” makes them happy! and later when they reflect on their feelings, they remember that. kinda like puppies in love. super generous in giving their time to their partner but also to their friends and strangers. playful so they need a partner who won’t get too jealous. (but they’ll like it if you do)

Virgo: falls in love when they stop over analyzing their partner’s every move. soccer mom type partner. loves brown/hazel eyes. happily makes your lunches or folds your laundry because they love you. is more private about it, but sex is important to them. shows their love through actions and needs someone who can get that. type to say I hate you with a huge smile on their face. really needs someone who is flexible and won’t be offended when their motives are doubted.   

Libra: falls in love on the first date. will grab your ass, doesn’t matter when or where. irresistible but bat-shit crazy when in love. charming and empathetic but likes things to be fair and balanced. becomes a private investigator when they feel something is off. need someone who will talk everything out with them.

Scorpio: falls in love with every aspect of you, both the good and bad. isn’t afraid of loving you with all they got. Intense. they are fascinated by you. craves emotional excitement with the person they are with. attracted to people that can stand their ground against them, and can play their mind games right back. not a relationship for the fainthearted.

Sagittarius: doesn’t fall in love. jk but really it can seem that way to their partner. sags are just into enjoying life and having things their way. they tend to focus so much on the world and future they can make their partner feel needy. needs someone who will always be there to have fun with and won’t demand too much of them.

Capricorn: tried so hard not to fall in love but somehow got there. likes to pretend they don’t have feelings and then act like that’s okay! terrible at expressing themselves and talking in general. needs someone who can “melt” them and loosen up their relationship with control and responsibility.

Aquarius: so clueless. literally doesn’t know what being in love is. likes to take step back from their relationship and evaluate things but forgets that doing that isn’t fair to their relationship. they are a developed individual but needs someone to make them remember they are in a “we”. hard to understand and likes it that way.

Pisces: falls in love unexpectedly over time. sensitive person who can easily pick up their partner’s emotions. Needs someone who isn’t going to be too direct and harsh with them. tends to not know what they want and that can be frustrating for their partner. since this sign is so passive they can be really flexible to their partners needs. 

✨🔮 The Signs as Types of Witches

Aries- Norse Witch
She wears colorful dresses and a beautifully adorned wand, she works with runes and is deemed too powerful for her own good. She is able to move back and forth between different realms, and can accurately predict the future.

Taurus- Flora Witch
She works with flowers and herbs, collecting them to create remedies and cast all natural spells. Sage for overall purification, Mint for vitality spells, and Roses for love potions. This Witch enjoys gardening and categorizing her plants. 

Gemini- Faery Witch
She reaches out to the spectres of her ancestors and Old Gods, communicating with nature so dearly, working through the land and the imagination. She carries telepathic conversations with animals and trees, often writing poetry about them.

Cancer- Lunar Witch
The Lunar Witch draws her power from the Moon, closely following each phase and absorbing its scintillating energy- a full moon brings her clarity, a dark moon banishes any toxicity out of her life. She loves and worships Goddess Selene.

Leo- Divining Witch
She asks you to show your palm, to show you your fate; she does this in her sacred room, by an enchanted altar, you think it’s because she’s got all these fancy crystals and gems, but no- she is wise and intuitive beyond rationality.

Virgo- Crystal Witch
She analyzes each stone’s purest form of energy, her favorite being Amethyst (for protection) and Selenite (for stress relief). Relying on her own chakra balance, she heals anything she touches; and she can cleanse your soul.

Libra- Heka Witch
She looks up to many Gods, and all of them propel her to follow the principles of truth, morality and justice- in these rituals, she relies on the power of her words, well-spoken speeches, burning papyrus, and good-hearted intentions.

Scorpio- Shamanic Witch
She whispers, blows the candle out, and enters the supernatural. She has frequent lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences, she fades into astral travel. She can evoke other-worldly energies, or she can also go visit them herself.

Sagittarius- Pagan Witch
She doesn’t know exactly what a God is, so she is as open as can be, enjoying spiritual diversity. She has her own type of magic: coming up with individual spells that don’t work for anyone else. You can find her in the woods or hilltops.

Capricorn- Appalachian Witch
When young, she was handed a grimoire to get to know her ancestors and their traditions. She sings songs that were passed down for centuries, her blood is laced with old druid magic, she tells the future by looking at a cup of black tea.

Aquarius- Urban Witch
By living in the city, she had to learn to practice modern-type witchcraft; she has sigil tattoos, reads her Book of Shadows on an e-reader, and uses charm jewelry. She uses magical shields to create space for her in crowded places.

Pisces- Empath Witch
She knows when you need a cup of tea, because she is soaking up your pain in an attempt to heal you. She can tell who lies to her; and who loves her from afar, even with her eyes closed. She works mostly with her heart, amulets and cloves.

-Crystal Melbourne | Within the Zodiac

Your anime identity

Aries : Hero

Taurus : Ninja

Gemini : Vampire

Cancer : Pirate

Leo : Pokemon

Virgo : Alchemist

Libra : Demon

Scorpio : Shinigami

Sagittarius : Mage

Capricorn : God

Aquarius : Student Council President

Pisces : Ghoul

something I’ve noticed about the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) is that they all shift or mutate into the people they are around. They adapt so well to their situations and surroundings that they slightly morph into whoever they are with. They take on people’s speech patterns and quirks (especially Gemini and Virgo!), they appeal completely to the other’s sense of humor or change their humor (especially with Sagittarius and Pisces!), and have similar body language to the person they are with. They are so adaptable and changing that they can mirror the people they are with and it’s so interesting to see

Challenges given to Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

  • Frequent experiences with people who are antagonistic and disrespectful, consistent threats and intrusions to personal space, and circumstances where they are forced into defending and asserting themselves. They can feel restricted or unable to truly demonstrate their softer and more sentimental points and often sense that people therefore don’t recognise these qualities in them
  • Restrictions others have enforced and the standards they are measured by that belong to limitation 
  • The re-experiencing of betrayal, heartbreak, deceit, and vilification that generates the anger that rests on their natural baseline. This is the rage and the heat they are called to tame and rise from (creatively, self-actualising, sexually) rather than internalise or squander in a single explosion 

Challenges given to Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

  • Sudden implosions to personal security in the form of abrupt location change, break up, or employment that dually threaten their internal structures and the constants they rely upon 
  • Being enclosed by others and trying to build upon and make do in a small space, negotiating frequent intrusion and over-reliance by other people who may begin to use the individual as a resource. This is when they have the opportunity to self-reflect on their own needs and the knowledge that their single-minded pursuits are ultimately beneficial for everybody
  • Constant and repetitive inconveniences, mix ups, breakdowns, surprise expenses, injuries that impair proficiency rarely caused by the individual
  • Being forced to work alongside or with incompetency and playing the improvised supervisor, instructor, and problem solver 

Challenges given to Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

  • Frequent earth bound problems reoccurring to test and exercise their logic and judgement, often caused by their episodes of absent mindedness
  • Being enclosed by a regulated and confined education system that may have been to slow or under stimulating to engage in or demonstrate their intellect and there is an ongoing fight ever after to vindicate the mind
  • Lack of material stability, continuity, and frequent troubles with transport and mobility that re focuses the development of wealth and capital into relationships, knowledge, and learning
  • The loss of love and friendships that re-reveal the transparent emptiness

Challenges given to Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

  • Being forced to adjust to their earth bound demands while adhering to deeper and more spiritual, emotional, and connective responsibilities
  • Frequent experiences with people who are invalidating, emotionally immature, or mirrors of the past that provoke their own extreme emotional state to develop internal regulation, emotional clarity, self-awareness, and empathy
  • Regular intervals of social exclusion that provide the opportunity to self-reflect and acknowledge the emotions, sensations, and thoughts that belong to them and not other people
  • Having their altruism, favours, or good deeds for other people depended upon, exploited, or manipulated where they are then forced to contemplate if their best option is to absolve these qualities and stop caring, but therein they also lose a part of themselves 


the signs as words for emotions that we all feel but can never describe

aries: rückkehrunruhe- the feeling of returning home after an immersive trip only to find it fading rapidly from your awareness.

taurus: enouement- the bittersweetness of having arrived in the future, seeing how things turn out, but not being able to tell your past self.

gemini: lachesism- the desire to be struck by disaster – to survive a plane crash, or to lose everything in a fire.

cancer: heartworm- a relationship or friendship that you can’t get out of your head, which you thought had faded long ago but is still somehow alive and unfinished.

leo: occhiolism- the awareness of the smallness of your perspective.

virgo: mauerbauertraurigkeit- the inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who you really like.

libra: altschmerz- weariness with the same old issues that you’ve always had – the same boring flaws and anxieties that you’ve been gnawing on for years.

scorpio: sonder- the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own.

sagittarius:  anemoia- nostalgia for a time you’ve never known.

capricorn: opia- the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.

aquarius: kenopsia- the eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that is usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet.

pisces: onism- the frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time.

Zodiac Signs - The Signs as Disney Characters


Anger. Jasmine. Mulan. Hercules. Tarzan. Tinkerbell. Queen of hearts. Grumpy. Stitch. Vanellope von schweetz.  Wreck-It Ralph. Taran. Princess Kida.


Snow White. Prince Phillip. Daisy. Winnie The Pooh. James P. Sullivan. Pacha. Yzma. Sleepy. Prince Charming. Gus Gus. Duchess. Kenai. Bob Parr. Nala


Pinocchio. Cheshire cat. Alice. Jafar. Genie. Mushu. Flynn Rider. Randall Boggs. Flik. Russell. Jaq Jaq. Clopin Trouillefou. Koda. Dash Parr. Chicken Little


 Aurora. Marlin. Prince Eric. Mother Gothel. Ursula. Kronk. Goofy. Gepetto. Bashful. Anastasia. Fauna. Prince John. Maid Marian. Baymax. Silvermist. Helen Parr. Giselle. Roxanne


Gaston. Simba. Evil Queen. Beast/Prince Adam. Mary Poppins. Kuzco. Prince Naveen. Jessie. Mike Wazowski. Fairy Godmother. Thomas O’malley. Fawn.  Lightning McQueen. Iridessa. Prince Edward.


Dumbo. Donald Duck. Rosetta. Sebastian. Belle. Frollo. Lady Tremaine. Rex.  Cogsworth. Judy Hopps. Princess Atta. Sneezy. Jimmy Cricket. Merryweather. Quasimodo. Jane. Zazu. Edna Mode.


Wendy Darling. Lumiere. Cinderela. Cruella De Vil. Lady. Minnie. Olaf. Hans. John Smith. Marie.Toulouse. Berlioz. Perdita.


Maleficent. Hades. Megara. King Triton. Vidia. Horned King. Violet Parr. Gill. Miguel Rivera . Hector.  Sadness. Morgana. Lucifer.  Jack Skellington


 Merida. Robin Hood. Mowgli. Absolem. Mickey. Aladdin. Pumba. Woody. Esmeralda. Joy. Boo. Happy. Pongo. Tyger. Moana. Madam Mim


 Tiana. Nick Wilde. Timon. Kristoff. Eve. Carl. Hopper. Scrooger McDuck. Drizella. Governor Ratcliffe. Flora. Eeyore. Mufasa.  Li Shang. Elsa. Terence.  Madame Medusa


Melody. Nemo. Tramp. Scar. Baloo. Buzz lightyear. Pocahontas. Merlin. Maurice. John Darling. Doc. Max Goof .Princess Eilonwy. Milo Thatch.  Jim Hawkins


Peter Pan. Capitan Hook. Ariel. Bambi. Mad Hatter. Lilo. Dory. Wall-E. Princess Anna. Rapunzel. Dopey. Blue Fairy. Doctor Facilier