What the signs are made of

Aries- Dragon fire, the devils laugh, silver.

Taurus- Werewolf bite, goddess essence, rain.

Gemini- Snow, an angel’s lullaby. demons trickery.

Cancer- Cupids tears, witch veins, clouds.

Leo- Wizards magic, divination, and rose quarts.

Virgo- Flower petals, dark magic, and fairy dust.

Libra- The rings around Saturn, Athena’s knowledge, and diamonds.

Scorpio- dragon bones, vampires bite, and music.

Sagittarius- A sailors compass, the stars, and a black hole in the galaxy.

Capricorn- fairy laughter, gold, and angel hair.

Aquarius- Siren tears, black panthers, and pearls,

Pisces- Mermaid scales, lucid dreams, and the high priestesses heart.

nicki titty post comments
  • Oh fuck the big titt your boobs are so nice and thick and lovely. similar to my cat roger:aries, cancer, libra
  • dan nicki your bobbie s:scorpio, gemini, leo
  • nice boops:capricorn, sagittarius, aquarius
  • wow the big milk:virgo, pisces, taurus
The Zodiac Signs as Parents!

Aries: Enjoys dressing up, painting and playing with their children. Can be quite impatient though!

Taurus: Soccer mom/ dad who’s always encouraging their kids to do better! You’ll teach your kids to never give up easily!

Gemini: Sets a few rules and then observes to see if the child will abide by them. If not, you’ll either make the rules worse or let them go depending on your mood.

Cancer: With you huge family, you enjoy spending time together. You’re always making sure everyone is okay and not feeling left out. Kinda that “typical” mom (or dad) who’s always cooking and GIVING HUGS!

Leo: Let your kids run around naked and do as they will, but handing out consequences for their bad actions is what makes you the leader.

Virgo: The parent who still somehow manages to look really good even after a sleepless night.

Libra: You prefer spending your time with your many animals, but end up having a baby and it’s be the greatest addition to your life. You struggle for a while at first, but with help from your partner, you succeed. 

Scorpio: You’re not exactly the biggest fan of children, except your own! You praise your child non-stop and think he/ she is the best child IN THE WORLD

Sagittarius: The hippie parent who raises their flower child in only a positive environment. No technology, no negativity. 

Capricorn: You let your kid learn at their own pace and have free will. You want them to be 100% their own person, with a few steers here and there. 

Aquarius: You’re a little lazy and end up not fulfilling your duties. Your partner thankfully is a freaking magician and knows every freaking trick their is to know about raising children! Thank goodness!

Pisces: You plan on having no children. You want to travel the world, but these travels are most likely to change your mind, and you’ll obviously be the most educationally fun parent omg

the signs at subway
  • Aries:I'm ordering mine first, let me in front
  • Taurus:that one looks good, omg so does that one. but look at THAT one:
  • Gemini:hi i want a chicken schnitzel sub, 6 inch, white bread, toasted, swiss cheese, lettuce, sweet chilli sauce and bbq sauce, onion, lettuce, tomato, ahdlwfwl, cheddar cheese
  • Cashier:what
  • Cancer:i don't really like toasted subs but it's warmer and its cold today so....yeah toasted please
  • Leo:yea toast it, BLAZE IT lol
  • Virgo:im going to go get something else, this doesn't look clean... wtf are those grilled marks painted on ?.... later
  • Libra:ummm
  • cashier:can u please just pick one now other ppl are waiting
  • Scorpio:idc give me what u want
  • Sagittarius:i want the meatball stuff w everything else u got
  • Capricorn:chicken classic. white bread.
  • Aquarius:hi i would like the chick parm with bbq sauce... yeah im a lil quirky XD
  • Pisces:um same as last please thanks
signs as girlfriends
  • aries:will fight you if you don’t get them that micheal kors bag.
  • taurus:always want to go on adventures and explore with you. it could be the outdoors or inside exploring the televison channels.
  • gemini:maybe gets into a few fights now and then but they would love you constantly.
  • cancer:always trying to please you and will care for you and take care of you.
  • leo:the go with the flow type. pretty responsible.
  • virgo:very fun. needs lots of love, will give you so much love and care, you have no idea. they can be little buttfaces though sometimes.
  • libra:will give you a lap dance every night for food.
  • scorpio:*writes initials on every open space they can find*
  • sagittarius:cutie pies.
  • capricorn:hOT.
  • aquarius:they will do anything with you. try new things. very fun and creative.
  • pisces:needs cuddles and hugs and little kisses and then they need hot make our sessions.
The Signs as Characters from Scream (TV series)

Aries: Jake Fitzgerald
Taurus: Sheriff Hudson
Gemini: Brooke Maddox
Cancer: Daisy/Maggie Duval
Leo: Will Belmont
Virgo: Emma Duval
Libra: Nina Patterson
Scorpio: Kieran Wilcox
Sagittarius: Riley Marra
Capricorn: Audrey Jensen
Aquarius: Noah Foster
Pisces: Brandon James

Random texts I have gotten from each sign

Aries- Told you next time to listen to me.
Taurus- !!!!!!! YAAASS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️
Cancer-Cause he wants everyone to see him because he is so beautiful
Virgo-😏okay if you change your mind:)
Scorpio- idk ask if he is gay.
Sagittarius- Do you guys have any candy? Cause that movie candy is expensive af
Capicorn- do u wanna braid my hair 😏😏😏😏 cuz I look like a piece of doodoo on the street
Aquarius- It was a real frog


Ed Sheeran - You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (Gemini Remix)

Gemini is the def one of my favorite dubstep artists, his basses are fucking nuts.