What the signs are made of

Aries- Dragon fire, the devils laugh, silver.

Taurus- Werewolf bite, goddess essence, rain.

Gemini- Snow, an angel’s lullaby. demons trickery.

Cancer- Cupids tears, witch veins, clouds.

Leo- Wizards magic, divination, and rose quartz.

Virgo- Flower petals, dark magic, and fairy dust.

Libra- The rings around Saturn, Athena’s knowledge, and diamonds.

Scorpio- dragon bones, vampires bite, and music.

Sagittarius- A sailors compass, the stars, and a black hole in the galaxy.

Capricorn- fairy laughter, gold, and angel hair.

Aquarius- Siren tears, black panthers, and pearls,

Pisces- Mermaid scales, lucid dreams, and the high priestesses heart.


“I became a lesbian because of women, because women are beautiful, strong, and compassionate.” - Rita Mae Brown

Fall Lesbian Aesthetic

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Como se entiende a los signos por Tumblr

Aries- quiere pelear por todo

tauro- amiga que se come todo

geminis- inteligente y un poco malvad@

cancer- crybaby ♥

leo- emperador Kuzco

virgo- duerme todo el tiempo

libra- siempre se enamora

escorpio- malvado@,pero todo el mundo quiere !@#$# con ellos… :V

sagitario- el hermano cool

capricornio- se queda en la tristeza pero termina todo

acuario- hippie antisocial

piscis- un amor ♥♥


The Zodiac Signs as Parents!

Aries: Enjoys dressing up, painting and playing with their children. Can be quite impatient though!

Taurus: Soccer mom/ dad who’s always encouraging their kids to do better! You’ll teach your kids to never give up easily!

Gemini: Sets a few rules and then observes to see if the child will abide by them. If not, you’ll either make the rules worse or let them go depending on your mood.

Cancer: With you huge family, you enjoy spending time together. You’re always making sure everyone is okay and not feeling left out. Kinda that “typical” mom (or dad) who’s always cooking and GIVING HUGS!

Leo: Let your kids run around naked and do as they will, but handing out consequences for their bad actions is what makes you the leader.

Virgo: The parent who still somehow manages to look really good even after a sleepless night.

Libra: You prefer spending your time with your many animals, but end up having a baby and it’s be the greatest addition to your life. You struggle for a while at first, but with help from your partner, you succeed. 

Scorpio: You’re not exactly the biggest fan of children, except your own! You praise your child non-stop and think he/ she is the best child IN THE WORLD

Sagittarius: The hippie parent who raises their flower child in only a positive environment. No technology, no negativity. 

Capricorn: You let your kid learn at their own pace and have free will. You want them to be 100% their own person, with a few steers here and there. 

Aquarius: You’re a little lazy and end up not fulfilling your duties. Your partner thankfully is a freaking magician and knows every freaking trick their is to know about raising children! Thank goodness!

Pisces: You plan on having no children. You want to travel the world, but these travels are most likely to change your mind, and you’ll obviously be the most educationally fun parent omg

Que dice tu planeta sobre ti.


  • Poco sentido del humor.
  • Le gustan los minions.
  • Buen amigo/a.

(Signo: alv ofiuco?)


  • Egocéntrico/a.
  • Tiene la atención de todos.
  • Le mandan nudes sin pedirlas.

(Signo: Leo)


  • Sensibles.
  • Hornys af.
  • Les vale verga todo.
  • Temperamentales.

(Signo: Cáncer)


  • Hot af.
  • Habla demasiado.
  • Nadie lo/a toma enserio.

(Signo: Géminis & Virgo)


  • Vanidoso/a.
  • Sarcástico/a.
  • Ama los gatos y el k-pop.

(Signos: Tauro & Libra)


  • Dramático/a
  • Pizza is life.
  • Nadie lo/a entiende.
  • Problemas mentales.

(Signo: Aries)


  • Popular
  • Experto/a en ignorar los problemas.
  • Todos lo/a quieren.

(Signo: Sagitario)


  • Estresado/a.
  • Un poco raro/a.
  • Le gusta ver la lluvia caer.
  • Nerd.

(Signo: Capricornio)


  • Aesthetic blogger
  • Antes era emo.
  • Ama los doritos.
  • Gay.

(Signo: Acuario)


  • Frio/a
  • Perdido/a en la vida.
  • No lo/a hagan enojar.
  • Nadie lo/a entiende.

(Signo: Piscis)


  • Sad
  • Siempre lo/a olvidan.
  • Le gusta el anime.
  • Necesita tocar boobies.

(Signo: Escorpio)

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The Signs as Symbolic Colors

Aries: Purple, caring and deception

Taurus: Pink, love and lust

Gemini: Red, bravery and anger

Cancer: Blue, passion and sadness

Leo: Yellow, grace and violence

Virgo: Orange, acceptance and hubris

Libra: Grey: stability and corruption

Scorpio: Scarlet, open minded and lonely

Sagittarius: Green, intelligent and lazy

Capricorn: Indigo, individuality and judgmental

Aquarius: Peach, kind and thick-skinned

Pisces: Magenta, sweet and shy 

Sons of a Thunder Storm

Modern!Reader x Ragnarssons’

Based on this thread

AN: The translation is probably not accurate but I did my best xD Also I did not intend this part to be so long.

Thank you to my sister wives for all the ideas, in part 2 the boys learn about TV, the internet and just get into a lot of trouble.


Hvat ef vera á? - What is going on

Hverr þú  - Who’re you

“No.” You groaned as your car made a pitiful clunking sound and started slowly rolling to a stop, glancing at your dead phone. “Why now?” You groaned. The sky cracked and the sound of thunder echoed around the field next to you.

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Haters & Lovers
  • Haters: Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius
  • Lovers: Cancer, Libra, Pisces
  • Pretends to be a Hater but is a Lover: Capricorn, Aries, Aquarius
  • Pretends to be a Lover put is a Hater: Leo, Gemini, Virgo

Ivar x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Dom!Ivar, rough sex, I don’t know what it’s called when you squeeze someones throat but there’s that, fingering

Ivar scowled across the hall as he ate. Watching you dance and laugh with people. They clearly weren’t from Kattegat. The fact that they even dared approach you, let alone talk and dance with you, showed that they had no idea what happened to people who did.

Growing up you have been the only friend Ivar had, outside of his brothers, meaning he’d always been protective of you. Things only worsened when he came to the revelation that you, were a woman. No one could be left alone with you unless Ivar trusted them and after Ivar lashed out at Ubbe for flirtily hugging you one evening not even his brothers were safe from his jealousy.

“We should make her stop before Ivar get’s angry.” Ubbe muttered as he and Hvitserk sat either side of Sigurd.

“Ivar is always angry, does she not deserve some fun for putting up with him?” Sigurd countered and Hvitserk seemed to agree.

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Collaboration by animation students from different schools


Arthur Blavier @thevipersnake​ (ATI)

Line one left
Maxime Jouniot @maximejouniot (Gobelins)

Line one right
Clarissa d’Orival @lamunes (EMCA)

Line two left
Mathias Demongeot @alpaganimateur 

Line two right
Laurine Kotte @kolauri (EMCA)

Line three left
Neil Ingle @000000-art (TAW)

Line three right
Kevin Gemin @k-eke

Line four left
Arthur Blavier @thevipersnake (ATI)

Line four right
Matthieu Fouquet @matthieu-fouquet (EMCA)


First episode “SPACE” here !
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Third episode “SEXY” here !
Fourth episode “HOUSE” part 1 here !
Fourth episode “HOUSE” part 2 here !
Fifth episode “MAGIC” part 1 here !
Fifth episode “MAGIC” part 2 here !
Sixth episode “JUKEBOX” part 1 here !
Sixth episode “JUKEBOX” part 2 here !
Seventh episode “JUNGLE” here !
Eight episode “OLYMPIC GAMES” here !
Ninth episode “GANGSTER” here !
Tenth episode “FOOD” here !
Eleventh episode “SPACE” here !
Twelfth episode “WEIRD STUFF” here !

Planetary rulers of the days of the week

“Monday’s Child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s Child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s Child is full of woe,
Thursday’s Child has far to go,
Friday’s Child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s Child works hard for a living,
But the child born on the Sabbath Day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay.”

The ancient Babylonians chose to organize their calendar around 7 days of the week, and each day corresponds to one of the seven “planets” visible to the naked eye. [Planets is in quotations because two–the Sun and the Moon–are technically not planets (they’re luminaries).]

Monday (lundi in French) is ruled by the Moon. "Monday’s child is fair of face" might refer to the sensitivity and youthfulness associated with the Moon.

Tuesday (mardi in French)  is ruled by Mars. "Tuesday’s child is full of grace" might be more aptly interpreted as full of energy and movement.

Wednesday (mercredi in French) is ruled by Mercury. "Wednesday’s child is full of woe" might be interpreted as a person who worries or thinks too much.

Thursday (jeudi in French) is ruled by Jupiter. "Thursday’s child has far to go" might thus be interpreted as a person who will travel and learn.

Friday (vendredi in French) is ruled by Venus. “Friday’s child is loving and giving” might refer to the Venus nature, that is, a person who is loving and receptive to love.

Saturday (samedi in French) is ruled by Saturn. "Saturday’s child works hard for a living" thus might refer to the Saturnine nature which is rather serious and responsible.

Sunday (dimanche in French) is ruled by the Sun. "But the child born on the Sabbath Day is fair and wise and good and gay" might refer to the magnanimous Sun nature.

Astrologers generally pay more attention to the ruling planets in a natal chart. That is, the planet that rules the sign on your Ascendant and the planet that rules the sign of your Sun. For example, if your Ascendant is Aries, Mars is the ruling planet of your Ascendant since Mars is the natural ruler of Aries. If your Sun is in Taurus, then Venus is your Sun’s ruling planet since Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus.

the signs as emotions

aries : lust or love ;) aries r hot as fire and so is there love life

taurus : empathy, because Taurus’s tend to be very understanding and empathetic

gemini : happy, beCAUSE UR ALL CUTE AND HAPPY

cancer : arousal, the most sensual sign in my opinion

leo : pride, lol u guys r loud and proud

virgo : shock, everything is exciting to u guys

libra : hope, because u guys are always in a good mood and think positively

scorpio : horny, do i have to explain myself?

sagittarius : free, your spirit is wild

capricorn : bored, cause everything is so boring

aquarius : lonely, you guys are pretty weird but cool and tend to spend some time by urself

pisces : cuddly, aaWW


Leif Ivarsson (Part Two)

Ivar x Reader

AN: Set in season 4 / Season 4 characters

Part One

Ivar sat alone on the mountain side. Leif had taken to playing in Ivar’s usual spot by the river and he couldn’t stand it. The tiny scar on Ivar’s neck was proof to him that his looks weren’t the only thing he had inherited. He called to Ubbe for anything he needed when you were away or busy.

Each of his brother’s earned the title of Uncle but Ubbe was adored by the boy. He was a living, breathing and growing reminder that Ivar had failed. The moment you’d told him you were with child he couldn’t breath, so many dizzying thoughts about what could go wrong crowded him.

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the signs at subway
  • Aries: I'm ordering mine first, let me in front
  • Taurus: that one looks good, omg so does that one. but look at THAT one:
  • Gemini: hi i want a chicken schnitzel sub, 6 inch, white bread, toasted, swiss cheese, lettuce, sweet chilli sauce and bbq sauce, onion, lettuce, tomato, ahdlwfwl, cheddar cheese
  • Cashier: what
  • Cancer: i don't really like toasted subs but it's warmer and its cold today so....yeah toasted please
  • Leo: yea toast it, BLAZE IT lol
  • Virgo: im going to go get something else, this doesn't look clean... wtf are those grilled marks painted on ?.... later
  • Libra: ummm
  • cashier: can u please just pick one now other ppl are waiting
  • Scorpio: idc give me what u want
  • Sagittarius: i want the meatball stuff w everything else u got
  • Capricorn: chicken classic. white bread.
  • Aquarius: hi i would like the chick parm with bbq sauce... yeah im a lil quirky XD
  • Pisces: um same as last please thanks