gemgemgembird said: They sound like pretty terrible people tbh, I know that’s a horrible thing to say but then they shouldn’t keep making you feel shitty #kanyeshrug

It’s not a horrible thing to say; it’s the truth. Trouble is, I don’t have all that many friends, so I tend to be drawn back to them. I know they’re just manipulative little swines, but IDK. I guess I just don’t want to end up having no friends Yes, I’m an idiot

harvey-specter said: sorry to hear that. if I could give you a big ol’ richie III I would.

Thanks <3 Is that a big ol’ Richie or a big ol’ Richie hug? ‘Cause I’ll take either :3

gemgemgembird said: OH GOD WHAT’S HAPPENED NOW AUGH no but really, I’ve cried over it as well, glad I’m not alone.

The whole Heph/Caesar thing, I’m so torn between loving it and thinking “BUT ALEXANDERRRRR DDD:” It’s so intense, man. So intense.

gemgemgembird replied to your post: Home. My teeth hurt. Had another wisdom tooth…

Oh man, dental work is the worst D: feel better soon! x

Thanks <3

lilianavonk replied to your post: Home. My teeth hurt. Had another wisdom tooth…

You had it FILLED? Instead of, say, REMOVED? What is that about, honey? I had all four of mine out at once, & though it was a difficult recovery, I’ve never had any problem since. Down with wisdom teeth, tonsils & adenoids! ;)

Yeah, I know, I was skeptical about it too but apparently my mouth is so big they aren’t crowding my teeth or anything. Well he didn’t say it like that but that’s basically what he meant. I am a marvel of evolution…or a missing link or something. lol. So yeah, he said they might never have to be pulled and I’ll be fine but I had a tiny cavity in a top one and a slightly larger one in the bottom left which I had worked on today. /coolstory

astudyintardisblue said: good luck :D I’m sure you’ll do fine :) x

whyareyouheregetdown said: I bet you’ll be awesome. *hug* <3

papahanover said: Aww ;__; I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck tomorrow D:

gemgemgembird said: Good luck :D

Thanks guyyyssss <3 There will be much crying tomorrow, I think. I will cry if I fail. I will cry if I pass. I will probably cry before I’ve even started my test. Soooo…fill my ask box with love tomorrow? I’m going to be so emotional. I apologise if everything I post tomorrow is depressing xD

(Also, thank you, nothingdandyaboutme for your kind words in your reblog <3)