Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it! And to those who don’t, happy Wednesday! Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful day!


My favorite part of Christmas growing up was playing with toys after Santa came.  My family celebrates Christmas Eve with opening family presents and Christmas Day with gifts from Santa.  However, when I was real little, like about five or seven, she would make us wait until everyone was up before we could even think about gifts.  So, my brother, my two sisters, and I would all wake up early and play together (airplane or wrestle or watch early morning Christmas Specials) as our parents waited for a nine o’clock alarm to get up and join us so we could open gifts.  

We’d be quite a scene: in our pjs, bed head and sleepies in our eyes, exhausted from trying to hear santa’s reindeer all night but excited for the joys to come.  My family doesn’t do that anymore, but I sort of wish we did.  Those are my happiest Christmas memories, though at the time I was tortured with anticipation and was upset over the long waits.  

Regardless of how you spend these winter months,

Happy Holidays and thanks for such a great time so far!