gema principal

  • Gema: This isn't fair!
  • Principal: What do you mean?
  • Gema: You won't allow a Gaming Club, but you allow a place to summon demons?!
  • Oka: But it's actually quite beneficial-
  • Gemu: shut up oka
  • Oka: *chants mindlessly*
  • Prinicpal: Miss Oka, please do not try to summon a demon in the middle of an intervention.
  • Oka: *turns head 180 degrees*
  • Gemu: At least I don't unleash the devil on school grounds
  • Oka: Your glasses look stupid.
  • Gemu: *unleashes super saiyan ray*
  • Oka: *releases demon hands*
  • Principal: hoo boy