Another Random SU Idea:

Steven: Wow, I can’t believe you guys were willing to pretend to get married just to get on Andy’s good side!
Pearl: Pretend? Steven, we ACTUALLY got married.
Garnet: All of us.
Steven: Wait, what?
Pearl: We’re registered down at the courthouse. Our certificates are in the back of the van.
Peridot: Oh, that reminds me, can Lapis and I have ours? : 3
Lapis: She wants to hang it up in the barn.
Pearl: Of course! *hands it to them*
Peridot: Yes! Nyehehe! Legalization is ours! Oh, almost forgot. *hands Amethyst a large stack of certificates* These are yours.
Amethyst: Suh-weet!
Peridot: C'mon, Lapis, lets go put ours on display so the rest of the world can bask in its glory!
Lapis: *shrugs* Alright.
Steven: I can’t believe it…
Pearl: Steven…?
Steven: You guys got married WITHOUT ME??? D:

The New Crystal Gems

  • It looks like for Peridot (and perhaps Homeworld), there is one way, and only one way to do something right. To build things, you had to be a Peridot. To fight, you had to be a Quartz. To protect Beach City, they had to become the Crystal Gem. 
  • I’ve mentioned before in Barn Mates that Peridot is by the book: she’s eager to fill a role, a purpose, and do it the best she can. Being a friend to Lapis means she’ll be the best goddamn friend ever to Lapis; so now she (and Lapis, Connie, and Pumpkin) will be the Crystal Gems But Better. 
  • “I CALL GARNET!” <3 garnidot this ship is still sailing
  • Are Sadie and Lars…together??? hm.
  • “Do not interrupt the Garnet! (read: Zim)
  • How did Homeworld deal with Peridot, omg. I can imagine her being rather notorious among her co-workers. Everything’s just happier and quieter now that Peridot Cut-5XG is gone.
  • Super-powered Children. 
  • “We’re both thousands of years older than you.” 
  • Lapis is definitely much older than 5000 years probably, while Peridot is a vague <5000.