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I can understand why Steven a child would not want to use the breaking point because well he’s a kid and you just handed him a Weapon designed to efficiently kill enemy’s

Rose on the other hand? She should have known better she was the leader of a rebellion she held the lives of gems and humans in her hands and the diamonds were threatening those lives and they weren’t going to back down peacefully she should have known better to think that shattering them could be avoided (which uh she obviously didn’t)

Rose was offered something that could have given them the upper hand help them win the war and she refused it and well the for all we know if she had taken it maybe all those gems wouldn’t have been shattered and corrupted by the diamonds anyway :/


Hey so, I am taking about Steven universe when I said I was focused on VOLTRON……….

Why do people hate this character so much?

Look, I hate this show refuses to focus on the main plot and characters again but………

He is not that bad. He is okay. Hell, in my ways , I kinda admire him.

Why? Because, he is the only human in the show that actually questions the weird stuff around him.

Look, I get that this show exist in world where GEMS have live along side humans for more than 5,000 years.

However, the humans normally don’t seem to know next to nothing about them.

Greg’s relative (I can’t remember the name) thought they were hippies.

Connie’s mom confused mutant GEMS for human patients.

Also, we never see people studying gem technology.

Birds have exist for centuries and scientists are constantly studying them.

Shouldn’t there be scientists in beach city all the time.

Come on! A gem ( lapis) stole the earth’s ocean and no one even went to talk with crystal GEMS about this.

Ronaldo who takes this stuff seriously. He is a theorist that makes weird theories online. HOW IS THIS NOT THE SAME AS EVERYONE IN SITE? Rant over..

Cartoon Network just had a live stream where Rebecca drew the gems and answered some questions! Here are some things she said!
-when asked if we will see any more fusions in the future/who they would be, she said she couldn’t answer that
-Rebecca says yellow diamond is the hardest gem for her to draw
-when asked what gems are directly based off her, she said she is most like Ruby, then like Pearl when she is at work, then like Amethyst at home because she considers herself a slob
-she said lapis would be okay with wearing a snowman outfit if Steven also did it but no one else.
-gems don’t get cold
-they wear sweaters to make Steven feel at home
-Rebecca was very inspired by one piece (her favorite anime), Miyazaki films, and fleischer cartoons
-her favorite seasons of Steven universe are 1B/2A. She was really happy with jailbreak and said she loved the Peridot arc and barn arc
-Lars, Sadie, and Ronaldo don’t have set ages, but instead have ranged ages and are in their late teens
-Rebecca’s’ favorite type of music is Kpop and old songs from the Monica show (?)
-when asked if she could take on any physical form of any gem, she answered rose quartz
-her black bomber jacket with the rose is from big bud press (?)
-in the episode the test, the gems felt like they did not know what to do while they are usually seen as the adults that know what to do
-1 episode takes 9 months to a year. They work on around 10 episodes at a time
If anyone else watched the stream and has anymore things to add feel free!!

EDIT: I FORGOT SOME THINGS -she wants to publish a SU art book -Steven would hand make gifts for the gems for Christmas. She says he would make them art and even macaroni art for each gem
Why Lapis and Peridot fighting in “The New Crystal Gems” was not a bad thing

Up until The New Crystal Gems, Peridot and Lapis had been shown to be sharing their lives in perfect harmony.  They seemed very much like the “perfect” couple – always happy and relaxed around each other, and just enjoying one another’s presence.

However, there’s no such thing as the perfect relationship. Couples do fight and they do bicker, often over the silliest of things.  The expression “bickering like an old married couple” exists for a reason, after all.  And it seems that the Crew are very much aiming for the “married couple” vibe with Lapis and Peridot.

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This started in Beta.  A lot of people commented that Peridot and Lapis were “basically married” in this episode – because of how happy, supportive, and ultimately domestic they’ve become.

Although this appears to fall apart somewhat in The New Crystal Gems, it’s very important to bear a couple of things in mind.

Firstly, look how light Lapis’ touch in particular is here.  They’re just gently pushing and shoving each other around, not really wanting to hurt each other.  They were both using their elemental powers at the time, and could have turned these on each other if they actually wanted to deal some damage.  But they didn’t.  They were ultimately vying for an audience and trying to steal the limelight from one another, but neither of them was annoyed enough to actually want to hurt the other – and that’s a very good thing indeed, because it shows that they still care about each other.  And that this disagreement was quite trivial in nature.

It’s also worth noting that when Peridot is dangling off of Lapis’ arm, Lapis seems quite unfazed by this. Previously, she’s been extremely quick to withdraw physical contact from people when she’s angry with them (most notably Jasper in both The Return and Alone At Sea), but that’s not the case here.  This suggests to me that she’s so comfortable with Peridot that she’s absolutely fine with her physical contact, even in the middle of a fight with her.

When they have their verbal fight afterwards, it quickly descends into name-calling and general pettiness, which is often the way when couples have an argument.  Peridot even say’s “I’m leaving” – which sounds very much like the sort of thing that would be said by a disgruntled person who’s about to storm out from their lover in the heat of an argument.

Marriages (and long term, serious relationships in general) aren’t all happy and lovely 100% of the time. In fact, you don’t even need to look beyond Steven Universe itself to see this.

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In Keystone Motel, one of our canon couples, Ruby and Sapphire, had a huge disagreement over Pearl’s behaviour in the previous episode.  This argument was so extreme that it forced their inseparable fusion to fall apart. It took the entirety of the episode for them to finally come back together again.  But they did come back together again – they realised that their behaviour was wrong, and they shared a loving moment together before re-fusing into Garnet again.

And that, ultimately, is the single most important thing to bear in mind.

Peridot and Lapis’ fight ended with them both looking very guilty indeed, after Connie managed to talk some sense into them both. 

Then, by the end of the episode, everything was back to normal – they’d made a collaborative “meep morp” for Greg (the new car wash sign) and were perfectly happy again, even pausing to do a “victory pose” upon Peridot’s insistence.

The fact that Peridot and Lapis have had their first ever “lover’s tiff” means that their relationship is being built in a meaningful, and ultimately realistic, way - which is excellent to see.


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if steven universe was about greg and steven on a road trip, following a map rose made before her death just in case something happened, learning about his alien powers while seeking out the remaining crystal gems who separated after homeworld left earth alone… fucking imagine what we could have had…

greg and rose who fell in love and had a weird but loving relationship of mutual trust despite the species gap in beach city…

pearl who lives in the mountains and isolates herself and has to learn to trust others again while teaching steven gem language and how to summon his weapon and fight…

amethyst who lives amongst the humans and works fast food for fun who teaches steven that embracing his human side isn’t always a bad thing and that humans will accept him when he returns and that he’s not too weird as a half gem…

ruby and sapphire who left together and are garnet full time after they lived together for a long time… teaching steven about the importance of family and love and consent… steven accidentally fusing with greg….

and then the arc ends with steven having gathered them all up to fight alongside him because peridot (who has been at the abandoned gem temple steven and greg live in and repairing the wrecked gem tech, the whole reason they needed to go find the gems in the first place) and jasper (her escort) have come to earth…

the crystal gems, who haven’t seen one another in YEARS, brought together again by rose’s son… and this time they’re not just protecting earth.. they’re protecting this new family they’ve made thanks to steven…


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Would you believe that. out of all places, this came from a Garfield TV Special?

it was called Garfield and His Nine Lives, back from the 80s where Garfield was a juggernaut rather than an ironic joke, and it’s one of the weirdest, most experimental things to come out of American TV animation, and I wish more mainstream stuff would take risks like this.

You can watch the whole special in three parts on Youtube, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a hidden gem…

How can he possibly live up to her?

Steven knows the Gems have been grooming him to take her place, even if that’s not really all that true, anymore.  He knows they have high expectations of him.  His mother is an absent yet omnipresent specter in his life.  His father’s and Pearl’s lost love.  Garnet’s friend.  Amethyst’s mother figure.  How can he possibly measure up?

How can he possibly make up for her?

Steven’s been faced with harsh reality after harsh reality.  How much Homeworld hates her.  How much damage people have done coming after her.  The knowledge that as long as Homeworld keeps sending people after her, they’ll be coming after him.  How many people she’s hurt, justified or not.  He can’t even process how killing someone can be justified; he’s still too young to balance “taking a life” with “in defense of others”.  How can he possibly “repair” her legacy?  Does he even want to?  Does she even deserve it?

How can he possibly deal with her?

The more he learns about her, the more her absence is felt.  The damage she did to Greg and Pearl.  The responsibility she foisted off on Garnet.  How confused and angry and scared Amethyst is without her guidance.  How could she do this to them?  She was his mother!  She was supposed to be there for him!  She was supposed to be family!

She’s not family.  Greg and Pearl are his parents.  Garnet is his guide and mentor.  Amethyst is his sister.  These people are his family.  Rose barely even entered into the equation.  He needs to let go of his expectations of her, his hurt at her absence, and his need to justify her actions.  She wasn’t a god, she wasn’t a queen, and she wasn’t some all-knowing, all-benevolent figure.

She was just a person, like anybody else…

…and it’s time to leave her behind.