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Come to Miss Cocoa Dust’s After-Iftar tea party 💖
And you get to choose whatever delicacies you like! 💖
She loves to “fake eat” in her pictures 💖


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An Art Nouveau gold, plique-à-jour enamel, pearl and ruby pendant, by Georges Fouquet, circa 1898. The pendant designed as an orchid decorated with plique-à-jour enamel, centring a round faceted ruby, surrounded by four small pearls set to the anthers, mounted in yellow gold, suspended from a gold chain set with gems.


etsyfindoftheday 7 | 3.3.16

theme thursday: crystalline finds

cactus + succulent crystal terrarium stamp set by talktothesun

UGH. i need these stamp sets in my life. alone, the geometric stamps look like unique gems … add the succulent and cactus stamps in layers, and you’ve got filled terrarium composites. LOVE. see the 2nd pic for more options in this super-creative shop.

10  reasons Tanisha Thomas is a gift from God

1. She taught us about loving ourselves AND BE PROUD OF WHO WE ARE

And that self-confidense is everything

2. she proved that there’s nothing wrong with calling out a bitch

3. She also knows the importance of food

4. She is the QUEEN of style

5. She knows PRIORITIES

6. She knows how to make people respect her

7. She would make an awesome friend

8. She’s also the queen of sass

 9. she’s the definition of Boss Ass Bitch



Surrounded by multi-winged seraphim, the Virgin Mary is presented holding the infant Jesus, who reaches tenderly for his mother and slightly touches her diaphanous veil. The artist achieved a variety of luminous effects by stamping and tooling gold, applying translucent paints over gold, and setting glass gems within Mary’s crown. Seen in candlelight, the whole ensemble would have been spectacularly spiritual. 

The artist, Giovanni di Paolo (about 1399–1482) was a manuscript illuminator and panel painter and one of the most distinctive and imaginative artists working in Siena, Italy, during the Renaissance. He received prestigious commissions over the course of his lengthy career from a range of patrons. An exhibition at the Getty Museum reunites several panels from one of his most important commissions—an altarpiece for the Branchini family chapel in the church of San Domenico in Siena—for the first time since its dispersal, and presents illuminated manuscripts and paintings by Giovanni and by his close collaborators and contemporaries. 

The Shimmer of Gold: Giovanni di Paolo in Renaissance Sienna is on view through January 8, 2017, at the Getty Center.

  • Me, before Bismuth and Earthlings: ouo rose is such a good person she's fluffy and adorable and i love her
  • Me, after: rose u shady bitch u kept bismuth a secret tf did u do to pink diamond what else r u hiding ur hair so big cuz its full of lie s