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Trollhunters Gem AU - Cracked

Summary: Jim’s gemstone is cracked during the Battle of the Bridges, and he throws any semblance of humanity to the wind in order to finish the fight

Toby had watched as it happened.

When Jim was locked in combat with Bular under the bridge, the troll had picked him up and slammed him, gem-first, against one of the beams. The effect had been immediate. Jim’s entire body had flickered upon impact, a clear sign that his gem had been damaged.

They were too far away to help. They had only been able to watch as the Lapis Lazuli that had been chosen as Trollhunter struggled to fight off the vicious Gumm-Gumm, and watch they did. They saw as Jim out-maneuvered his enemy, stabbing him in the chest and sending him plummeting through burning sunlight and into the canal. Jim was victorious, but the ominous flickering of his form reminded them that he hadn’t emerged unscathed.

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Trollhunters Gem AU

I said I was going to do a Trollhunters Gem AU, and I intend to. Tag might be TH Gem AU or Trollhunters Gem AU(because I think there’s already a gemhunters tag for something else?)

So far, Toby is a Topaz of the orange/yellow variety, and Jim… He could be an Azurite or an Aquamarine, but I’m really leaning towards him being a Lapis Lazuli variant. (because water and Lake.)

Claire might remain human. She winds up mixed in with gem and troll shenanigans after Enrique is replaced and these weird guys with gems in their skin trashed her house. She still gets the shadow staff, of course.

On a more serious note, Jim being a Lapis is fitting because he wouldn’t have a normal summoned weapon. He would have his hydrokinesis, but he wouldn’t have really handled a physical weapon. Therefore, when the amulet chooses him, he still has no experience handling a sword, and needs training. Toby is of little help, seeing as his weapon is a hammer.

(I have a stupid idea for how Jim chose his name. Someone asked him who he was and he panicked and went “Uhhh, gem, uhh, lake?” (he almost said ocean but that was too obvious) and they responded “Jim Lake?” and he just “… yeah, yeah that”)

Jim and Toby start using their new human names because it differentiates them from other gems of the same cut. They also work out a more human name for their fusion, Jade, who soon calls himself Jed, short for Jedediah. I think his personality would be similar to Smoky Quartz with a touch of Sardonyx’s showmanship.

As for why Jim and Toby are on Earth… I have a number of ideas, but in this AU, Steven Universe canon is still going on. Jim and Toby probably weren’t part of the Crystal Gems, but they sure as heck aren’t loyal to Homeworld anymore.

Edit: also, Jim and Toby, like all known gems, used to go by she/her pronouns, but after living on Earth and adopting human names, they learned about various other pronouns. Eventually, they both started going by he/him pronouns, partially to further themselves from Homeworld and partially because it makes them feel more at home on Earth. And they just like it better.

Any thoughts or feedback? Let’s build this AU guys!

who curses? mtl

1. !!!Trina!!!- her vocabulary is 90% “fuck” and “shit”

2. Whizzer- his vocabulary is only 75% “fuck” and “shit;” he prefers “bitch”

3. Cordelia- almost exclusively when talking to Whizzer or when she hits her toe or when she’s angry 

4. Marvin- again, almost solely when talking to Whizzer, and it’s normally one of two phrases: “Fuck you” or “fuck me.”

5. Mendel- he curses pretty often, but he only says “damn”

6. Charlotte- nEver unless someone she knows has been hurt; in fact, she corrects everyone on their language

Gemstones and Crystals

Gem stones hold onto energies. It is this which makes them so helpful in magical tasks and healing.They act as containers for magical energy. This makes gem stones ideal as altar tools and charms for spells.For healing, stones are willing to have dis-ease transferred into them. They then hold onto it until it can be safely flushed away. Healing stones don’t need to be gem stones – river and lake stones work wonderfully.This ability to hold onto energy also means that new gem stones aren’t “fresh.” They are holding energies from past owners, people who mined them, people who polished and set and sold them, and people who held them in the shop before you picked them up. So take care to cleanse all new stones thoroughly before using them.

To cleanse an object is just as the word implies—you are cleaning it. The difference is, you’re not cleaning it on a physical level (though you can certainly do that first). What you’re attempting to do is ‘clean’ it on a spiritual level—on an energy level.

There are several ways to cleanse an object:

  • Burn a cleansing incense like sage, and run the object through the smoke
  • Bury it in the earth for a while, or in a bowl of salt/dirt/cornmeal
  • Soak it in salt water, or sprinkle/spray it
  • Hold it for a while under running water
  • Wave it over a candle flame, or actually put it into the fire
  • Sweep away negativity with a besom (blessed broom)

Be practical about it— you don’t want to soak metal in salt water overnight or you’ll rust it; you don’t want to put a fabric pouch of herbs anywhere near fire. Use your judgment. But it’s a good practice to get into to cleanse new things before using them for spiritual purposes, or to occasionally cleanse things like your jewelry, crystals, divination or altar tools, especially if they’ve been used a lot, or sitting unused for a while.

Many ancient cultures believed that stones contained a life force and used them to conduct rituals and for healing. It is believed that the lost city of Atlantis used crystal power extensively. Stones have also played an integral role in various religions. The most ancient jewelry was found in Queen Pu-Abi’s tomb at Ur in Sumeria, dating back to the third millennium BC. Ancient priests believed crystals to be a force that defied all evil. The Egyptians engraved an eye of lapis lazuli, symbolizing Ra the sun god, and to the Cherokee Indians crystal is a sacred stone used for healing.

It is not necessary for a person to possess special abilities to work with crystals and gems, all you need is the intention and the desire to perform a particular type of magic to enhance your life, the work is done with the energy of the crystal or gem, and you are the conduit. Seen as a connecting force between earth and ether, crystals are used for crystal ball readings, scrying, spell casting and invoking.

Many people also Consecrate and Charge their crystals after Cleansing. You may choose to do so immediately, later or not at all.

For almost everything else, just cleansing is enough. Some ways to consecrate an item include:

  • simply say a prayer over it and dedicate the use of the tool to your Gods
  • If you keep oils that are cleansed, charged and consecrated, you can anoint an object with those oils and blessing symbols.
  • If you work a lot with the four elements you may wish to consecrate it by Air, Earth, Fire and Water in ritual: run it through incense smoke, sprinkle some salt on it, pass it over a fire flame and sprinkle some water on it.

You can consecrate anything but do remember this: once consecrated, the item is sacred, and should be treated as such. 

Charging requires raising a bit of energy and directing it into the object. Once again, the method you choose can largely depend on your preferences or on the item you’re charging.

  • Rub candles with oil repeatedly
  • Dance, chant, meditate, etc. to raise power then pour that energy in
  • Put the object out under the sun all day to charge it with solar power*
  • Put the object out under the full moon all night to charge it with lunar power*
  • Use the energy you have accumulated in your tools**
  • Lay the item on a healthy crystal for a day or a few days so it will absorb energy

Like consecrating, charging isn’t always necessary.

There are a multitude of ways to use your stones, such as placing an amethyst under your pillow for a comfortable dreamed filled sleep, you may like to carry a small crystal or gem in your bag or pocket. Place crystals around your plants to aid growth, or put one next to your computer to diffuse the electromagnetic energy. Keep one on your desk when you are working to inspire you, use a gem or crystal to help you organise scattered thoughts and to help you think more clearly. If you are feeling a little run down, wear one as an amulet to repel dense energies and protect your psyche. Place a crystal in each area of your home to create harmony.

Keep a crystal and gemstone journal if you want, write down everything you do, the type of crystal or gem and its properties, how you used it and how you felt afterwards. When you used it and what the results were, also take note if you find that one crystal works better than another, document your first impressions or images associated with each crystal. If you keep a Book of Shadows, your crystal and gemstone journal can become part of it.


I never really addressed this

This is the home of the Heaven Beetle, an unnamed gem monster found at the top of the Sky Spire. Her name is never mentioned, but I assume she was Soapstone, which scarabs were carved from, and her “sister” the Earth beetle was Enstatite, which is fire-hardened soapstone matching her home in the lake of lava.

Their names aren’t all that important though. What is important Soapstone’s home: there’s a sega genesis by the tv and a gameboy by the night stand. These date her home, and also give us a lower limit for when she could have been corrupted. A gem monster isn’t going to be shrinking down or making game consoles, nor would she be collecting them, so at the very earliest, Soapstone was corrupted in 1989! Granted, there’s no reason they wouldn’t have been collected since them, so it was probably closer to Giant Woman

This is fucking huge, because it may just be the biggest evidence we have against the Fusion Bomb Theory. In addition to that, there’s been a leaked episode title labeled Jasper’s Corruption hammering another nail into that theory.

So the question remains

What the fuck was this?