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artie!! the off-color gang is so great! do you have a favorite?

that’s really tough because they’re all great and I legitimately love all of them. But if I had to pick, I’d probably say I’m most drawn to Rhodonite. She’s so anxious and I just really relate to anxious characters. Padparadscha is also too cute and I can’t get enough of her schtick. Fluorite is a precious poly caterpillar gramma. And the Rutiles are great? Man, they’re all just great and adorable, it’s really hard to pick.

And also I love how they’re like this precious fugitive found family? Like they’ve clearly all been together for a long time and they seem to look out for one another. Like how Rhodonite picks up Padparadscha and runs when they’re hiding from the robonoids

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Was ruby hard to deal with when she was in her feral state

At first Sapphire and Ruby talk about what they will do when the time arrives and both agreed that, with a little of time, Sapphy would convince Ruby to hand over the geodes so they can be put in the brooder on time.


Both were in the Burning Room when Ruby suddenly start to feel her feral state to kick in. She don´t let Sapphire approach and pick a corner to lay two healthy small geodes. Then the negotiation starts… when suddenly Ruby pick up the eggs and run to the lava pit.

Ruby, being a high temperature gem, decides that the safest place to dig them is in molten lava. The future vision of Sapphire show a lot of outcomes and non of them was promising, so she had to stop her ASAP. Using ice tries to freeze her, increasing more and more the cold until she stop Ruby just when she was about to drop the geodes in the pit.

Sapphire relaxed just for mere seconds before Ruby poofed. The blue gem runs just in time to catch the gemstone with her teeth and submerged both hands in the molten lava to retrieve the geodes.

Luckily her quick reaction saves them a lot of time and the geodes were put in the brooder on time. Ruby regenerates a couple of hours later and was very ashamed of what happened. Sapphire apologizes too for poofing her, but nobody would expect that the things run out of control so quick. They fuse to comfort themselves after many months separated.

And that´s it!

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  • I had a GREAT weekend!!! Got to go to the beautiful Fort Bragg and stay with my aunt and her wife (ah there property if 4 acres of forest) and they had baby chickens and cook awesome food (that was all vegan too!) and it was just a great time
  • I went to the gem faire on friday and got SO many goodies, so expect some shop updates soon!
  • I finally got more cone incense for my shop! I normally send one off with every order but sadly ran out a couple months ago and was away from where i normally buy more- but i just got more so all orders will now be sent with one of those again (as well as the extra crystal as always)
  • There are still the free sea glass necklaces available with purchases over $20- click here to get to that link!

Fair-Weather: A Paranatural-Steven Universe crossover comic, pages 1-5 (for anyone who keeps up with the pnat gem au blog, this comic fits into the Clean Slate au)

For the record, I’m not saying that Isaac has this power in the canon comic, or even that this situation directly parallels his situation in the comic, because I don’t think it does. but I AM saying that Lapis lifted the entire ocean and i expet nothing less. this comic is mostly to help me better establish this au as well as pander to my craving for emotional closure

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It bugs me that people think bismuth would just shatter anyone. She says she would shatter the "uppercrusts", meaning she would shatter the enforcers of authority in order to liberate everyone, not that she would shatter just anyone

She was pretty clear that she intended to kill the Diamonds, and that anyone who got in her way was fair game. Gem soldiers are not uppercrust. They are commoners.

Hello!!! Big exciting day today!!

  • Okay first off i am going to a gem faire at 12 so let me know anything you guys would like to see more of in my shop (of if you are looking for something specific, message me with what you want and your price limit and i will see what i kind fid!!
  • Then i am going up to Fort Bragg for the weekend, so also let me know of any cool places there or on the way from the Bay Area!

Fair-Weather: A Paranatural gem au comic pages 6-11

Artist Q&A

Q How big is Hematite’s backpack supposed to be?

A idek

Q How long/what even are Carnelian’s sleeves?

A idek

Q Is this all supposed to be in character?

A idek

Q Why make that sad sack the focal point to drive the plot for this cheap comic?

A Because I wanted to throw world building points out at rapid fire speed and who wants to struggle through time consuming New Guy or Amnesia tropes when there’s this guy also I love him

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