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Featured Gem Essence from Alaskan Essences, Inc.


Color—Dark Blue, Purple, Red

Cor­re­la­tions—5th, 6th Chakras, All Subtle Bodies


Boundaries, Emergency, Intimacy, Newborn, Oversensitive, Overwhelmed, Protection, Receptivity, Sensitivity, Space Clearing

Indi­ca­tions—feeling unpro­tected and vul­ner­able; too easily stim­u­lated by the ener­gies of others, regard­less of their intent; unsure of one’s bound­aries; unable to claim one’s own space; feeling chal­lenged by the environment.

Healing Qual­i­ties—brings strength, clarity and def­i­n­i­tion to the auric field; acts as a pro­tec­tive filter that encour­ages us to relax ener­get­i­cally, espe­cially in the heart chakra area, thereby enhancing our ability to receive love and sup­port from the environment.

This gem elixir addresses feel­ings of vul­ner­a­bility. It is espe­cially helpful for those who feel threat­ened by other people, stressful sit­u­a­tions, or by the envi­ron­ment in general.

The degree of vul­ner­a­bility we feel is directly related to the integrity of our energy field, which can be com­pro­mised by past trauma and injury. Cov­el­lite works to rebuild the energy matrix in the areas of the aura that have been the most impacted, so that instead of feeling vul­ner­able and reacting defen­sively, we feel solidity and strength.

This essence also enables people to do intense healing work without feeling unpro­tected. For example, removing old cords from a par­tic­ular chakra can lead to major changes in how the person relates to others, and the world, from that energy center. This kind of deep energy bal­ancing, espe­cially when it is spon­ta­neous, can be quite uncom­fort­able until it is fully inte­grated into the phys­ical body.     Cov­el­lite facil­i­tates and quickens the inte­gra­tive process by bringing that part of the field back into bal­ance and har­mony with the rest.

Cov­el­lite can also be taken for a period of time to strengthen the energy field before planned surgery or healing work is to be done. This will make the work easier and the recovery quicker.

If healing work was done in the past and didn’t inte­grate prop­erly, or if there was a trauma in an area that didn’t fully heal, then this essence could be used to strengthen that area to pro­mote more effec­tive healing and inte­gra­tion with the work that will come after.

Star Ruby

(Bad head canon incoming)

Star Rubies are homeworld gems and commanding leaders of each Ruby group. They are created by fusing 6 promising Ruby gems and the essence of a star (which creates the star like marking on their gem). Each Star Ruby is assigned a squad of Rubies to command under Blue Diamonds order.

Her personality is similar to other Rubies, hence that are fused together. Standard emotions can sometimes run hot. Anger, selflessness, and cockiness to name a few.  

Su theory

What if Rose is Lion? What if she used part of her gem magic/essence to become Lion?

We still don’t know what the thing in the bubble is. It could be part of Rose. Lion is a lot like the crystal gems and holds Rose’s most treasured items in his mane. He has something to do with Rose since he knew where her armory was and I’m sure we’ll find out more about Rose/Lion in the future.

Featured Gem Essence  from Alaskan Essences, Inc.


Keywords - Grounding, Guidance, Higher Self, Isolation, Perspective

Color - Trans­parent Green

Cor­re­la­tions - 4th, 6th Chakras, Spir­i­tual Body

Indi­ca­tions - caught up in the dual­i­ties of here or there, now or then; going out of the body for infor­ma­tion rather than staying present to receive it; feeling sep­a­rate and out of touch, especially with the higher self.

Healing Qual­i­ties - con­nect­ed­ness; helps us stay present in the body, in the moment, and access the infor­ma­tion and per­spec­tive we need to better express our earthly ­poten­tial; an ener­getic window to ­uni­versal per­spec­tive and higher dimen­sional reality. 

Mol­davite con­nects the heart with infor­ma­tion and energy that the soul needs to func­tion in a phys­ical body on this planet. It helps us con­sciously syn­the­size this infor­ma­tion into the body so it is better under­stood and of prac­tical use. Mol­davite also ener­gizes the 4th and 6th chakras, which increases visual acuity and links our vision and heart energy with Source.

This essence is good for those who have dif­fi­culty con­necting with cosmic sources of guid­ance within them­selves, and who think they have to ask someone else to get this kind of infor­ma­tion for them.

The value of such infor­ma­tion is height­ened when it is dis­cov­ered within the body because we then realize that we have access to every­thing we need without going any­where. As we become more prac­ticed in this process, we begin to have a more grounded sense of empow­er­ment, so when­ever the need for insight or clarity arises, there is con­fi­dence and knowing that the answers will be there.

Mol­davite also helps us stay in our bodies after we get infor­ma­tion from non-physical sources by grounding the energy that is car­rying that infor­ma­tion more deeply into the body. This enables us to take direct action based on what we receive, which com­pletes the cycle.

Featured Gem Essence from Alaskan Essences 



Cor­re­la­tions—3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Chakras

Indi­ca­tions—lacking sta­mina and for­ti­tude; wanting to quit when faced with obsta­cles, such as one’s own lim­iting belief sys­tems; fearful when facing the unknown; afraid to take risks in order to take the next step in life.

Healing Qual­i­ties—strengthens the cen­tral ver­tical axis which ­sta­bi­lizes us during expan­sion expe­ri­ences; pro­vides an ener­getic sup­port struc­ture that helps us move into and through new ­expe­ri­ences with grace, sta­mina and per­se­ver­ance; good for spir­i­tual trail­blazers and pioneers.

Aven­turine gives sup­port for going beyond pre­vious levels of expe­ri­ence. It con­nects us to our own inherent ele­mental power and a heart cen­tered courage that inspires us to open our­selves more than ever before to the joy and excite­ment of living.

This essence brings extra strength and sta­bility to help us when our resolve is being tested, and when we are faced with major life changing deci­sions. It helps us gain a new level of trust in our­selves, so we can move out of our con­trol zone and become more com­fort­able exploring the edge of the unknown.

This kind of inner explo­ration requires a will­ing­ness to loosen our grip on our deepest fears, and in some cases dis­mantle the ego struc­tures that have kept us at our desired levels of safety.

Aven­turine enables us to have a direct expe­ri­ence of safety, without these con­stric­tive sur­vival mech­a­nisms, by sup­porting us in being present with what is. It helps us manage uncer­tainty by increasing our capacity to be grounded in our­selves and our divine essence. We can then learn to rely on the internal rather than the external for our sta­bility, and begin to see the unknown as a source of adven­ture, excite­ment, and exhilaration.


Courage, Fear, Grace, Heart, Support

Featured Gem Essence: Chrysocolia (Alaskan brand) 

Color – Blue/Green
Correlation – 4th Chakra

Unresolved feelings of grief; heart closed down because of past experiences of loss; feeling a need to guard the heart against attack from others; believing that having an open heart will result in being hurt or wounded again; heart not energetically connected to the planet.

Healing Qualities:
Connects the heart chakra to the loving energy of the Earth; softens, opens and expands the inner dimensions of the heart chakra; increases flexibility and openness in the heart, mind and body to allow the vibration of love to flow; helps one experience the heart as a safe place to be.