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Why you should see King Arthur

I normally don’t make many random text-posts here but ehh it’s a blog and this is important to me so I wanted to use the opportunity for outreach.

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Steven Universe’s Blue Diamond reminds me of Amalthea from ‘The Last Unicorn’ film. They both have a fragile, melancholic beauty. Even their white hair and whispery voices are similar.

“I say, you fellows,” said Monthy Lowther, looking anxiously round the Fourth Form dormitory, “are you sure Gussy’s safe?  He may get violent -” Whizz!  Flop!  Arthur Augustus D’Arcy became violent quicker than Lowther anticipated.  His pillow left his hand with the speed of a bullet, catching the humorist of the Shell full in the face.  “Yaroooh!”

The Gem Sep 22, 1928.