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From the script for the undone musical “Sappho” episode titled “Last Dance,” written by the amazing Melissa Good.

The whole premise of the episode being that Xena and Gabrielle get commissioned by Aphrodite help a couple of couples find love again, including Sappho (played by Renee) and her partner Morai (played by Lucy). X and G go to the island of Lesbos posing as their lookalikes while Aphrodite has sent Sappho and Morai away on a romantic vacation.
Things get a little complicated when Sappho and Morai return and the classic Xena lookalike chaos ensues, now doubled with Gabby also having a twin of her own.
In the dramatic final act, our soulmates share a very beautiful moment in the form of a deep, sincere and passionate kiss.

Please tell me why this episode was never made?

And also, if the reboot doesn’t bring this script back somehow, maybe sans the lookalikes and have Renee and Lucy playing the older Sappho and Morai?

Gem Hunt and Why I’m Excited for Pearl and Jasper to Interact

Ok, so for those who don’t know, there have been some preview images and footage for next week’s episode Gem Hunt. It tells us a few things like Connie will be going on her first mission, but also this: 

Jasper and Pearl will be interacting in that episode. Probably. I’m excited for this. Now some of you might be thinking that’s because I ship Jaspearl, but that’s not it (I do ship Jaspearl since it’s a ship that makes sense in a weird way. Also I have fun writing it for Mellow Frames). The reason I want the two to interact is more about this: 

Both of them have been fusion addicts & despite them being on different sides, they fused for the same reason, to feel stronger. Both of them also were wishy washy when it came to consent (Jasper was very pushy on Lapis, Pearl manipulated Garnet). This similarity makes me want them to interact. I wonder if this will be brought up since they actually have something strong in common.  

I’m also very interested to see what Jasper’s role in the episode because look at the picture. 

Now I can’t see Jasper’s whole face, but she seems happy. Some people think that she will find some way to fuse with the monster, but I don’t know. This screenshot tells us a lot, but not enough. She could be happy because she could use these monsters to destroy Steven. She could also be impressed that Steven, Connie, and Pearl took down these beasts, or maybe she was the one who took down the beasts. Bottom line, I’m excited for Gem Hunt. 

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Obsidian - The Black Healer
Base Chakra // Grounding // Scorpio // Prophecy

  •  Please use with caution! This stone is very fast acting and powerful, which may cause unpleasant emotions and truths to rush to the surface. These disharmonious things must be confronted for peace to return, the stone will help push for change and will release the harsh energy. The stone’s confrontational nature may assist in overcoming addiction, eating disorders, and other emotional blockages.
  • Good for spiritual and psychic growth. Place a stone on The Third Eye and ask a question out loud for a possible answer.
  • Extremely protective. This stone forms a shields against negativity and blocks psychic attacks. It assists in sealing the aura against future problems, while cleansing it of fog and blockages.
  • Use a shiny obsidian (with a mirror finish) to make contact with the spirit world. The images of passed loved ones and even prophecies of the future might be seen when used in certain lighting (low or dim). This may also help in finding spirit guides, and receive messages from spirits via your own emotions.
Okay so Ive been in the Jaspearl tag

Reblogged a couple of cute fanarts and Agate (which is the fan fusion) so anyway, my point is, I think itd make a LOT of sense if Jasper and Pearl had a talk with each other. Not because of shipping reasons but because of FUSION.

Pearl has been there and done that. Used fusion as a means to make herself stronger. Make herself more than ‘just’ a Pearl. She went ahead and fed her addiction by making Garnet fuse with her. And she didnt stop until Garnet herself found out. She tried to make it up to Garnet which didnt work. She apologized, which didnt work. All Garnet wanted from her was to understand her self worth and RESPECT fusion. She was literally an addict to it until she found her self worth thanks to the support that she has.

For Jasper? Note that this was her first time fusing. She got addicted much like Pearl. And due to their personality difference, Pearl tackled it in a more manipulative way, while Jasper tackled it in a very bold and direct way; Pearl planned how to get it, Jasper just begged for it. Same coin, different sides.

But what does Jasper lack that Pearl had from the very beginning? Support.

Its something interventionists tell the family or friends. Support their way out of their addiction. It’s basic human concept.

Jasper got a taste of fusion, got addicted to it, wanted more of it, and literally got punched into oblivion. She was rejected of her addiction. No one giving her support. No one there to help her UNDERSTAND that fusion should be something out of love and not power. No one there to correct her mistakes. No one there to MAKE HER REALIZE her mistakes.

So Im really hoping that Gem Hunt brings forth an understanding for Pearl that Jasper is in the same boat that she once was. Maybe make Pearl offer help, but Jasper refusing (cus knowing her personality, that’s how she’ll react). Then it gets to a point in the future eps where the crystal gems beat her in her fusion rage, and instead of punching her to oblivion again, they offer to give help. And this time, Jasper agrees.


we don’t talk about this song enough tbh

Signs as lyrics from “Addicted”

Aries, “From all the bullshit I can take”

Taurus,  “It’s not like you to turn away”

Gemini, “We try to make/this love something better than/just making love again”

Cancer, “I’m so addicted to/all the things you do”

Leo, “The sound you make/with every breath you take”

Virgo,  “It’s not like me to walk away”

Libra, “There’s just got to be more to you and me”

Scorpio,  “I want to take my love and hate you till the end” 

Sagittarius, “When you’re going down on me/in between the sheets”

Capricorn, “Oh girl lets take it slow”

Aquarius,  “It’s not like anything/when you’re loving me”

Pisces, “How can I make it through” 


she’s a therapy gem, mainly for soldier gems suffering from ptsd. Rhodonites are gentle emotional healers with calming auras that promote the release of fear and offer grounded support during times of painful stress and panic. She’s a very kind and caring gem and has helped many gems through dark times. though rhodonites are often seen as a luxury, their help is available to any and all gems.

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We knew fusion was addictive

Garnet is the example. Yes it’s also obvious that Ruby and Sapphire do love each other but look back at Jailbreak, Ruby was a mess. She was a desperate wreck to try to get back to Sapphire and fuse again.
I realize they’ve been together for thousands of years and don’t want to be depressed out of affection, but there is also the underlying possibility that they are addicted to being Garnet, like how Pearl wanted to be Sardonyx and how Jasper wants to be Malachite again.
Maybe homeworld knew the dangers of fusing different gems after all, and it turned the gems who fused into addicts. They were overpowered, crazed, desperate.
So they prohibited inter-fusion between gems, to protect them.

Edit: Golly I can’t make a theory post without everyone yelling at me saying that I’m bashing Garnet as a whole and gays. Thanks tumblr :) Let me clarify okay, I wasn’t calling Garnet harmful or abusive or anything like that. Garnet was simply one example I happened to use to support the theory and possibility of fusion being addictive and perhaps homeworld prevents the inter fusion of gems because of this addiction and their inability to function out of fusion and in fusion. Even Pearl got stressed when Amethyst and Garnet fused because they got a little “much”. Anyway, please just calm down, my goal wasn’t to upset you but to bring a possibility to the table.

MUN: I may have plunged my fandomstuck chat into a Steven Universe AU. I can’t help but draw them. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I’VE EVER DRAWN GEMS AND ITS ADDICTING. 

(characters: Nightvale, Desertbluffs. SCP, MLP, AH and Suppy. I have yet to finish the like 7 others I need to draw.)

Confession: “I’m kind of scared of what would happen if Pearl and Steven fused. On one hand, it could be extremely wonderful for Pearl, but on the other, she could get addicted to the fusion (like Amethyst & Garnet with Sugilite) and try to keep it going, even coercing Steven until he’s forced to refuse strongly. I know that she learned her lesson from Sardonyx, but it might destabilize her enough mentally to make her regress into psychological addiction. I hope Steven will be ok.” - @psuede


So, of all the amazing issues that Steven Universe has tackled, one they have yet to broach is addiction… cause that’s a hard one for a cartoon to tackle, to be quite honest. Buuuut…..

I think Jasper is going to change that. She’s addicted to fusion, addicted to the feeling it gives her, the strength and the power and… I’m really worried about the gems I see in this upcoming episode. I’m worried she is going to try and fuse with them, or to force THEM to fuse.

Also, one thing I have seen no one bring up from last night’s episode: Jasper has been STALKING Lapis. She even said she had been. And seeing her here, where STEVEN is now, without Lapis, I’m worried she might be stalking him. And it’s kind of amazing that the SU Crew is going this far to teach children the realities of bad choices, and the people that make them. 

Final note: I’ve seen a lot of people saying Steven is being blind to Lapis being just as bad as Jasper… and I don’t think that is it. I think it is more that he doesn’t want to see her repeatedly abusing herself because of it… just how I feel about it.

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