Kanazawa Yuuki Twitter Translation 20/7/17

We went to BLACKPINK’s Japan debut showcase at the Nippon Budokan💓
Cute - Cool - Fashionable - Fun 💗
I really enjoyed it 😭 💓
I learned a lot, got caught up in the energy, and I was able to feel the girl power!
I’m grateful that Sara and Rana were fans, because now I like BLACKPINK too 🙏💗

I needed some rocks for two spells I want to do, so today I picked up ( from left to right ) first row: hematite,Rose quartz, 2 clear quartzes
Second row: citrine, amethyst, sodalite
Third row: selenite wand/stick
Fourth row: sage

( the citrine actually wasn’t part of the plan but apparently it promotes tissue regeneration and I figured that could be useful since I’m having surgery tomorrow )