Jerza Week Official Blog

; A ; ohkay so I’ve started to work on the blog, and it’ll probably be ready in a bit (I needa change the colour scheme) ANYWAYS the themes will also be posted later, but right now, I want to tell you a bit of what I think we should shape it into (and you can leave your suggestions and stuff because I am a one fangirl army atm so yeah)

I can’t draw but want to participate!: One of the sad things about our babies is that we don’t have many on tumblr artists, and I know that. HOWEVER, we do have writers and our amazing gif-makers and editors, so let’s hope people decide to do a few of the themes, oui?

7 Themes is too many for me though!: That’s fine! If you only want to do a few of the themes, it’s perfectly fine by me :) The thing is you participated and attempted to help our sorely lacking tag xD.

How will you put everything onto the official blog?: Well, when posting your fantastic work, just tag it with ‘jerza week’ so I can reblog everything :) Or you can send the link to either the jerza week blog or my personal blog, I don’t mind either way! 

How long will it last?: I’m on spring break, so it’ll be the up and coming week! Jerza week will be March 11th to March 18th. DATE ON HOLD PLEASE HOLD ON TILL I FIGURE OUT WHAT WOULD BE BEST

Feel free to follow the blog to stay updated, folks! Please reblog/like if you’d participate, and to get the word out~