Some summer festival jerza  for you guys <3

and…jelly with happy’s mask, cuz I felt like drawing him with happy’s mask.

I kust have too much jerza feelings to handle.

-didn’t know how to do the background I have done something like 6 different versions and I kust can’t stop xdfvghbjk I hate backgrounds.-

FF Rec

I want to be drunk when I wake up, on the right side of the wrong bed by hazzalovescats

Liam turned over onto his back instantly alerted to the weakness and soreness in his abs and thighs. And in that moment, everything from last night came flooding back to him. Snapping his head to the side and looking at a peacefully sleeping Zayn, Liam drifted his eyes back up to the celling still in minor shock that they actually did what they did. He was drunk. They were both drunk. Definitely drunk.

FF Rec

Floating on the water by scottmcniceass

Liam just wants to get through his last summer working at Malik Resort before University without incident. Of course, life is never that easy, and he ends up getting roped into giving the bosses son, Zayn, swimming lessons. That wouldn’t be so bad, if Zayn didn’t happen to hate him so much.