Know your designers: Chris Parry

  • Worked on Broadyway ad West End productions
  • Has worked on Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Natoinal Thatre (UK), LA Opera
  • Won a Tony Award for his work on The Who’s Tommy
  • Won the Drama Desk Award three times
  • Recieved the Lighting Dimensions magazine  award for Lighting Designer of the Year 
  • Taught at UC San Diego
  • Being known for using the “Rosco 68 Skye Blue” gel, Rosco renamed it agfter his death


We love seeing the different ways people use our lighting filters. One recent example of this was an installation by Connor Robertson from Installate Design. 

Connor’ background in events and structural/civil engineering enabled him to create this geodesic skeleton structure made of 40 individual hollow perspex frames. Each panel is covered in a different coloured gel from LEE Filters. The panels in the structure can easily be replaced with any lightweight material to create infinite bespoke ideas from a dj booth to pop-up promo tent.

Connor chose LEE because of the vast range of colours available. He loved the way the quality of the light reinforced the visual importance of the design and that the vibrant colours he chose gave an impression of clean precision and beauty.

To see more of Connor’s work visit