gelly roll pen

“Jesus,” he says when he sees them. “Are you actually a teenage girl?”

Nursey shrugs. “Try one.” He throws a sparkly blue Gelly Roll pen at Dex’s head.

Dex plucks it out of the air, then looks at it like it’s a dead spider.

He uncaps the pen and writes a few notes in his notebook. “Whoa,” he says.

Nursey grins at him. “Smooth, right?”

“Sara used to have these. In, like, forty thousand different colors.”

“Because they are the best,” Nursey says. “I swear, these could write underwater. These could write on ice. These could write in Outer Space.”

“Okay, I get it. You really like your pens.”

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I would make a Youtube video but I’ll save you guys the 2005 video edits

Lol but seriously guys I truly feel like I’m acting like a youtuber doing this but in order to really help you guys out I decided to include a Supply Haul in my back to school series. The reason behind this is because I could say this, this and that but I would be hypocritical if I wasn’t actually using the supplies I suggested in any of my past masterposts. I will include pictures of everything I bought as well as a brief description of why I bought it and how I will use it for the upcoming school year. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of my personal preferences for school and how it may help you stay organized, and succeed.


So let’s begin:

·       Backpack

I chose to go with one of Jansport’s most popular backpack. It has one main pocket with sufficient space as well as two front pockets and a laptop sleeve. I chose this backpack because it’s simple and is a decent size for my first year of college.

·       Notebooks

I bought 5 notebooks for this first semester. Two of them are from Stellar and they are simple, one subject, college ruled notebooks.

The third notebook I chose is a grid notebook which I plan to use for my Intro to Statistics course. I felt this was a better option rather than a lined notebook because it will help me to keep my notes organized and easy to read. This notebook is also in the size 8.5x11 which was really hard to find for me. I don’t like the Mead Five Star grid notebooks and every other grid notebook was small so when I finally found this one I was extremely excited!

The last two notebooks I bought were from Muji. These Notebooks are made of recycled material so they’re an off white color. I plan on using this for my Spanish 202 class. These notebooks don’t have a spiral binding which, for some reason or another, I actually prefer for my language courses.

·       Binders

I chose to buy 4 1" binders for this school year. There isn’t much to this except that I’m going to use these as my main source of organization for each class which includes: Spanish, Statistics, US History, and English

·       Index Dividers

I plan to use these to further organize my classes in my binders. I won’t use an entire pack for one binder but just a few to divide up spaces for my homework, essays, class work, and notes. (also of course I had to pick the cute ones)

·       Folder

I grabbed a single folder along with everything else because, if you’ve read my BTS Series masterposts, then you’ll know that I strongly recommend a folder that you use for important papers or work that is given or needs to be turned in that same day. I grabbed a plastic Five Star rather than an off brand paper folder because I know I’ll be using this all year round for multiple purposes. I’ll need to get maximum use out of this folder so the sturdier, the better.

·       Erasers, Refills, White Out, and Adhesive Rollers

This is all pretty self-explanatory. I just want to point out that I strongly recommend you buy white out because you’ll definitely need it if you prefer writing notes with pen rather than pencil.

·      Highlighters

I bought 15 Zebra Mildliners for this school year. Of course you don’t need this many  highlighters, let alone such expensive highlighters. Just make sure to include a good variety for yourself if you heavily rely on highlighting your notes!

·       Colorful Pens

I bought 2 sets of pens (highly unnecessary but I’m extra) for this year. The first being 12 Pilot G2 pens in 0.7mm as well as 12 Muji pens in 0.5mm. If you don’t have access to online shopping I would go ahead and buy Pilot G2 because those will more likely be in stores rather than Muji pens (If you guys know of any American store that sells Muji prducts LET ME KNOW). But if you’re thinking of buying yourself some Muji pens, I highly recommend them! I also bought a white Gelly Roll pen which I plan to use for my bullet journal.

·       Black Pens

I bought three different black pens (again, EXTRA) which includes the Staedtler Fineliners, Pilot G2 in 0.38mm and Uni-Ball Signos in 0.7mm. I plan on using the fineliners for my bujo and the Pilot G2 for notetaking. The Uni-Ball Signos for whatever other reason but most likely as back up.

·       Pencils

For pencils so far I’ve only bought 2 pencils from Muji which is, again, totally unnecessary. I do plan on buying just some regular pencils from whatever store since I’m not really picky on the actual barrel but rather the size of the lead. I bought these Muji pencils for the heck of it (cuz it’s Muji ya know?) and liked how they looked. Plus they were in 0.5mm lead which is my preference.

·       Planner/Bullet Journal

I bought my first Bullet Journal after having tried it out with a different notebook over the summer. I chose to buy the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook since I’ve seen many good reviews and whatnot. So far I really enjoy the quality of the paper and everything the notebook has to offer.

·       EXTRA

Lol so this has been a reoccurring theme in this masterpost but these are just a few extra supplies I bought that I know I’ll be using this school year. This includes Washi tape (for my bujo), Tombow dual Brush pens (for my bujo) and a notepad for quick lists.

So that’s everything that I’ve bought for this school year! There’s certain things, such as my pencil case and loose leaf paper that I didn’t mention because I didn’t buy new ones and they’re pretty self explanatory. If you want to see the pencil case that I’ll be using for this school year you can check out my “What’s in my pencil case” post. Apart from that, if you have any questions of where I bought any of these or whatever else, don’t be afraid to comment, send me a message, or send an ask to my inbox! I'l be happy to answer and send you guys links of where I bought everything.

This was a pretty long masterpost considering I included multiple pictures. This was a lot of effort (much more effort than I thought it would take) so I hope you guys enjoyed and can really understand what I’ve been talking about in my previous BTS masterposts!

Also! Don’t forget to check out the rest of my Back to School Series HERE!

-much love, studyessie ♡


🌧What’s in my pencil case? (Part 2 of 2)🌧

This is the pencil case I use for things I need often, but not all the time. From left to right:

2GB Flash drive (I actually never need this but it makes me feel prepared!)

2 jumbo paper clips

Fold-up scissors (so useful and tiny!)

Wite-out strips (these save my bujo nearly once a week)

Sakura Gelly Roll pens in navy and maroon (0.8)- I like these for annotations and such but the ink runs out so fast 😥

Sakura Pigma Sensei pens in 04 and 06

Black Sharpie (useful for literally everything!)

Zebra Sarasa Clip pens in milk green and milk red (0.5)- these are my new favorite pens, if you couldn’t tell from my recent posts 😋

Mildliner that matches my bujo spread for the week

Cheap canvas pencil case from amazon (seriously, like a set of four was $2)

I really enjoyed making these posts! I love talking about stationery and things 😆

cheap back to school amazon finds

hello everyone! i compiled a looong list of cute and aesthetic supplies to help you guys pick out things for your back to school shopping. most of this stuff is not neccisarry at all for having a studyblr, or a succesful school year, but is a lot of fun to have. this list is very long so feel free to do what im going to and pick out a few favorites!! at the end i will link the amazon wish list so you can see it all in one place. 

the “amazon finds” are sectioned into the categories, “writing, highlighting, and coloring”, “supplies” which includes everything from notebooks to stickers and washi tape to pencil cases, “backpacks”. “lunch and snack supplies” and “daily carry” which has cute stuff to have at your desk, stuff to make your life easier and cute self care goods. 

have a great year!!

writing, highlighting, and coloring:

pilot soft color highlighters $6.18

pastel mechanical pencil set $8.99

primacolor 48 pencil set (great deal i spent much more on these a few years back) $24.50

sakura stardust galaxy 6-piece gelly roll pens $7.88

zebra mildliners all colors set $14.25

pilot G2 metallic gel roller ball pen set $9.98

zebra eco zebrite double ended highlighter set $7.65

staedtlr textsurfer highlighter set $11.95

black pilot juice gel pen set of 10 $10.70

pilot juice pastel gel pen set of 6 $8.39

zebra sasura ball point pen set of 8 $8.48

sakura brush pen set  $13.33

tombow double sided brush tip markers $13.29


pusheen “take notes take naps” notebook $6.29

set of 5 muji a5 spiral bound notebooks $13.21

strawberry washi tape $4.33

floral, raspberry and cactus washi tape set $8.95

happy animals washi tape $1.59

woodland floral washi tape set $9.95

silver winter washi tape set $6.95

van gogh washi tape and sticker set $12.99

van gogh almond blossoms washi tape $2.98

woodland, books and newsprint washi tape set of 12 $12.99

washi tape set of 24 $13.99

cheap as heck washi tapes of the whole rainbow $1.38

bullet journal stencil set $9.98

a different bullet journal stencil set $8.99

retro aesthetic sticker set $8.99

pig and cat planner sticker 12 pack $6.59

6 pack planner sticker set $5.50

cute girl 6 pack planner sticker set $6.95

pusheen puffy sticker sheet $6.99

vintage style copper bent scissors $8.00

kikerland toucan scissors $12.13

clear acrylic and rose gold stapler $10.99

cute banner pendant sticky note set $9.95

ramen stickey notes with resealable pouch $8.00

star trek sticky notes set $8.95

geometry and watercolor sticky note set $9.36

cat paw sticky note set $12.99

cute animal page flags $1.59

mermaid zipper pouch $7.56

vintage style “art supplies” zipper pouch $6.57

jumbo “raw materials” zipper pouch $11.90

cute bear zipper pencil box $9.66


earthy canvas and leather hiking backpack $37.99

jansport hatchet hiking backpack (I have it, its wonderful)  $45.97

pusheen backpack $39.99

lunch and snack supplies:

bicycle print lunch bag $27.99

sriracha water bottle $8.95

pusheen print tumbler $13.85

“ocean sea and wave” print lunch bag $19.97

“ocean sea and wave” print reusable sandwich and snack bags $19.97

white reusable sandwich and snack bags $11.95

mermaid scale lunch bag $19.97

mermaid scale print sandwich and snack bags $19.97

daily carry:

baby pink foldable on ear headphones $16.95

mint and lavender on ear headphones $19.95

mint smart phone stick on wallet $9.95

mint external battery $14.95

mini iphone fan $7.59

nikon camera and lens usb flash drive $5.02

kikerland cat pomodoro timer $4.99

cafe latte candle $9.99

pusheen sleep mask $6.59

pusheen sock set $12.99

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions $10.53

thanks for reading my long post! here is the amazon wishlist link

i have it enabled so that people may send me something from the list if they really want to, but my no means should you feel like you have too! make sure when you put something in your cart you are sending it to yourself and not me by accident! 


finally got all my school supplies! ft:

my kanken 15in; ticonderoga pencils; lots of post-its; a folder for each of my classes until i can get nicer ones; sharpie highlighters (which i’m so excited about!!); a new pencil sharpener; my bullet journal (ft. a europa by titian postcard from the isabella stewart gardner museum); my new pencil pouch; a sharpie brush marker; 3 micron 0.20mm pens; a turquoise gelly roll pen; staedtler triplus fineliners; 1 subject graph notebook (for calculus; a 5 subject notebook for my other classes

can’t wait to be organized and studious for my senior year! good luck to everyone with the new school year :)

listen, this is the only piece of good advice i am ever going to give to you:

if you’re a traditional artist, invest in a fucking white gel pen. gelly roll is a great brand. buy a pen. buy multiple pens. they will save your life. they will make your art look kickass. get your hands on some white gel pens


So I was asked to make a slime tutorial!

1) start with your lines! Remember to be fluid here, keep things organic and rounded. This will help when you start coloring!

2) Now when I color slime I choose to line in color as well as it helps create that “clear” or “jello-like” look later on.

3) I started by picking my color set! I find that having a five color set usually helps me create a smooth, goopy transition with my markers but that’s just me! Now I always start with my darkest color trying to make the centers. Ever have Gushers? Imagine you’re making that. And that’s where all your main bits are going to be. Whether they’re the biggest overlaps in body parts or where your slime’s innards are going to be.

4) Here’s where you start establishing shadows that aren’t primarily due to overlap or innards!

5) Start to round out your shadows and your centers from panel 3.

6) Continue to follow that liquid rounded feeling of your shading. Here is probably where you’ll start to reach the edges of your lines.

7) Finish with your colors and leave your established lighted areas pretty pale.

8) I feel like this could be entirely optional depending on taste but it looks really clean to me. So here I blend from darker colors to lighter colors using my colorless blender. Careful though, depending on how wet your piece is you could have some bleeding really take over your lines here.

9) Fill in any other spaces here! I.E.) clothes, facial details, markings, accessories, etc.

10) I use the Gelly Roll pens for all my high lighting but really a nice gel pen will get the job done. Again, product used is based on artist comfort in my opinion. I also usually clean up my lines in this stage as there was bleeding that occurred in the colorless blending stage!

I hope to do video tutorials in the future, but hopefully this helps out the way it needs to!

The colors I used were from the Prismacolor Premier set and were-
☆Sky Light Blue (I unfortunately could not find the number for this one)
☆PB-121 (my colorless blender)
☆PM-8 (Pink)
☆ then black

My liners were from the 20 count Triplus Fineliner set (they’re pretty well priced at Michael’s and Target but at Michael’s you can usually use a 40% coupon on them!)

Then my highlight gel pen was the wonderful Gelly Roll pen! They’re pretty cheap and you can find them at most craft stores and online for about the same price across the board!

Eileen the Crow, Hunter of Hunters
Artist: Bunnyismybestie
Game: Bloodborne

Finally done! I’m happy to say that I finished this and will be matting it soon enough. Used Artist Loft pens (For the first time, since the store was out of Microns) and a white Sakura gelly roll pen for some outlines. Feel free to repost AS LONG as I am credited. This is a drawing I am very proud of.