Black people are stronger than white people

Why?  Because strength is built, you aren’t born with it.  If you walk around with 2lbs on your back every day you’re going to be stronger than someone who walks around with 1lb every day.  And black people walk around with about 100lbs of societal weight while white people walk around with maybe 5lbs.  If you’re a black women, make that 200lbs.  If you’re black and transgendered, 1,000lbs.  

5 random things

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1. I still have my wisdom teeth.

2. I never paint my fingernails black. Only my toe nails.

3. I sleep with a pillow pet. He’s a monkey and his name is Charles. 

4. I love to do arts and crafts because it brings me back to my childhood when life was easy and carefree.

5. I talk about myself in 3rd person so I can easily narrate my life to myself.

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