gellertgrindelward  asked:

Regulus Black and his relationship/dilemma with Sirius

you want to kill me

  • first of all lil’ sirius being sorted into gryffindor
  • and at first he is so happy because he gets to stay with james
  • but then he sees none of his family talks to him anymore
  • and when he comes home for christmas he sees that mum and dad talked to regulus about it
  • and regulus asks him why he wasn’t in slytherin like mum and dad
  • sirius trying desesperately to save regulus from slytherin
  • sirius staring at the sorting praying ‘please, please, let me be with my brother’
  • the sorting hat lingering on regulus’ head for just a little over normal and sirius starts to get his hopes up
  • but then it yells out ‘slytherin’ and sirius is in awful mood for days
  • regulus wanting to speak to sirius but he can’t and he can’t
  • christmas holidays start to be too much to bare
  • and regulus hates seeing sirius be treated like shit but he can’t do anything about it
  • when sirius runs away that’s when regulus starts to hate him
  • because if you took off why couldn’t you take me with you
  • why are you leaving me behind
  • then regulus being forced into the death eaters
  • and at first he’s excited because maybe if sirius hears about that he’ll talk to him again
  • and when he doesn’t, the wall between them just gets taller and taller
  • and sirius feels completely useless because he couldn’t save ‘his little brother’ he couldn’t even do that
  • and it seems like they keep missing each other because timing really is a bitch
  • and then sirius is finally ready
  • but then regulus dies and it’s so sad
  • but he dies happy because he helped something, he helped something ven if no one knows about it
  • ugh i am crying

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