This was my surprise 18th birthday party at my Jay’s house :>

Yes it was the happiest, most amazing night of my life. It wasn’t as extravagant as other 18th birthdays are but to me I will never exchange this one for a more expensive kind of party. 

October 13th at about 7pm, Camille went to fetch me at my house. We were supposed to be heading at TCB to have unlimited cake there with my bestie Pam, our 3rd year high school adviser/buddy Sir Kelvin, Allen, Tracie and ofcourse, My Jay. Camille said we’d have to meet Tracie at a mall near our house then head to Valenzuela to meet the rest of the gang. Tracie made us wait for half an hour which made me lose my temper for a bit. I don’t like to keep waiting, they know that. At 7:45 pm, she arrived. Then we headed to Valenzuela. On the PUB, I called Jay and told him we were on the way. He shouted at me and told me I’m so darn late. He even cut the conversation rudely. So then, I am officially pissed. We arrived at a mall at about 8:25 pm. TCB’s going to close at 9:30. Hah. PISSED. Just when I was about to ask where the rest are, my bestfriend called Tracie’s phone saying Sir Kelving wanted ME to fetch him personally at his house a few blocks away from the mall. I was fucking mad and almost shouted at Camz and Tracie. I said I want to go home already. Luckily, they convinced me to go with them to “FETCH SIR KELVIN”. And yes we did. On an unfamiliar path we walked. The street was dark and I was having problems seeing the road I’m walking on. Heels made it extra hard to walk. All the time I was blabbering shit on how we should’ve not invited our teacher since he’s acting all like a VIP. Then suddenly, Camz opened a familiar green gate.. I got stucked on where I was standing, my eyes widened and I gasped: This is Jay’s gate.. But no, maybe it’s just dim here. It’s not.. 

 I walked closer and YES! I’M AT JAY’S HOUSE!! They took me to a different path that leads to his house! To my surprise, everyone was there standing and waiting for me. Allen, my bestboyfriend took my hand and handed me roses. He guided me as I walk a path lit with candles. Everyone was smiling at me. There was this ‘No one else comes close by Joe’ music at the background. It was beautiful. Then after a while, they called Jay. I thought I was dreaming.. But no! It was all true! Jay came out from the back with roses on his hands. He walked towards me and danced with me. Tears began to fall down my face with so much happiness. 

I was never expecting that moment. I never thought it could happen. But it did.. For real! I was so much amazed by Jay’s effort. He doesn’t even know any of the guests that arrived except for Pammy and my classmate Gelli. But he did make it happen. 

This man.. I really am so blessed to have him in my life. Really. Even my friends. I am really happy for having them. My life has never been so happy and complete. My 18th birthday would never be as fun and romantic without them especially Jay and my bestie. I was so touched that they took the time and did all those hard work for me. 

 I wish I could tell them how much I am thankful for what they did. :)